Quick Guide
CVA 406x
This Quick Guide does not replace
the Operating manual.
Please read all instructions, especially
the "Important Safety Instructions",
before using the coffee system.
en - US, CA
M.-Nr. 07 382 490
a Main switch
b Storage drawer
c Funnel for ground coffee
d Grind control slide
e Coffee bean container
f Drip tray with no-spill grid for transport
g Water tank (with valve for CVA 4066 only)
h Brew unit
i Waste unit
j Main dispenser connector (connects the brew unit to the main dispenser)
k Stainless steel milk container
Accessories: 1 large cleaning container, 1 small cleaning container, 1 additional
lid for the stainless steel milk container
First steps to use
Touch controls
Turns the coffee system On/Off
Left arrow, scrolls through program options
Confirms selected program options and save settings
Right arrow, scrolls through program options
Hot water
Drink selection: coffee, J = hot milk, L = milk froth
User profile: n for up to 9 different users
Maintenance programs: G = milk pipework, brew unit, descale, rinse
Settings: C = To customize your coffee system
Filling the water tank
^ Fill the tank with
fresh, cold tap
water to the
"Max." mark.
Filling the bean container
^ Pull the bean
container out.
^ Push the lid back and fill the container
with roasted coffee beans.
^ Push the lid back into place.
Preparing drinks
^ Place a cup under the main dispenser, and select the desired drink.
^ Confirm with OK.
Double portion
^ When using beans, a double portion of coffee or espresso can be selected.
Tap OK a second time, while the display reads "2 portions?".
Interrupting preparation
^ Tap OK when you see "Stop" in the display.
Beverages with milk
^ Open the appliance door. Hang
the milk container inside the
^ Fill the stainless ^ Close the lid.
steel milk conBe sure it is
tainer approx. 1"
seated correctly.
- 1 ½" (2 - 3 cm)
from the top with
cold milk.
Preparing coffee and espresso from ground coffee
^ Pull the storage
drawer out.
^ Lift open the funnel lid, a.
^ Place one spoonful of ground coffee
into the funnel, b, and close the lid.
^ Follow the instructions in the display.
Setting serving sizes (espresso, coffee, hot milk and milk froth)
^ Program Hot wa^ Tap OK again
^ Place the desired ^ Press and hold
ter with the hot
once the cup is
OK until the discup under the
water dispenser
filled to your deplay reads "Prog.
main dispensers.
and the hot water
sire. "Save" apthe amount".
Select the detouch control (inpears in the dissired drink.
stead of the OK
touch control).
Setting serving sizes (latte macchiato and cappuccino)
^ Place the cap^ Press and hold
puccino cup or
OK until the dislatte macchiato
play shows the
glass under the
drink options.
main dispensers.
Select the desired drink.
^ Confirm with OK.
^ Use < or > to
select the option
you wish to program to a certain
serving size.
^ Use < or > to se- ^ Tap OK once the
cup is filled to
lect "Start", conyour desire and
firm with OK.
"Save" appears in
the display.
Selecting or saving a User profile
^ Use < or > to se- ^ Selecting a user ^ Creating a user ^ Use < or > to select a user profile
profile: Select
profile: Select
lect the desired
n, confirm with
"Create", confirm
the desired user
characters. Tap
with OK.
profile, confirm
OK to confirm
with OK.
each character.
Made a mistake?
Select the waste
bin symbol and
confirm with OK,
the last letter entered will be de-
Select OK, and
confirm with OK.
Do not save?
Select "Back", confirm with OK.
Cleaning and Care
All parts except for the brew unit, bean container, main dispenser cover, stainless
steel millk container and lid are dishwasher safe.
Before use:
^ Be sure to enter the water hardness, see "Settings - Water hardness" in the Operating Instructions.
Regular maintenance:
^ Follow all maintenance instructions as they appear in the display.
The following must be cleaned regularly:
^ Following the instructions for
cleaning the exterior in the Operating Instructions.
^ The drip tray can ^ Wipe out the drip ^ Wipe any soiling
be cleaned in the
from the inside of
tray on the inside
the machine with
of the door.
a damp cloth. A
vacuum can be
used on dry coffee grounds.
^ Clean the niche
under the water
^ Wash the bean
container by
hand with hot
water and liquid
dish soap.
^ Clean the connecting piece in the door
between the brew unit and the main
dispenser with a damp cloth without
removing the lubricant for the cap.
Lubricate the cap once a month with
the supplied silicone grease.
Rinsing milk pipework (after each use)
^ Follow the in^ Select "Start",
^ Select "Rinse
^ Select
structions in the
G, confirm with
Cleaning milk pipework (at end of day)
^ Follow the in^ Select "Start",
^ Select "Clean
^ Select
structions in the
confirm with OK.
milk pipework",
confirm with OK.
G, confirm with
Discard any leftover milk, clean the stainless steel milk container and main
^ Clean the milk
^ Rinse the handle
container by
under running
hand with hot
water, use a
water. Ensure
damp cloth to rethat the rim and
move any milk
seals are
cleaned thor^ Pull the main dis- ^ Turn the cover
oughly. Soiling
around, slide the
penser all the
can cause the
insert upwards
way down a and
machine to fault.
and out. Clean
pull the cover forboth parts thorward to remove
^ Slide the insert
^ Replace the
^ Pull both rubber ^ After cleaning,
back into the
cover and slide
stoppers out and
cover until it
mathe main disclean the stopclicks into place.
uppenser up.
pers and nozzles
^ Pull the nozzles
they are securely
of the main dis- ^ Replace the rubin place.
penser out.
ber stoppers.
Cleaning the brew unit
^ Press the button
on the brew unit
handle, a, and
turn the handle
to the left, b.
^ Press the brew
unit catch, c,
downwards and
pull the brew unit
"Please start the cleaning program" (degrease the brew unit) appears in the
^ Under "Maintenance" G select
"Clean brew unit". Select "Start" to begin the cleaning program.
^ Remove the storage drawer.
^ Place a cleaning tablet in the funnel
and close the lid. Follow the instructions in the display.
Descaling (approx. 20 - 30 min.)
Important: Only use the supplied descaling tablets. Always place the cleaning
container in position to prevent descaling solution from splashing the exterior of
the coffee system, causing damage.
The CVA 4066 (plumbed version) switches automatically from the main water supply to operating with the water tank for the descaling program.
^ Under "Maintenance" G select "Descale".
Select "Start" to
begin the
descaling program.
^ Follow the instructions in the
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