Intelligent Platforms
Proficy* Pulse
Powerful visualization and analytics for your operations
• Powerful visualization engine for
historical and real-time data
• Simple or complex animation capability
• Real-time chart displays with runtime
data export, snapshots and printing
• Customizable runtime user ribbon for
navigation, time selection and scripts
• Industry standard VBA scripting for
data manipulation
• Pre-built objects and wizards for quick
• Quick and easy setup to Proficy*
Historian and/or OPC sources
• Background scheduler
• Fully functional web client option
• Increased operator effectiveness
• Improved ease of use and accessibility
• Faster and better analytics-based
decision making
• Easy, secure application access at all
levels of your workforce
• Time savings and flexibility
Unified Presentation for
Maximized Effectiveness
Proficy* Pulse from GE Intelligent Platforms
is a flexible software application designed
for operators, engineers and analysts that
delivers powerful visualization and analysis
through a unified, single point.
Based on industry standards, Proficy Pulse
can take inputs from any underlying product and provide context to historian and
real-time data—driving actions to improve
your operations for a sustainable advantage.
Instant Analytics
Proficy Pulse contextualizes historical
information within a single application for
quick and easy analysis. With its proven
visualization layer, hundreds of pre-built
objects, and industry standard scripting
engine, Proficy Pulse uncovers hidden
issues buried deep in your data to drive
positive change.
Increased Operator Effectiveness
To provide operators and engineers with
efficiency and intelligence, Proficy Pulse
enables real-time analysis of large volumes
of complex information from many sources
for objective decision making.
Easy Consolidation of Data from
Disparate Sources and Systems
Consolidating all of your data sources into
one central application, Proficy Pulse
enables easy data correlation for better
and faster decision-making. In addition, the
user interface provides dynamic screens,
interactive graphics, and powerful trending
for quick issue resolution.
Efficient Interaction and Visualization
Proficy Pulse introduces a unique runtime
ribbon that enables you to dynamically
change the timeframes for all Proficy Historian information displayed on the screen.
You can also use the runtime ribbon to
expand and customize functions, have
multiple grouped sections for navigation
and instant time controls, jump to predetermined timeframes, and launch real-time
graphics or third-party applications.
Compatibility, Accessibility,
and Globalization
You can use Proficy Pulse on a desktop
or panel, or over the web. Once you configure your screens in the Proficy Pulse
workspace, you can deploy to other Proficy
Pulse-enabled devices running on a standard or embedded Windows® operating
system. In addition, you can set up Proficy
Pulse for accessibility over the web in
multiple languages from a central server—
enabling anytime, anywhere access.
The Proficy Pulse runtime ribbon enables efficient interaction by providing instant access to graphics,
third-party applications, and analytics—increasing flexibility and saving time.
Proficy Pulse – Powerful visualization and analytics for your operations
Multiple Concurrent
Data Sources
Manual Data Entry
Pull in data from multiple
Proficy and third-party sources,
and correlate information using
multiple inputs to drive animations and analytics.
Users can enter data manually to provide feedback on
displayed information, and
Proficy Pulse can route input to
any of the connected systems.
Real-Time Proficy
Historian Link
With an enhanced Proficy
Historian link, Proficy Pulse can
change modes and timeframes
for all displayed data or individually.
Data to Information
Proficy Pulse delivers an
industry standard VBA scripting
engine— enabling transformation of simple or complex raw
data into information.
Enhanced Security
Corrective Actions
Proficy Pulse provides secure
access to sensitive data or
actions using optional biometric
and/or e-signature.
Proficy Pulse delivers pre-built
Proficy Workflow components
that enable operators to take
immediate corrective action and
quickly respond to events.
KPI Monitoring
Integrate operational Key
Performance Indicators into
your displays to drive awareness
and transparency.
Dynamic Language
Multi-Pen &
Axis Trending
Environment Lockdown
Leverage powerful trending
components designed with
end-user flexibility and control
in mind.
Proficy Pulse can dynamically
change languages on the fly.
