Technical Report and Description Andrea

 Technical Report and Description
Andrea Aschenbrenner, Joan Friesen & Shweat Gherezghier
BCSC 241- Introduction to Technical Communication
Professor Annette Wierstra
9 April 2015
Memo of Transmittal
To: VP of Sales and Marketing
From: Andrea Aschenbrenner, Joan Friesen & Shweat Gherezghier, Menu
Development Team
Date: 9 April 2015
Subject: Jura Espresso Plus Machine Product Pitch
In response to your request, our team has prepared this report on the Jura
Espresso Plus machine in order to understand the feasibility of introducing this
machine into the Gordon Ramsay Steak. The report summarizes the key features
of the Jura Espresso Plus machine and why it is beneficial for you purchase four
for Gordon Ramsay Steak.
Based on the research that’s been completed, introducing this espresso machine
into the Gordon Ramsay Steak will provide guests with a variety of gourmet
coffee options. Ultimately, this will lead to patrons spending more money and
staying longer at the restaurant. The research findings that allowed us to come to
our conclusion about this espresso machine will be discussed in detail throughout
the report.
We would like to thank you for trusting our expertise in choosing an espresso
machine for Gordon Ramsay Steak. We hope that the information provided will
leave no doubt in your mind that the Jura Espresso Plus machine will be a great
fit for the restaurant.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the contents of this
report or if you have any questions.
Andrea, Joan & Shweat
1 Report and Technical Description for the Jura Espresso Plus Machine
Delivered to the VP of Sales and Marketing for Gordon Ramsay Steak
Created by:
Andrea Aschenbrenner, Joan Friesen & Shweat Gherezghier
2 Executive Summary
This report will highlight the benefits of implementing the Jura Espresso
Plus at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, Nevada. A major focus is to
recommend the purchase and implementation of the Jura Espresso Plus
machine to increase coffee sales. This plan will also provide information about
how implementing the Jura Espresso Plus can open new revenue streams and
respond to the growing specialty coffee market segment. This recommendation
supports the efforts of the Gordon Ramsay Group to go above and beyond
customers’ expectations to provide them with a memorable dining experience.
Based on research and current coffee trends, we know that the current
coffee options at Gordon Ramsay Steak are limited in its scope. The current
coffee options do not offer customers a quality cup of coffee. The Menu
Development Team recommends moving quickly in implementing the Jura
Espresso Plus to match the quality and selections of coffee with the high quality
profile Gordon Ramsay Steak has now.
Gordon Ramsay Steak is a well-established and respected restaurant on
the Las Vegas strip. Guests continue to dine here because they can enjoy
Gordon Ramsay’s famous dishes in an ambient fine dining environment.
Currently, Gordon Ramsay Steak offers three choices of coffee on the dessert
menu, but we want to expand that menu. Visitors coming into the restaurant are
most likely going to be heading out after dinner because the Las Vegas nightlife
never ends. They might opt for one of the three coffees on the menu, or head to
a local coffee shop where they can order a gourmet coffee beverage. By
introducing a high-tech espresso machine into the restaurant patrons will be
provided with a coffee service that goes above and beyond what any other
restaurant can offer. Ultimately, this will lead to patrons spending more money on
coffee products at the restaurant and it will influence them to stay longer. This will
also create a setting for managers and servers to engage with guests and make
them feel valued. This engagement and personable dining experience will lead to
return visits.
Research Findings
Improved Sales
Gourmet coffee consumption has been proven to be a strong and growing
market segment with no hint of slowing down in the near future. Right now the
restaurant only has standard industrial drip coffee makers. This limits the
3 selection and type of coffee served in the restaurant and consequently limits
potential coffee sales. Having regular drip coffee machines limits the selection
the restaurant can offer to customers to three types of regular or decaffeinated
coffees. By purchasing the Jura Espresso Plus, Gordon Ramsay Steak can offer
a wider range of regular and gourmet coffee beverages to customers. The
restaurant can still offer both regular and decaffeinated coffee but would also be
able to offer a range of espresso beverages. The espresso machine has Internet
connectivity so customers can access specialty recipes and custom requests.
The machine is also programmable for standardized and seasonal beverage
recipes. Having more types of coffee beverages for customers to select from will
ultimately increase sales.
However, coffee sales will not only increase with this machine, but it is
expected that along with an increase in coffee sales, Gordon Ramsay Steak will
also experience an increase in dessert sales. This is because customers might
be more inclined to order a dessert to go along with his or her gourmet beverage
after dinner. It will give the server an opportunity to suggest a dessert when a
customer orders a specialty beverage. By limiting our coffee selection to three
options we are essentially allowing our patrons to walk out of our restaurant and
into another establishment for something that we could easily serve them thus
losing potential profits.
Better Quality
Currently, the coffee at Gordon Ramsay Steak is limited in quality. Quality
standards of the current coffee is inadequate and does not match with the high
quality standard that Gordon Ramsay Steak sets for the rest of the customer’s
dining experience. The problem is that the current drip coffee machines are
seven years old and in need of maintenance and repairs. The machines are
dated and therefore limit the quality of the coffee we serve.
