The flavour of Caffe Janeiro beans
has an origin from Frattamaggiore
(Napoli), ever since its beginning, in
1988, in an area with the most
demanding coffee consumers who
see coffee as a vital culture and a
From a desire to continue the much
loved coffee experience on the Italian
territory, which began in 1645 when
the first coffee shop in Europe was
opened, with the aim of enhancing
this fascination through quality and
flavour, Caffè Janeiro decided to open
their own coffee processing factory,
offering customised and different
blends for all requirements.
A "good" coffee in any bar in Naples
and the surrounding area must be
marked by several characteristics that
define themselves as unique and
special, namely must be: black,
strong, flavourful and sweet. To
achieve this quality, it is important to
follow a specific process that gives the
consumer a true Italian coffee
drinking experience; the cup must be
held in hot water, the espresso
machine must be a lever-type
machine for a consistent dose and
sugar must be dosed by the
bartender, things that probably in
other areas are not regarded as
This process gives the local identity
and consistency of coffee which is so
important to the flavour of Janeiro
coffee, artisanal selected was noted
among other competitors, thus
becoming a leader in the production
of quality coffee.
Globalization evolution and growth in
consumer wealth especially in Eastern
Europe has given rise to a greater
demand and attention to more
refined and diverse foods, which is
also valid for coffee explaining the
success of espresso coffee, although
stronger as an example. For this
reason, in 2015, the parent company
has launched the first campaign of
distribution in Romania of its "Made
in Italy" coffee through the Caffe
Janeiro SRL, having the same
management with the mother
As a Romanian subsidiary, we are
honoured to represent a leading
company in coffee production and we
are pleased that our mission to
increase sales, even since 2015, was
A perfect coffee blend comes from combining the
essential features: cream, fullness and flavour. To
achieve a perfect espresso it is necessary to have a
passion for coffee. All this combined with the 30-year
experience of Janeiro tasters led to the development of a
refined sense of taste and smell, which helps them
exploit their talent and skills to select and combine the
most highly qualitative varieties of Arabica and Robusta
coffee until reaching the perfection of their favourite
The Janeiro coffee is minutely selected and processed,
based on a secret formula that confers its unmistakable
taste, distinguishes it from all the other competitors and
makes Janeiro a leader in terms of quality in the field of
coffee production. To obtain the desired quality in the
roasting process, an optimum humidity of green coffee
beans is required through storage in special silos, which
allow their uniform moisture; then blends are prepared,
roasted and stored in silos at carefully controlled
temperatures until packaging.
The types of green Arabica and Robusta coffee used in
Janeiro blends are carefully and thoroughly selected
from Central and South America and combined with
some varieties from Africa and Asia.
The largest growers of Arabica coffee are the
countries of Central and South America, but an
excellent quality can also be found in some parts of
Africa and Asia. Arabica coffee is appreciated due the
chocolate flavour and taste of fineness and its
persistence. Moreover, the caffeine content, which is
nearly half the one of Robusta, gives the coffee a
lower acidity.
The largest growers of Robusta coffee are the
countries from Africa and Asia, but also Brazil. What
distinguishes Robusta from Arabica is the strong,
more intense and less aromatic taste, with a high
caffeine content, and a significantly higher resistance
to climatic conditions and diseases. It is used in
combination with Arabica to highlight the coffee
flavour and give the drink power and strength.
Of all Janeiro blends, this is a special one. It is a fine
assortment of 100% Arabica coffee, created as a
tribute to a long tradition of “Janeiro and Neapolitan
coffee”. This combination is best suited for
consumers who prefer a leisurely, but fragrant and
creamy coffee. Its fragrant scent, intense flavour,
acidity and low caffeine content are the perfect
characteristics of an evening coffee meant to help
you relax after a long day.
