Height Height with base cabinet and table
Depth with door open
Water connections
Cold water connection Pressure
930 mm
1720 mm
540 mm
540 mm
980 mm
85 kg
Adjustable drink strength Adjustable drink volume Extra sugar Extra whitener 230 V AC
10 A / 13 A
50 Hz
2130 W
Power consumption
To reach temperature
For each standby hour
260 Wh
122 Wh/h
Loading product
9.5 L 9.5 L
3.3 L
3.3 L
3.3 L
3.3 L
3.3 L
4.0 kg
4.0 kg
3.1 kg
1.5 kg
2.6 kg
0.9 kg
0.9 kg
Payment systems
The payment systems and the electronic board are located
inside a separate compartment on the inside of the door
covered by a plate which is easy to remove. 7100 Maxi is
compatible with all major coin and cashless payment systems and is pre-set for the installation of systems with Executive, BDV and MDB protocol (depending on the version). It
is pre-arranged for installation of up to 2 systems (depending
on the physical dimensions of the system):
- Change giver
- Change giver + Cashless system
Freshbrew coffee - black Freshbrew coffee - black with sugar Freshbrew coffee withe Freshbrew coffee white with sugar Instant coffee - black Instant coffee - black with sugar Instant coffee - withe Instant coffee - white with sugar Cappuccino Cafe Latte Café au lait Cafe Mocha Chocolate Creamichoc Hot water Multibrew L024U0
ISO 14001:2004
WITTENBORG ApS • Seebladsgade 1-3 • DK-5000 Odense C
Tlf. +45 72 18 60 00 •
* Configuration example
Main accessories
Base cabinet
Wooden table for cabinet (mahogany or ash)
Water tank kit (20 litres)
Poster lighting
Discharge kit from bottom tray to base cabinet
Cold unit carbonated or not
Master / Slave connection for Snakky SL
GSM connection
All details of weight, capacity and dimensions are approximate
and are intended for guidance only.
There must be a clearance of 5.5 cm behind the vending
For installation instructions refer to the Service manual.
ISO 9001:2008
04 - 2011
Drink selections
½” inner diameter
0.8 - 10 Bar (hot only versions)
Electrical connections
Voltage Current Frequency Wattage (not including cold unit) Freshbrew coffee
Freshbrew tea
Sugar Whitener / Topping / Milk
Instant coffee
Instant cappuccino FB7100 Maxi
for good taste
Everybody appreciates a coffee break. Above all, if you
have a cup of great, freshly brewed and tasty coffee in your
hand. Here is why we are now introducing the 7100 Maxi
vending machine, with a particularly high capacity and
quick-brew function. And then, you can go back to work
happy and fully satisfied.
Capacity in the inside
Attractive and user-friendly design
Coffee to suit all tastes
Maybe it is the clean lines, or its strong features? Either
way, users are never in any doubt when they come face
to face with the elegant, classic Scandinavian design of a
genuine Wittenborg.
You can look forward to your next coffee break! You will
find exactly what you are looking for: a wide range of topquality hot drinks. And the 7100 Maxi capacity is so large
that there is always place for another cup … 7100 Maxi.
When you open the machine, you immediately see the
large coffee canister and realise why the combination of
the latest vending technology and the unique water and
mixing system make the machine so easy to maintain and
so quick to fill.
7100 MAXI
7100 Maxi is enticing thanks to
its functional design interior with
smooth surfaces, clear colour
codes and easy access to all
service parts. The result is easy,
rapid and highly efficient cleaning
and maintenance operations.
Excellent user-friendliness can be
easily perceived: a large open dispensing area with adjustable cup
support. This means that cups can
easily be put in and taken out and,
if you prefer, you can also brew
jugs, max. 24 cm in height.
The large coffee canister, ergonomically shaped, has a max. 450cup capacity for freshly brewed
coffee. The canister makes your
coffee attractively visible. It is easy
to take out and fill.
The efficient Sigma brew unit is the
latest development stage of the
innovative fresh brew technology
that guarantees higher quality for
beverages, a quicker brewing
process and easier maintenance
without requiring any tools.
Thank you for coffee!
A single glance at the 7100 Maxi vending machine by Wittenborg
is enough to convince you that the capacity of this machine is
unique. From the large, visible, coffee canister, the eye is slowly
drawn towards the easy-to-follow selection panel with its large, 4
x 20 character LCD display which guides users through up to 23
beverage selections and 4 preselection buttons.
First, you choose your drink. Then, Sigma, the innovative brew
unit, will make sure that even your greatest requirements for top
quality and rapid delivery are fully met: 26 sec. for one cup (150
ml) and less than 2 minutes for one jug (1 lt).
Sigma sets completely new criteria for simplicity, operation
safety and maintenance user-friendliness.
Its flexible configuration options, the programmable cleaning
cycle, the optimised filling and maintenance procedures
contribute to make the 7100 Maxi an ideal solution for all offices,
administrative buildings, receptions, tea rooms and canteens.
With the option to install a coin mechanism or cashless system
and a wide selection of accessories, it ticks all the right boxes
for a modern coffee solution, whatever your taste!