Run Proficy Pulse on dedicated
terminals by enabling runtime
environmental protection that
locks out core operating system
Proficy Pulse: Analyze – Consolidate – Decide
Proficy Pulse – Powerful visualization and analytics for your operations
Proficy Plant
Quickly integrate higher-level
MES, traceability, quality,
efficiency, maintenance or
scheduling data from Proficy
Plant Applications using prebuilt components.
Background Scheduler
Secure Containment
Define periodic and eventbased scheduled actions to
drive analytical and real-time
actions. Schedules can perform
various critical functions like
triggering reports, initiating
workflows, generating analytical samples, etc.
Leverage an extremely reliable
ActiveX container based on
Proficy secure containment
technology, capturing failures of
third-party ActiveX controls and
scripting without crashing the
container environment.
Develop Once – Deploy
In addition to desktop
computers, you can deploy
applications on embedded
devices like panels and tablets
to thin clients like terminal
services or a web client—
through a browser.
Flexible Graphical Editor
Scripting & Connectivity
With a rich set of graphic
objects and drawing tools,
Proficy Pulse provides an excellent canvas for the development
of operational user interfaces.
Customize your applications
using the industry standard
Visual Basic for applications,
and connect to other systems
using OPC DA, OPC A&E, ADO,
Fast Time to Solution
There are hundreds of prebuilt objects, customizable to
your specific needs for a true
drag-and-drop configuration
Unlimited Power
Proficy Pulse offers unlimited
graphics, trends, objects,
connections (real-time &
historical), scripts and tags that
are included out of the box.
Third Party Integration
Utilize the provided components
to build your graphics and or
pull in and integrate any thirdparty ActiveX component with
Proficy Pulse offers integrated
windows based security for
controlling multiple roles and
Proficy Pulse: Flexible – Powerful – Unlimited
Proficy Pulse – Powerful visualization and analytics for your operations
Real-Time Visualization
Proficy Pulse is a true OPC DA and OPC
A&E client, enabling users to view and
interact with real-time data from operational devices, HMI/SCADA systems, and
other software. It can directly interface
with native OPC servers like GE’s Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) as well as other
third-party OPC servers to provide an open
architecture for HMI functionality.
On-the-fly Historian Analysis
Operators have the flexibility to switch to
an Analysis mode with Proficy Historian on
the fly for the entire display or individual
elements on the display. This provides new
insight into the daily functioning of the
operator, providing the ability to proactively
visualize operations for greater efficiency.
Intelligent and Collaborative
User Environment
Proficy Pulse participates in operational
workflows defined through GE Intelligent
Platforms’ Proficy Workflow product, to
make the operator a collaborative part of
the greater operational metric.
It also integrates with our Proficy Cause+
analysis software to provide the operator
with intelligent tools for effective decision
making. Proficy Pulse also tightly integrates
with our Proficy Plant Applications software to enable operator interaction with
operational KPIs.
Proficy Pulse for Web
Empower your users to view, react, and
analyze information from anywhere with
web-enabled full functionality of Proficy
Pulse on demand. With an easy one-time
setup and no requirement to convert
screens, users can get online within
minutes—viewing Proficy Pulse with
no compromises.
Proficy Pulse for Embedded
You can deploy Proficy Pulse on a wide
array of the new generation XP Embeddedbased devices to further drive analytics
and visualization across your organization.
Software Requirements
Proficy Pulse
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, SP3+
• Vista SP1 (Business, Enterprise or Ultimate
Editions), Vista Ultimate Edition SP1 running
on a Table PC, XP Tablet Edition
• Microsoft Server 2003 SP2+ (Standard or
Enterprise Edition)
Proficy Pulse for Embedded
• Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2
Feature Pack 2007
Proficy Pulse for Web
• Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0
• Mozilla FireFox 3.0 or 3.5
• Network connectivity
• Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
or Apache
• Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Server 2003 or
Server 2008
Recommended Software:
• Proficy Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) 7.5+
or third-party OPC server
• Proficy Historian 3.5
Please refer to our product technical literature for
detailed recommended hardware configurations.
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