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Thank you for purchasing Phoenix Copper Pro from JML. To get the best
crease-free results from this iron, please read these instructions in full and
keep them safe for future reference.
Safety Warnings & Advice 2
Ironing Tips 8
Your Phoenix Copper Pro 4
Cleaning & Care 8
Using Phoenix Copper Pro 5
General care 8
Cleaning the filter 9
Using Phoenix Copper Pro
for the first time 5
Descaling 9
Basic instructions 5
Guarantee 10
To dry iron 6
Technical Information 10
For steam ironing 6
Technical specifications 10
Using bursts of steam 7
Fuse & mains plug replacement 10
Using vertically 7
Disposal and the environment 10
After ironing 8
Safety Warnings & Advice
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or a lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
the use of this appliance by a person responsible for their
safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they
DO NOT play with the appliance.
Only use Phoenix Copper Pro for its intended purpose
as described in this manual.
Keep Phoenix Copper Pro and its cord out of the reach
of children at all times.
Burns can occur from touching hot parts, hot water or
steam. The Ceramic Plate and will become extremely
hot during use. DO NOT touch the Ceramic Plate during
or soon after use.
Never point the steam jet towards people or animals.Take
care to ensure it never comes into contact with your skin.
To avoid leaking and possible scalding, NEVER use the
Phoenix Copper Pro in an upside-down position.
Intended for indoor household use only. Not intended
for industrial or commercial use.
DO NOT use on a surface which could be damaged by
heat or steam such as a worktop or polished wood.
DO NOT use attachments that are not specifically
recommended to be used with this iron.
Never leave unattended when plugged in.
Safety Warnings & Advice continued
Always unplug Phoenix Copper Pro immediately after
DO NOT use any part that has become damaged.
Never operate Phoenix Copper Pro if it has a damaged
cord or plug, if it is not working properly, or if it has been
dropped, damaged or dropped into water.
DO NOT attempt to repair Phoenix Copper Pro, the
power cord, or plug if they become damaged. Repairs
must only be made by a qualified service engineer.
Always unplug Phoenix Copper Pro before filling the
water tank. DO NOT overfill with water.
Fill the Water Tank with distilled or boiled water to
prevent calc/limescale build-up.
Never touch the Ceramic Plate when the iron is
switched on or immediately after switching off.
The Power Cable should never touch the Ceramic Plate
during or soon after use.
Ensure the Water Tank Cap is closed firmly before use.
DO NOT allow the Water Tank to run dry during use.
Only use on a stable, flat, ironing surface.
Allow the Ceramic Plate to cool completely before
Check that the voltage on the rating plate of Phoenix
Copper Pro corresponds with your house electricity
supply, which must be A.C. (alternating current).
Your Phoenix Copper Pro
Ceramic Plate
Water Tank
Cover Plate
Control Dial
Cot oton
Steam Button
Ny ylon
Temperature Dial
Steam Light
Water Tank
Heat Light
Power Cord
Textile Brush
Filling Jug
Using Phoenix Copper Pro
Using Phoenix Copper Pro for
the first time
Before ironing your clothing or fabrics for the
first time, it is recommended that you use
Phoenix Copper Pro on a damp piece of
cloth for a few minutes. This will ensure that
any residue left over from the manufacturing
process is burnt off the Ceramic Plate and
won’t transfer to your clothes.
When ‘topping up’ during use, you can keep
the Phoenix Copper Pro horizontal and fill
from the jug as necessary, taking care not
to overfill. Close the Cap when you have
You may notice a slight odour and a small
amount of smoke during this time, but this
is perfectly normal and should disappear
In hard water areas, we recommend a
mix of 50% tap water and 50% distilled or
‘demineralised’ water.
Only use clean, pure water that contains no
contaminants or additional chemicals.
Important - Each iron is checked at the
factory so some water may remain in the
Please flush the system by filling the
tank and setting the iron on the highest
temperature and the maximum steam
setting. Then allow the steam to flow, in a
well-ventilated and safe environment, until
the water tank is empty.
