Water Point Sensor
Product overview
The AX-WPS is a water point sensor for localised water
point sensing - for example for use with drip trays etc.
The units must be used with the AXIO range of AX-WLD2
range of water leak detectors. The excitation signal
generated by the AX-WLD2 for the sensor connections
ensures that the sensors do not degrade when exposed to
damp for long periods.
The housing incorporates slotted lugs for ease of mounting
and has 2m of cable, which can be cut to length according
to the application.
● Multiple units can connect to each AX-WLD sensor input
● Cable can be cut to length, or extended
● Slotted lugs for easy installation
● Robust housing
Product specifications
Protection Rating:
Cable Length:
Country of Origin:
Black ABS
67 x 35 x 20mm (mounting slots 3.5mm wide on 57.8mm centres)
Stainless Steel
13mm x 3mm diameter
United Kingdom
1. Fix the AX-WPS in the location where leak detection is required.
2. The AX-WPS is fitted with 2m of cable. This can then be increased to a maximum of 200m to the AX-WLD2 alarm
module, via a junction box if necessary.
3. Connect the cable to the relevant sensor input on the alarm module (polarity independent).
4. Apply power to the AX-WLD2, and adjust the relevant pot on the module anti-clockwise until the relevant ‘Sensor
LED’ illuminates, and then clockwise until the ‘Sensor LED’ extinguishes.
5. Test the sensor by placing a damp cloth over the stainless steel probes to simulate a water leak. The AX-WLD2 relay
will indicate an alarm. Remove the cloth and the relay will turn off.
6. More than one AX-WPS can be connected to each sensor input on the AX-WLD2, provided the total cable run does
not exceed 200m.
Please note: Failure to use the AX-WPS with an AX-WLD2 will result in premature failure of the unit, and
will not be covered by warranty.
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Water Point Sensor & 2m Cable
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