Type: beans / ground / pods / instant
Composition: 100% blends of different varieties of Arabica
Taste profile:
Cream: beige with reddish tints, medium body,
medium persistence
Flavour: notes of coco
Taste: sweet, almost absent acidity
Fullness: low
Caffeine: low caffeine content
Roast: Medium
Organoleptic characteristics:
An intense and balanced blend that arises from the
most prestigious Arabica and Robusta varieties. The
presence of an equal percentage of Robusta and
Arabica ensures the coffee's harmony by preserving
an ideal full-bodied taste with a persistent and
velvety cream, without affecting the coffee flavour
and smoothness. Crema Platinum is a perfect
concept for bars and cafés, covering the preferences
of most consumers.
Type: beans / ground / pods
Composition: 50% Arabica – 50% Robusta
Taste profile:
Cream: beige with brown tints,
medium/high body, medium/high persistence
Flavour: notes of bitter cocoa and medium/high intensity
Taste: sweet, almost absent acidity,
low notes of bitter cocoa
Fullness: medium/high
Caffeine: medium caffeine content
Roast: Medium
Organoleptic characteristics:
A creamy and full-bodied coffee, ideal for consumers
who prefer a stronger flavour of an Italian espresso.
A perfect blend of carefully selected Arabica and
Robusta varieties, enabling a consistent cream with
spicy tones, which is unmistakable among
professional tasters. Oro Extra is designed for
consumers who want a full-bodied, intense coffee,
with a generous cream.
Type: beans / ground / pods / instant
Composition: 30% Arabica – 70% Robusta
Taste profile:
Cream: beige, high body, high persistence
Flavour: high intensity
Taste: balanced bitter-sweet, notes of dried fruits
and spices
Fullness: high
Caffeine: medium caffeine content
Roast: Medium
Organoleptic characteristics:
A traditional and strong blend, preferred by
consumers for their morning coffee, which will
definitely put you on your feet. A premium blend,
with a long-term and full-bodied taste.
Type: beans / ground / pods
Composition: 20% Arabica – 80% Robusta
Taste profile:
Cream: beige, high body, high persistence
Flavour: medium intensity
Taste: balanced bitter-sweet,
notes of dried fruits and spices
Fullness: high
Caffeine: medium caffeine content
Roast: Medium
Organoleptic characteristics:
Is a coffee produced by mixing Arabica and Robusta
varieties, specially designed for consumers who like
an aromatic and creamy coffee, with the guaranteed
effect of an energizing drink. Specifically created for
automatic coffee machines.
Type: beans
Composition: 20% Arabica – 80% Robusta
Taste profile:
Cream: beige, high body, high persistence
Flavour: medium intensity
Taste: balanced bitter-sweet,
notes of dried fruits and spices
Fullness: high
Caffeine: medium caffeine content
Roast: Medium
Organoleptic characteristics:
”The taste of beautiful mornings”. In the morning,
when we barely open our eyes, a good coffee is
exactly what we need to get us out of bed. Janeiro
Instant is the right choice due to the balance
between taste and the strength of a 100% natural
soluble coffee.
Type: 150 pods,
150 plastic glasses,
150 sugar packets,
150 plastic swizzle sticks.
Type: instant coffee
Type: 100 pods,
Technical details of an envelope:
100 plastic glasses,
100 sugar packets,
100 plastic swizzle sticks.
Net weight: 1,8 g
Size: 10 cm
Packaging: laminate pouch
Type: 50 pods,
50 plastic glasses,
50 sugar packets,
50 plastic swizzle sticks.
The secret in the process of obtaining the optimal quality of espresso coffee also
consists of the predominant contribution of the machine used providing a suitable
professional Espresso for pods.
This is why we put at your disposal two user-friendly lever espresso machines that
will ensure the quality of Caffè Janeiro. These espresso machines are suited for
domestic and office use, aesthetic and easy-to-use, made for pods with a diameter
of 38 and 44 mm.
Didiesse Italy
Heater block of aluminium
Patented fast decalcification
Available colours espressor:
Technical data:
Power 650 W
Voltage 220/120 V
Weight 6.5 kg
Height 40 cm
Width 22 cm
Depth 32 cm
Dedicated steam system, with
micropump, heater block of
aluminium, resistance 1200 W, proper
thermostat and fuse.
