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Get inspired by Amsterdam
The city of Amsterdam is one of our absolute favourites, with a vibrant cultural and everchanging food scene. Whilst you’re in town, it would be a great opportunity to check out
some of the best and most inspiring food places – and maybe take an idea or two back home
with you.
The towns best burgers, coffee cafés and bakeries are listed here in a quick-guide. We hope
this will help you make the most of your visit to PLMA.
Please feel free to offer your own personal recommendations if you discover hidden places
that are not in our guide. Email them to:
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Phil Witcomb
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Lantmännen Unibake
5 Best Burger Restaurants
5 Best Coffee Cafés
5 Best Bakeries
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Best Burger Restaurants
Best burger
1. Burgerfabriek
Located in a main street of Amsterdam’s world
famous Red Light District, Burgerfabriek
opened to critical acclaim in early 2015.
Owner Tommi van Beest used to run a coffeeshop on the same site, but gentrification of
the area meant he had to find an altogether
different idea for the prime address. And how
it works!
We recommend:
Warmoesstraat 73hs
Reguliersbreestraat 44
Nieuwendijk 142
Their signature burger “Old Amsterdam”.
5 Best Burger and Hotdog Restaurants
in Amsterdam
The premium burger and hotdog scene has reached Amsterdam,
and the standard is high. Whether you like it straight up plain,
with cheese, or with foie gras and a waldorf salad side, you’ll find
something for everyone at one of these five recommended quick
service joints.
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2. The Butcher
Conveniently located on Albert Cuypstraat
in De Pijp, this small but sleek burger bar
offers several burgers that are sure to satisfy
different tastes. See if you can find the “secret”
door which leads into a private members
club – which hosts afterparties for many of
the A-list musicians that visit town. They also
have an outlet in Foodhallen.
We recommend:
The umami overload of their “Truffle Burger”.
Albert Cuypstraat 129
Best Burger Restaurants
Best Burger Restaurants
3. Hummbar!
5. Smokin’ Barrels
Burgers, Lobster and Cocktails. A classic
combination of the times, and done to perfection at this Amsterdam restaurant located in
Rembrandt Square. Hummbar! is a perfect
choice if you’re looking for the lighter options
as their shellfish menu is extensive and delicious.
Another “Surf and Turf ” joint that started
the trend of Lobster and Burger mashup in
Amsterdam. They prepare most of their food
over – smoking barrels. Owned by a nowfamous threesome of restaurant entrepreneurs
(Riad, Jason and Piet) whose every new venture seems to turn to gold.
Utrechtsestraat 11
We recommend:
We recommend:
The Lobster Roll. Probably the best in
Ari Gold – an award winning burger.
4. Bulls and Dogs
Bulls & Dogs is a rising star on the Dutch fast
food scene. What started with a simple Christmas gift, a
meat grinder, and small scale experimenting,
has quickly grown to three hotdog-only food
trucks and two restaurants – one on Van
Woustraat and one in Foodhallen, the new
food market place in central Amsterdam.
Beukenplein 22
Van Woustraat 58
We recommend:
Order a few to taste the amazing variations!
Best Coffee Cafés
Best coffee cafés
1. Espressofabriek
Espressofabriek is one of the pioneers of
specialty coffee in Amsterdam.
They were one of the first companies to roast
their own beans in-house and now supply
this service for many of the new coffee houses
around town.
The Westergasfabriek space is beautiful with
lofty ceilings and views across the lovely
Pazzanistraat 39
IJburglaan 1489
2. Two for Joy Coffee
5 Best Coffee Cafés in Amsterdam
Taking a ten minute break from the sensory overload of Amsterdam
is one of the most fun things to do in the city. Not to be confused
with Coffeeshops – which serve an altogether different way of
relaxation – Amsterdams coffee cafés excel in serving crafted cups
of joe, often with delicious bakery products. Here is our list of
places to take a break and recharge.
Two for Joy is sure to brighten your day with
their cute bird motif.
They custom roast their own beans, resulting
in deliciously smooth coffee. Try some of their
food too, most of it homemade.
Our favourite was the chocolate chip rosemary cake.
Frederiksplein 29
Haarlemmerdijk 182
Best Coffee Cafés
Best Coffee Cafés
3. de Koffie Salon
5. Tazzina
This cool chain of coffee houses with images
of celebrities enjoying a cup of joe lining the
walls is worthy of your time.
On a sunny day, nothing beats a seat outside
waterside Tazzina on Brouwersgracht.
Stop in for a creamy cappuccino at one of their
five locations, each open daily from 7 to 7.
Utrechtsestraat 130
Eerste C. Huygensstraat 82
Eerste van der
Helststraat 66
Spuistraat 281
Westerstraat 72
Watch the bicycles and pedestrians cross over
the charming drawbridge while you sip an
expertly crafted beverage, served with a smile.
Brouwersgracht 139
Breakfast and lunch are perfect times to combine their coffee with their lovingly prepared
4. Screaming Beans
Possibly the coolest café name in Amsterdam.
There’s more to Screaming Beans than just
their name though – superb coffee, some
lovely latte art and a range of bakery and
sandwiches which make a stop here 15 minutes longer than you initially planned.
Screaming Beans also opened a sleek new
location in Oud-West that also has wine and
gourmet food.
Hartenstraat 12
Haarlemmerstraat 68
Best Bakeries
Best bakeries
1. Le Fournil de
The first French baker to open a bakery in
the Netherlands, Sébastien Roturier and
his Dutch wife Susan have been operating
Le Fournil de Sébastien since 2007.
In those few years they have developed quite
the following, with many people visiting the
bakery daily to taste the delicious breads and
pastries fresh from the oven. Yummy sandwiches too!
5 Best Bakeries in Amsterdam
The Dutch are as passionate as anyone about their daily bread.
And whether you like it plain and simple, spread with a rich
organic butter, or covered in the classic dutch “Sprinkles”, you’ll
find a suitable loaf at any one of these superb Amsterdam bakeries.
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Olympiaplein 119
2. Hartog’s Volkoren
More than 200 years ago the Hartog family
began selling their whole wheat breads in
Amsterdam. The tradition continues, as the
bakery still uses a 100 year old recipe for their
The long lines out front attest to the delicious
products. A few years ago the bakery opened
up a sandwich shop, Hartog’s Boterham,
down the street.
Ruyschstraat 56
Wibautstraat 77
Best Bakeries
Best Bakeries
3. Patisserie Holtkamp
Patisserie Holtkamp is located in a beautiful
Art Deco shop that perfectly highlights the
delectable pastries, cakes, cookies and bonbons.
With four locations in Amsterdam and several
stores that sell their products around town, the
craving for BROOD can easily be satisfied.
Holtkamp is also famous for their croquettes
which are served in restaurants all over
BROOD’s breads, pastries and cookies are
baked fresh daily, along with sandwiches,
smoothies and coffee.
Vijzelgracht 15
Zeedijk 66
Eerste van der
Helststraat 49
Zeilstraat 12
Bos en Lommerweg 317
4. Lanskroon
This bakery is known for their tempting
sweets including pies, cakes, pastries and fresh
Take a seat in their charming canal-side tea
room and enjoy a sweet treat. The cat that
lives here is the fattest cat we have ever seen!
Singel 385
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