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It is believed that credit for the custom of the
Afternoon Tea goes to Anna, the 7th Duchess of
Bedford in the early 19th century. The usual habit of
serving dinner as late as 9pm left the Duchess hungry
in the late afternoon.
To stave off the hunger she would order tea, bread
and butter and cakes to be served in her room. This
was thought to be an excellent idea and the habit
caught on and the afternoon tea was born.
This tradition is still enjoyed today and is a much
civilised way to while away an afternoon.
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Hot Beverages
Hot Chocolate
Silky Smooth Chocolate with Steamed Milk,
Cream and Marshmallows
Traditional Afternoon Tea
Selection of Finger Sandwiches
Irish Chicken Breast with Herb Mayonnaise on
O’Keeffe’s White Farmhouse Bread
Oak Smoked Salmon with Avocado Purée on Homemade
Soda Bread
Hot Chocolate Liqueurs
After Eight
Hot chocolate with Mint Liqueur and Cream
Chocolate Orange
Hot chocolate with Cointreau and Cream
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise in Brioche
Coffee Liqueurs
Slow Cooked O’Connell’s Spiced Beef with Horseradish
on O’Keeffe’s Country Harvest Bread
Cucumber with Cream Cheese on White Bread
Freshly Baked Homemade Scones
Served with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam
Selection of Homemade Pastries and Tea Breads
Server will advise of the daily selection available
€36.00 per person
Irish Coffee
Irish Whiskey, Coffee and Cream
Bailey’s Coffee
The Original Irish Cream, Coffee and Cream
Calypso Coffee
Tia Maria, Coffee and Cream
Selection of Coffees
Hand Roasted Coffee with a Conscience
Supplied by Bewley’s
Indulge in Luxury
Our Traditional Afternoon Tea complimented by
a Glass of House Prosecco €46.00 per person
Filtered Coffee
A shot of steam pressed coffee
Espresso Macchiato
An espresso with a dash of steamed milk
Café Latte
An espresso with steamed milk, topped with a little foamed
An espresso with hot milk, and steamed milk foam
An espresso with steamed milk and chocolate
A classic espresso with hot water
Nutella and Banana Fingers on White Farmhouse Bread
Each of the above can be prepared
with Decaffeinated Coffee
All Served with Hot Chocolate or Milk
Our Traditional Afternoon Tea complimented by
a Glass of House Champagne €51.00 per person
Afternoon Tea for our Prince
& Princess
Selection of Sandwiches
Chicken and Mayo Circles on Homemade Soda Bread
Ham and Cheese Triangles on White Farmhouse Bread
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise in Brioche
Homemade Pastries:
Server will advise of the daily selection available
Vegetarian and Gluten Free options are available upon request.
Prices are subject to a 10% service charge for parties of 8 and more.
Please note all our ingredients may contain allergens; however we
always aim to accommodate all dietary requirements.
Classic Organic Green Tea Selection
Selection of Hand Gathered
Organic Whole Leaf Teas
Supplied by Java Republic
Classic Black Tea Selection
Reviving Irish Breakfast Tea
A Refreshing Combination of Citrus and Malty Tones to Be
Enjoyed Throughout the Day
Refreshing Earl Grey
An Exquisite Tea Combining the Sweet Spicy Strength and the
Fruity Note of Bergamot
The Minted Earl
Unique taste of bergamot and refined with peppermint
A Delicate Tea with a Fresh Bouquet and Flowery Notes
Bombay Chai
Strong Aromatic and Full-Bodied Black Tea
Decaffeinated Tea Selection
Exhilarating Black Ceylon
A Classic Black Aromatic Tea with a Sweet Citrus Note
Vanilla and Coconut
Sweet tempting and ambrosial
Green Detox
Mint, camomile and touch of fragrant mandarin
Super Fruit
Green Tea Blended With the Best Elderberries and Raspberries
Super Green Detox
An Exclusive Blend of Green Teas Known For Their Fine
Organic Green Tea Selection
Uplifting Ginger & Lemongrass
Spicy Ginger with the Fresh Delicate Citrus of Asian Lemongrass
Exotic Gunpowder & Mango
An Explosion of Unique Flavours; Sweet Tropical Fruit and
Mint & Lemon Verbena
A Fresh, Soothing Tea and Ideal After-Dining Companion
Oolong Tea
Pure Fine Oolong Tea with a Round, Mellow Taste and Light
Caramel Notes
Organic Herbal Infusion Selection
Orange Blossom & Honey White Tea
Sweet full bodied tea of outstanding quality
Calming Camomile
A Soothing and Well Balanced Blend of Fruit, Herbs and Petals
Refreshing Peppermint
Bright and Crisply Refreshing With a Cool Undertone
Rooibos & Caramel
Sensual notes of caramel combine to deliver a nicely rounded,
sweet and mellow finish