3M Purification
3M™ SGLP2™ Reverse Osmosis System
Revive yourself...
with refreshments made
from 3M filtered water
High quality water produces high quality drinks
In the competitive foodservice industry, speciality coffee is a business-critical part of your operation where recipe
inconsistencies, equipment down time and service calls all threaten customer satisfaction and profit margins.
Customer loyalty is often formed by a consistently great cup of coffee, and when 98-99% of speciality coffee is water,
the better the water, the better the cup of coffee.
Map of mainland UK showing soft - hard water areas.
Now you can have high quality water for consistently better-tasting
coffee no matter where you are located.
Drink quality will vary as a result of water inconsistencies from location to location.
With a 3M™ SGLP2™ Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, you can save thousands of pounds a year on scale-related
maintenance and equipment-replacement costs.
Soft to moderately soft:
0 - 100 ppm* as calcium carbonate
Medium to moderately hard:
100 - 200 ppm* as calcium carbonate
Hard to very hard:
above 200 ppm* as calcium carbonate
*parts per million
Why is hard water a problem?
When water is heated or converted to steam, it leaves impurities behind, such as hardness minerals. These impurities cling
to the solid surfaces they come in contact with, and over time, can build up and cause problems:
• Unsightly hard scale build-up
• Increased operating costs for de-scaling and maintenance
Increased downtime
• Inefficient operation causing higher energy costs
With the 3M™ SGLP2™ System
the difference is clear...
Scale causes equipment down time, reduces efficiency and affects both water level and temperature controls.
Just 3mm of scale = 25% energy loss!
Scale may cause inconsistent volumes and incorrect flavour profiles in
coffee machines
Untreated Water
Scale contaminated level indicators may cause overflow of the
• Scale will typically cause longer heating times and incorrect (lowered)
• Service calls for scale problems may cost hundreds of pounds, including
Without filtration, impurities
in water can result in
increased build up on the
boiler surfaces causing
increased maintenance and
the possibility of reduced
equipment life.
travel, parts and labor
With ScaleGARD
Hardness minerals can build up within the milk, feed
water pipes and boilers, thus increasing the probability of
equipment downtime and the need for maintenance.
The SGLP2 Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration System helps
keep equipment cleaner,
thus reducing maintenance
costs and downtime.
How Does the SGLP2 Reverse Osmosis System Work?
The heart of the SGLP2 system is a state-of-the-art high-production Reverse
Osmosis (RO) membrane (see illustration). Raw water, under pressure, is forced
through microscopic pores in the synthetic membrane while larger dissolved solids
(ions) and heavy molecular weight contaminants are continually flushed away as
reject water.
Filtered water travels between the double-sided membrane until it reaches a center
core, which then delivers the product water to the equipment or storage tanks.
Minerals may be added into the water for recipe-quality taste while straight RO
water can be fed to a steamer oven.
SGLP2 System
Plumbing Diagram
Separate Water Quality
• R O Water for the flash steamer
• Mineral adjusted RO water for great
tasting speciality coffee
This diagram is for reference only. Please refer to installation and use instructions. Failure to install, operate and maintain
this system properly may result in property damage due to water leakage and will void warranty.
Two Water Qualities for
Espresso Coffee and Steamers
1 High-production RO membranes reduce the
minerals that cause lime scale & the resulting
equipment damage & maintenance costs.
2 Better tasting speciality coffee with adjustable
precision blending valve.
3 Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge design
helps reduce the possibility of contamination
during change-outs.
4 Patented cartridge interconnect system with quick
and easy cartridge change-outs. No spills, no
5 Delivers a sufficient amount of water, even during
peak time, from a built-in 2.5 gallon pressure
tank and a remote 20-gallon storage tank (see
Plumbing Diagram).
6 Rugged rust and corrosion-resistant bracket
design allows system to be wall mounted.
7 Pressure gauge indicates outlet supply pressure.
8 Keeps running during high-demand periods and
power outages with automatic non-electrical bypass.
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