Do this at least once before first use and also
if you haven’t used your Phoenix Copper Pro
for a long period.
Basic instructions
1.Lift the Water Tank Cap and fill with water.
When filling the tank from empty, hold
nearly vertical and, using the jug provided,
fill to the ‘Max’ line on the Phoenix Copper
Note: Some water can get trapped inside
the cap and come out of the small air hole
when the iron is held vertically. This is not a
leak, simply open the cap and empty out any
residual water.
Also, there can sometimes be a noise
created by air being vented through the air
hole in the cap. If this occurs, simply open
the cap to stop it happening.
2.Plug Phoenix Copper Pro into the mains
and switch on. Ensure the Steam Button
is off (no light) and the Steam Control Dial
is set to Min.
Please note: If the Steam Button is on
before the sole plate has reached the
required temperature, the iron may spit
as it heats up. Please keep the Steam
Button off until the temperature light has
gone off again.
During use this light will go on/off
intermediately. This is normal as it is
a sign the thermostat is regulating the
iron during use.
Using Phoenix Copper Pro continued
3.Turn the Temperature Dial to the setting
you require. There are seven settings: Min,
Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen and Max.
The Heat Light will turn on when you
rotate the Dial.
4.Stand the iron vertically and wait for the
Heat Light to turn off. This means Phoenix
Copper Pro has reached the required
You can now set the steam button to
your desired setting and turn the Steam
Button on for steam ironing (see below).
5.Phoenix Copper Pro is now ready to use.
The Heat Light will turn on and off during
use as the iron regulates the Ceramic
Plate temperature.
6.Once you have finished ironing, please
be aware that any water left in the tank
will be cold in the chamber and possibly
spit from the iron the next time you use
it so we recommend you empty the tank
before putting it away.
To dry iron
1.Ensure the Steam Button is not pressed
down and the Steam Control Dial is
turned to minimum.
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Co Coto
2.Set the Temperature Dial to the setting
you require and wait for the Ceramic Plate
to heat up. Use once the Heat Light has
turned off.
Note: You DO NOT need to fill the Water
Tank if you are dry ironing.
For steam ironing
1 dot = min, 3 = max. We recommend that
you DO NOT use the steam function at any
heat setting below 1 dot.
1.Set the temperature using the
Temperature Dial.
The dots around the outer edge are for
recommended steam usage in conjunction
with the Steam Control Dial.
If using the Max steam settings (3 dots), you
should set the Temperature Dial to Linen, or
Optimum settings for best performance and
to avoid water spitting from the steam plate:
Steam setting
Med (light steam)
Using Phoenix Copper Pro continued
2.Turn the Steam Control Dial from Min
to the setting you require. There are three
settings: Min, Medium (light steam), and
Using vertically – for garment and
fabric steaming
3.Once the sole plate has reached the
required temperature and the heat light
has gone off, press the Steam Button
once to turn on and then start to iron your
1.If using the Textile Brush attachment
carefully slide it over the tip of Phoenix
Copper Pro before turning on.
4.If standing the iron upright, ensure that the
Steam Control Dial is set to Min and press
the Steam Button to turn the steam off.
This will prevent steam from continually
being released from the iron.
Please ensure the steam button is off
while not in use and if left upright. Noise
can indicate a refill of water is required.
Please note: Phoenix Copper Pro can be
used over features such as logos, prints,
zips, sequins, etc. To avoid any risk of
damage, when ironing, lift the Ceramic Plate
and allow the steam jet to remove creases
near and around the features.
Using bursts of steam
When ironing stubborn or deep creases, you
can create a sudden burst of steam to help
remove them.
While ironing on either the Wool, Linen or
Cotton settings, press down on the Steam
Button to release a sudden burst of steam.
Immediately press the Button again to turn
off the steam.
For a second burst, wait for a few moments,
and then press again. Repeat for as many
times as you need to.