Current market trends in coffee lean toward high quality specialty brews
that customers can customize. Introducing the Jura Espresso Plus into to the
restaurant will improve the quality of the coffee the restaurant serves by providing
a fresher product to customers. A fresher coffee grind offers a better quality cup
of coffee whether it’s regular, decaffeinated, or gourmet coffee. As you will see in
the description of the features, the Jura Espresso Plus offers all around improved
quality for the coffee that is served at the restaurant. This is important because
we need to bring the coffee program quality up to the current standards of
excellence of the rest of the restaurant.
With an increased exposure to high quality coffee at specialty coffee
shops, customers are aware now more than ever about coffee quality, and as
such, they expect a high quality cup of coffee. Premium quality blends are quickly
becoming the standard for coffee service everywhere, and Gordon Ramsay
Steak needs to meet that expectation. The Menu Development Team
4 recommends implementing the Jura Espresso Plus to increase the quality,
options and sales of the coffee at Gordon Ramsay Steak.
Meeting Trends
Over the past few years there has definitely been an increase in specialty
coffee shops. From multi-million dollar corporations, such as Starbucks to local
coffee shops it is evident that a gourmet coffee trend certainly exists. According
to a 2014 coffee consumer trend report, “gourmet coffee beverages consists of
espresso-based beverages and regular coffee made with gourmet coffee beans.”
This report also indicates that adult consumption of gourmet coffee is up to 34%
and that adults consuming espresso drinks daily is up to 18% from 13% last year.
Further to this, a survey conducted by Zagat shows that although the costs of
coffee has increased this has not stopped the growing trend; people are still
willing to pay on average $5.07 for gourmet coffee, a 38% increase over regular
coffee. This same survey also notes that 57% of the most popular coffee options
were specialty coffee, which included latte, cappuccino, americano, espresso,
iced coffee and flavoured latte. It was also found that the trend in the aesthetic or
coffee art is also rising to where 45% of survey participants stated that they loved
it. Based on these finding it is clear that people want their coffee, specifically
gourmet coffee. With the addition of the Jura Espresso Plus Gordon Ramsay
Steak will be well equipped to serve this growing market.
Based on the state of our current coffee machines and the growing trend
in gourmet coffee we believe that the purchase of a Jura Espresso Plus would be
beneficial to Gordon Ramsay Steak. Not only would we increase our sales, but
we would also add value to the experience our patron’s are already receiving
when they dine here. We recommend that we purchase four Jura Espresso Plus
machines along with 12 iPads. We also recommend the introduction and
implementation of the Gordon Ramsay Coffee Program – a two-week training
process. Through this program our servers and bartenders will familiarize
themselves with the specifics of the machines and how it works. Once all current
servers and bartenders are trained the machines will be incorporated into the
restaurant for use in two phases over the course of four months. We propose that
by January 1, 2016 we have all the necessary equipment purchased and
installed. Beginning January 15, 2016 all servers and bartenders will be enrolled
in the Gordon Ramsay Coffee Program with all staff completing training by
January 31, 2016. On February 1, 2016 we will began offering our new coffee
options and incorporate the use of two machines, one in the lounge and one in
5 the dining area. On April 1, 2016, we will begin the use of all four machines.
Following this timeline will ensure that employees are thoroughly familiar and
comfortable with the menu and use of the Jura Espresso Plus.
Appendix: Technical Description
The Jura Espresso Plus is a high performance interactive espresso
machine that is equipped with Internet connectivity. Through the use of an iPad,
this innovative machine takes the ordinary coffee ordering process convenient
and interactive for the customer, while making the process of making the coffee
virtually effortless for the server.
Jura Espresso Machine Plus
6 1. Coffee bean container.
2. Bean container status indicator
3. Water tank cover
4. Water tank
5. Power switch and plug in power
6. Coffee grounds container
7. Drip tray
8. Cup platform
9. Filler funnel for ground coffee
10. Ventilation ports
11. Storage Compartment cover
12. Measuring spoon for ground coffee
13. Spout that is height and width
14. Splash guard
15. Height adjustable hot-water spout
Espresso Machine Control Panel
1.On/Off button
2. Software hard drive & WiFi receiver
3. Programming button
4. Touch screen digital interface
5. Multi- functional buttons
7 Features
Internet Connectivity: All functions are centrally controlled by a touch screen interface and WiFi capability. 20 preprogrammed coffee options are available and all functions and settings are displayed clearly on an LED display. It is
possible to program and control cup size, coffee strength, type of coffee, grind size, and foam design.
Coffee Strength: 5 coffee strength settings to provide your customers preferred taste.
Coffee Selection: The Jura Espresso Plus machine comes with 20 pre-programmed coffee recipes that can be
changed throughout the year.
