Liquid Volume Dispenser
The Liquid Volume Dispenser is designed to deliver a measured volume of liquid at the press of a
button. In normal use, the operator selects a volume, presses a button and the Dispenser delivers the
required volume without further operator intervention.
The volume is easy to select and is retained in non-volatile memory for repeat operation. Volumes
between 0.10 litres and 10 litres can be selected in increments of 0.01 litres.
The Dispenser will accurately measure volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.5 litres/minute
and 5 litres/minute. A calibration menu allows fine adjustment of the dispense volume and optional
internal adjustments are available to compensate for the effects of varying flow-rates and changes in
liquid temperature.
The Liquid Volume Dispenser has two John Guest Speedfit ® push-fit connectors for fluid in and out.
These take a tube with outside diameter of 8mm. Wetted surfaces are nylon, PTFE, Buna and acetal,
making the Liquid Volume Dispenser suitable for a wide range of fluids.
Operator controls consist of a three-button keypad and a liquid crystal display. The display shows the
selected volume and progress during dispensing. A number of additional features are available
through the keypad, including pause and restart during dispensing, cancelling dispensing, and manual
‘top-up’ control.
The Dispenser can be connected to a PC for remote
control and monitoring and is supplied with an easy-touse software application that repeats the operator
controls and displayed information.
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Liquid Volume Dispenser
The Liquid Volume Dispenser is powered by a low-voltage supply, making it safe to use in damp
environments or if liquid is spilt. A 12VDC mains socket adapter is supplied with each Dispenser.
10-15VDC @ 500mA
175mm x 125mm x
Power supply
12VDC mains socket adapter
Dispense Volume
0.10 L – 100 L in
0.01 L steps
Flow Rate Range
0.5 – 5.0 litres per minute
Minimum inlet
0.2 Bar
Inlet pressure
at 20 °C up to 10 Bar
Dispense Accuracy(1)
±1% at constant
temperature and flow
0°C to +65°C
Fluid Connections
8mm OD, push-fit
Suitable Tube
Materials (2)
Polyethylene, nylon,
polyurethane, brass, copper,
mild steel
USB connection
USB to serial
connection (Cable
not Supplied)
at 65 °C up to 4 Bar
User Guide
Software and Datasheet
For soft or thin-walled tubing, tube inserts should be used.
Poppenbouwing 54, 4191 NZ Geldermalsen,
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Liquid Volume Dispenser
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Liquid Volume Dispenser
All electrical equipment should be installed by a qualified/certified electrician.
The Deeter Group follows a policy of continual development of its products and reserves the right to change specifications
and/or features without notice.
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