Honeywell T6360
Guide to the Use of the T6360B1036 Room Thermostat
What is the purpose of a room thermostat?
Line up temperature with this line
The purpose of a room thermostat is to control the
temperature of the Heating when the
programmer/timer allows it to be switched on. The
Hot Water will not be affected in any way.
How do I set a room thermostat?
1. Make sure the Heating is turned on at the timer/
2. Turn the room thermostat dial to set the room to
the temperature you require. Line the temperature
you require on the dial up with the line at the top of
the dial.
3. The indicator light will be lit up when the
Heating is on and off when the Heating is off. You
will also hear a click when you turn the dial, this
indicates the room thermostat is changing the
Heating temperature.
Why has the indicator light not switched on?
If you turn the dial up to a higher temperature and
you hear a ‘click’ but the light does not come on,
this usually means that the timer/ programmer is
switched off, or the Heating is programmed to be
How do I save money and energy with a room
By turning your room thermostat down just 1oC
you will make an energy saving of 10%*. Your fuel
bill will therefore be reduced by 10% too.
*Energy Savings Trust
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EN2H-2102 UK01 R0915
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