HD8942/19 Philips Super-automatic espresso machine

Philips Saeco Xelsis
Super-automatic espresso
Love your own favorite coffee specialty
Up to 9 fully customizable coffee specialties
With the Xelsis each and every family member can enjoy his or her favorite coffee
specialty. Up to 9 coffee specialties can be fully personalized.
Multi beverage
• Up to 9 fully customizable coffee specialties
• Perfect milk froth thanks to the integrated milk carafe
Bean- to-cup customization
• Boost coffee crema and body
• Patented intelligent adjustable milk froth
• Full bean-to-cup customization
Easy to use
• Immediate beverage selection
• Ergonomic in day-by-day operations
Ease of cleaning and maintaining
• Always a clean machine thanks to auto-clean and descaling
• Frontal access to removable brewing group
Super-automatic espresso machine
Focus Black
Crema and body boost
each cup of coffee. Regular descaling prolongs
your espresso machine’s life. This machine will
not only prompt when descaling is needed, the
automated descaling process will start on your
machine and guides you with clear on-screen
messages when you have to intervene.
Descaling has never been so easy!
Ergonomic day-by-day
Removable brewing group
This Saeco features our patented crema and
body boost. This dial, conveniently located at
your machine’s spout, allows you to smoothly
adjust the counter pressure changing your
espresso’s body and crema. Try it yourself and
find your favorite taste.
Saeco is a synonym for convenience: refilling
beans or water, emptying the coffee-dump box
or the drip tray, all compartments of the full
automatic coffee machine are directly
Immediate beverage selection
Adjustable milk froth
The brewing group is at the heart of every fully
automatic coffee machine and it should always
be kept clean. A task that doesn’t get any more
convenient than with a Saeco: remove, rinse
and re-insert – finished.
Full customization
Whether you want a cappuccino or an
espresso, with the immediate beverage
selection you can enjoy your personally
customized beverage specialty at the touch of
a button
Only Saeco coffee machine offers an intelligent
milk froth adjustment system. Simply select the
level of froth you'd like via the beverage menu.
Auto cleaning and descaling
Everything just the way you like it: With this
coffee machine you can choose your favorite
coffee blend and adjust coffee length, intensity,
temperature, crema and body structure until
they all meet your personal taste perfectly.
Saeco designed this espresso machine to
automatically clean its coffee circuit with water
upon starting up or switching off of the
machine, this delivers a great, fresh taste with
Philips Green Logo
Philips Green Products can reduce costs,
energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
How? They offer a significant
environmental improvement in one or
more of the Philips Green Focal Areas –
Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous
substances, Weight, Recycling and
disposal and Lifetime reliability.
Super-automatic espresso machine
Focus Black
Technical specifications
Boiler material: Stainless steel (Inox)
Pump pressure: 15
Country of origin: Made in Italy, Designed in Italy
Power: 1500 W
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
selector, Removable milk carafe
Easy to use
• Automatic Stand-by Option
• Cleaning and maintenance: Automatic coffee
circuit rinse, Automatic milk circuit rinse,
Descaling cycle
• Usage: Adjustable coffee dispenser, Bypass for
grinded coffee, Cup holding surface, Frontal access
to all function, Instant steam (2 boilers),
Removable brewing group, Removable watertank
Perfect Espresso
Weight and dimensions
• Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system,
Aroma-system: pre-brewing, SBS: creme adaptor,
Cup warmer
• Milk Variations: Frothing degree adaptor,
Integrated auto milk function, Milk quantity
• Product weight: 13.9 kg
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 280 x 370 x
420 mm
• Coffee bean capacity: 350 gr
• Waste container capacity: 14 servings
• Milk carafe capacity: 0.5 l
• Water tank capacity: 1.6 l
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