Military Water Purification System

Berkefeld M6
Mobile Drinking
Water System
highly mobile I strong build I ultra reliable
The Berkefeld M6 works with a unique, fully automated and
flexible filtration process ensuring reliable and high overall
Military Water Purification System
> Military use, incl. humanitarian relief missions
> Esp. for missions abroad
> Suitable for Main Operating Bases
> Suitable for Forward Operating Bases
> Suitable for Forward Operating Sites
> Suitable for (Main) Patrol Bases
The M6 is a fully automated water purification system
engineered and designed for military mission scenarios.
It combines advanced filtration steps such as
Water sources
> Well water > Brackish water
> Surface water
> Sea water
M6 frame
without special flight kit:
2,200 kg
with special flight kit:
2,360 kg
6.0 m³/h
Ultra filtration permeate
1.7 m³/h RO-permeate
@ 46,000 mg/l raw water salinity nominal
M6 frame,
Length: 2,100 mm
Width: 1,500 mm
Height: 1,950 mm
3.5 m³/h RO-permeate
@ 10,000 mg/l raw water salinity nominal capacity
pre treatment • inline flocculation
pre filtration • ceramic ultra-filtration
reverse osmosis • UV system
disinfection system in a highly flexible way providing best value and mission
benefit for almost any challenge. The M6 frame may be
used on its own or fitted onto a trailer or installed into
an ISO-Container together with a generator or any other
suitable solution is possible. The M6 can be transported
as an external load under a helicopter. Certification
approval for transportation in and under military helicopters and aircrafts is in progress.
> Mission orientated design for military purpose, i.e. highly flexible use and automated operation
> Strong build, compact & rugged as well as advanced
filter techniques, i.e. reliable overall performance
> Highly (air) mobile and easy & quick set-up for fast
> Suitable for climate zones A1, B2 and C2 STAAG4370/
AECTP-230) i.e. nearly no climate limitations
> Highly flexible use and superior HMI system, i.e.
simple to operate with very little overall effort
> System solution, i.e. easy to integrate and to adapt to further equipment (open concept approach)
> Suitable for base integration (LOSA)
More information and video on:
Overall view of the TWA 15 UF
> Compact
> Easy handling
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