Advanced coffee grinders: 6 pre-set grind settings allow customers to choose the type of grind they prefer to
better customize their coffee experience.
Coffee Art Wand: The specialized foam art wand allows customers to choose from 10 custom foam designs.
Beans or Ground Coffee: Sensor activated pre-ground coffee funnel allows the grinder to be by-passed offering
customers access to choose a regular ground coffee or a specialty espresso bean beverage.
Espresso Machine
1. Coffee bean container.
This is the housing container that holds the coffee beans. The container
on the left is for caffeinated beans and the container on the right is for
decaf coffee beans.
2. Bean container status indicator
This light indicator will let you know when the coffee beans are running
low. The light turns on when you have enough beans.
3. Water tank cover
This is the cover that protects any debris from falling into the water tank. It
must be hand washed only with a mild soap and warm water.
4. Water tank
This is the reservoir where water is held. It can hold 12 cups of water. It
can easily be removed and washed with a mild soap and warm water. The
water tank should be cleaned every 6 months in order to clean away any
mineral buildup.
5. Power switch and plug in power chord
This is where the cord plugs into the machine and then into an outlet in
order to provide power to it.
6. Coffee grounds container
This is the container that holds the used coffee grounds. It should be
emptied out and cleaned daily to prevent mold buildup.
8 7. Drip tray
This tray will collect any drippings that come from the spout. It can be
removed and cleaned with a mild soap and warm water.
8. Cup platform
This is where the cups will sit when they are being filled with coffee.
9. Filler funnel for ground coffee
10. Ventilation ports
These are the ventilation ports that allow cool air to be brought into the
machine to cool off the electrical components that run in this machine.
This prevents the machine from overheating.
11. Storage Compartment cover
This is the cover for that storage compartment that houses the measuring
12. Measuring spoon for ground coffee
The measuring spoon comes with the machine and can be used to spoon
ground coffee.
13. Spout that is height and width adjustable
This is the spout that pours the coffee from the machine into the mug. It
can be adjusted to fit any cup size.
14. Splashguard
This splashguard protects the sensitive machine components from being
splashed and damaged by hot coffee.
15. Height adjustable hot-water spout
This is the hot water spout that produces steam and froths the milk.
Espresso Machine Control Panel
1. On/Off button
This button turns the machine on and off. To turn on the machine press
the button once. To turn off the machine hold the button for three seconds.
2. Software hard drive & WiFi receiver housing
This compartment is where the hard drive is stored that holds all the data
information for the espresso machine. It also holds the wifi receiver that
connects the espresso machine to the internet and to the iPads.
9 3.Programming button
This programming button allows changes to be made to the settings in the
espresso machine.
Process Analysis
After having selected the appropriate espresso machine that the server
would like the order to transmit to, along with the corresponding table and order
number the server will pass the iPad to the customer allowing them to
interactively place their order where they will choose from 20 pre-programmed
gourmet coffee recipes, that change seasonally. From there the customer can
choose to customize their order by deciding on their choice of coffee, grind size,
foam design or the addition of Baileys or kahlua. Once they’ve made their desired
selections they will return the iPad to the server who will then hit “SENT”. This will
automatically transmit the order to the appropriate machine. A receipt noting the
machine, table and order number will then print out at the bar; the bartender will
go to the appropriate machine, compare the information on the receipt with the
information displayed on the digital interface of the Jura Espresso Plus and hit
“BREW”. Once the coffee is made the bartender will place the receipt and
beverage on the bar for the server to pick up.
Approximately 40 lbs
Dimensions (W x H x D)
14.6 x 22.2 x 19.6 in.
Cord Length
Approximately 59 in.
Water tank holding capacity
169 oz (5L)
Bean container holding capacity
2 x 23 oz (2 x 650g)
Coffee ground container holding capacity
40 portions mac
120 V
1250 W
10 Warnings & Safety
1.The instruction manual must be read prior to using the Jura to ensure that the
machine is being used properly and with the right amount of care.
2.All electrical components of the machine should be handled with care to avoid
electrical shock, or any liquids being spilt on the machine that could cause
damage to the electrical parts of the machine.
3.To avoid injury or a burn do not touch any of the hot surfaces while the
machine is in use. This includes the coffee spout and steam spout.
4.Do not use the machine if the chord has become damaged
5.To unplug the machine, first make sure the machine has been turned off and
then by grabbing the base of the plug unplug the machine.
The Menu Development Team recommends that Gordon Ramsay Steak
purchase and implements the Jura Espresso Plus Machines to expand into a full
scope specialty coffee program. Implementing the machines and subsequent
new program will increase the quality of the coffee served, increase sales of both
coffee and desserts, open up new market segments, and meet the growing trend
of specialty coffee consumption in the USA.
Our existing coffeemakers are over 7 years old and require replacement.
This is an opportune time to implement the new Espresso machines and coffee
program. By investing in the new machines, Gordon Ramsay Steak will realign
the coffee program with the high quality standards that guests have come to
expect from our restaurant.
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