Welcome to World Café
World Café
• We are going to brainstorm ideas in response to
key questions you have formulated about the
complex problems and issues of Urban
• Come up with lots of ideas
• Find solutions that have the potential to become
new ventures
• This afternoon you will form teams around ideas
that interest you
Creative Problem Solving
• Divergent
Quantity of ideas
• Convergent
Finding the best idea
Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes
Creative Problem Solving process
As many ideas as
No such thing as a silly
idea – look for wild
Impractical ideas OK!
No criticism
Suspend judgement
“Yes and”....not “Yes
Quantity breeds Quality
Divergent Thinking
5 rounds of divergent thinking, brainstorming
in a World Café session
• Facilitator at each base
• Questions (provocations) at each base
• Discuss and write your ideas on the large sheets
• Build on other people’s ideas – “yes and” not “yes
• Make notes, draw pictures
World Café
• After 10 minutes change base
• 2 minutes to hear a summary of the brainstorm so
far from the table facilitator
• Work with new people
• Review the brainstorm on the table and any notes,
pictures – build on it with more ideas
• Add completely new ideas
• Visit each base only once
• After 10 minutes change bases again ...More brainstorming!!
• 5 rounds of divergent thinking start.....
World Café
• Final Base – 20 minutes
• Convergent thinking
• Summarise the ideas/discussions on the
• Combine ideas, refine, reject, select
• Draw upon the expertise in the room
• Focus on the ideas you feel have the most
• Prepare to present your summary and ideas
What has emerged?
• Each table will present
– A very brief idea of what has been discussed
– The group’s 2 favourite ideas
• We will use these ideas later
• Note down ideas you are interested in whilst
others are talking
• This afternoon you will form teams around an
idea you would find interesting to work on
Bringing Teams and Ideas Together
• Teams will be 4 or 5 people and will be cross
• Teams will each have 2 people from Japanese
Universities and 2 or 3 from the UK
• Each team will develop an idea
• You may take the same basic idea as another
team and develop it differently
Walk in the room.....
Find someone from another culture
Go round discussing the ideas with them
Feedback your thoughts
More walking in the room.....
Find another person from another culture
Feedback your thoughts
Reflection and Next Steps
Reflection – creativity and the World Cafe
How did it feel?
How did ideas emerge?
How will you use this experience?
Who is in your team?
Which ideas are you focusing on?
How will you refine the ideas?