Warranty: 12 months
Service: Parts avaible at any time
Ø 38 / 44 mm
10-liter water tank
Separate water draining
2 separate coffee groups (with separate on/off switches)
Steam group with dedicated electrical system (individual on/off switch)
Effective cup heater
Single coffee-group power 550W*
Steam-group power 1250W*
Maximum power 2350W
*all groups can be activated separately
Technical data:
Power 650 / 2550w
Voltage 220 V - 50 Hz
Weight 25 kg
Height 43 cm
Width 48 cm
Depth 40 cm
Warranty: 12 months
Service: Parts available at any time.
Ø 38 / 44 mm
“The way an espresso is served can make a difference in what
can be called, without exaggeration, the coffee-tasting
experience. For example, an espresso is ideally served in a
porcelain cup of not more than 60 ml, with a reduced diameter.
The presence of a teaspoon besides is necessary because the
flavours can only be discovered after mixing the coffee.
Moreover, a glass of water should accompany this picture, as
consumers should prepare their palate before tasting. Sugar
and milk can also be included in the picture, as well as a tablet
of chocolate or a biscuit. The latter, however, are only details.”
Zsolt Nagy
Available in carton packages with six cups and six saucers.
Technical data:
7 cl porcelain cup bearing the Janeiro logo
saucer diameter 12 cm bearing the Janeiro logo
weight 275 g
The cup model chosen is the result of a rigorous selection
with emphasis on simplicity and elegance of form. It is
made of high-quality white porcelain, guaranteeing the
highest level of brightness and hardness. The Janeiro Cup
complies with all the technical standards necessary to
achieve an excellent espresso and its thickness and
conical shape are designed to keep coffee fullness, aroma
and temperature longer and, most important, to stimulate
cream formation.
Cappuccino is a very popular drink containing a simple mixture
of espresso and heated frothed milk. Cappuccino has over 100
years and is well known in Europe since the espresso machine
appeared on the market.
Available in carton packages with six cups and six
Our model of Cappuccino cup follows the same design as
the espresso cup, except that its dimensions are larger.
It is made of strong white porcelain, which gives it an
intense shine and an impression of stability. Due to its
shape and conic interior, our cup is designed to keep hot
and creamy, for a long time, the two ingredients of the
mixture: espresso coffee and heated frothed milk.
Technical data:
19 cl porcelain cup imprinted with Janeiro logo
saucer diameter 14.5 cm imprinted with Janeiro logo
weight 455 g
The napkin holder is a distinctive item on the table and in
your bar/restaurant. The napkin holder offered by us is
made of hard, durable, brown plastic, bearing the Janeiro
logo. Inside this holder, Janeiro napkins are easily kept,
avoiding their deterioration.
Technical details:
Napkins are made of an ultrasoft layer of white paper and
bear the Janeiro logo.
Technical details:
colour: white
material: ultrasoft paper - 1 layer
dimensions: 25x25 cm
folding: 12x8
colour: brown
material: hard plastic
capacity: 100 napkins
Our sugar packet holder is an elegant and necessary item for
you. Janeiro offers you two types of holders, with an innovative
and captivating design, made of silver and transparent Plexiglas,
as follows:
Sugar is packaged in disposable doses of 5 g, bearing the
Janeiro logo. It is a packaging made of polyethylene-coated
paper, practical, economical and hygienic.
Technical details:
The three-compartment holder
presents three types of sugar in a
more attractive way, separating them
according to assortments: white sugar,
brown sugar or sweetener. This type
of holder is ideal for bars, offices,
houses, etc. as it has an average size,
stores the sugar packets in an orderly
way and protects them.
packet size: 64X65 mm
colour: white or tricolour (red + green + white)
quantity: 5 g/packet
packaging: polyethylene-coated paper
packing: carton box with 1,000 packets
The one-compartment holder is
small, ideal for use on tables in
cafés or restaurants.
Iași, Str. Albineț Nr. 3
+40 332 110 011