2.Once plugged in, turn to a high
temperature, either the Cotton, Linen or
Max settings. Set the Steam Control Dial
to the intensity setting your require.
3.Wait for the Heat Light to turn off. Pick up
Phoenix Copper Pro and hold vertically,
with the tip tilted slightly forward.
4.Press the Steam Button and move the
iron up and down the garment or fabric
you want to steam. For stronger bursts of
steam, switch the Steam Button off and
then on again.
5.If the steam output declines, simply tilt the
iron forward into a horizontal position and
then tilt back vertical to continue.
DO NOT tilt the iron upside down while using
Using Phoenix Copper Pro continued
After ironing
1.Allow to cool completely. Unplug and
empty the Water Tank.
2.Clean the Ceramic Plate and the Cover
Plate with a damp cloth, removing any
3.Store vertically on a clean, dry, flat surface,
with the cable wrapped around the iron.
Ironing Tips
• Before ironing garments, always read and
follow the instructions on the care label.
• For the best results, always use a mesh
type ironing board, which will allow steam
to escape.
• Sort and group your clothes together
depending on the ironing temperature they
require. Start by ironing clothes that require
the lowest temperature first, as Phoenix
Copper Pro heats up faster than it cools
Mixed fibre fabrics should be ironed on a
low temperature. If you are unsure about
which temperature to use, test on an
inconspicuous area, such as an inside
seam, to test the iron.
Pure wool fabrics can be ironed with
Phoenix Copper Pro by using with the
steam turned on and by placing a dry
cloth over the area you wish to iron. Use
on a high steam intensity setting, but with
only a medium temperature.
When ironing garments made of velvet, or
fabrics that have a tendency to become
shiny, keep the iron moving in only one
direction and apply only light pressure.
• Silk should be ironed inside out. To
prevent staining, DO NOT spray water
directly onto silk or other delicate fabrics.
Cleaning & Care
General care
Ensure Phoenix Copper Pro is unplugged
and has completely cooled down before
If any man-made fibres fuse to the soleplate, set
the iron on MAX and pass it over a clean piece
of cotton to draw the deposit off the surface.
Clean the Ceramic Plate and the body of the
iron using a lightly-damp cloth. DO NOT use
abrasive scourers or brushes to clean any
part of the iron.
To clean the exterior, allow the unit to cool
and wipe over with a damp cloth and mild
detergent, then wipe dry.
Cleaning & Care continued
Cleaning the Filter
1.Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the
Cover Plate.
4.Re-attach the Heat Filter using the screws
and click the Cover Plate back in place.
Over time, your steam iron will start to
build up ‘calc’ or scale – this happens in
all electrical appliances that use water. The
harder the water in your area, the faster
scale will develop if not cleaned away.
If the tap water in your area is very hard, (i.e.
when flakes come out of the soleplate during
ironing), descaling may be required more
frequently, possibly monthly.
2.Using a Philips-head screwdriver, remove
the three screws in the Heat Filter
Without regular descaling you will find that
scale is pushed through your soleplate in
the form of white/brown stains and that the
steam output of your iron is compromised.
In this case, more regular descaling is
We recommend using a standard descaling
solution suitable for steam irons, and to use
distilled water. DO NOT use vinegar, starch
or chemically descaled water.
3.Remove the Heat Filter and clean with a
brush to remove any blockages or debris
Add to the water chamber, then put the
steam on max and press the Steam Button
on (for around 20 seconds) to allow the
water to enter the chamber (always point the
iron away from the body while doing this).
We suggest doing this in a in a well-ventilated
and safe environment while wearing suitable
protection from steam and heat.
Rest for around 15minutes, with the iron off,
and then flush out any remaining residue
with water until the density of the steam has
returned to normal.
Always flush the system with clean water
after descaling.
Empty the Water Tank before storing.
This product is unconditionally guaranteed for
one year against all defects of workmanship
and materials. This guarantee does not
affect your statutory rights. If you have any
problems or queries about this product
please contact JML customer services.
Technical Information
Technical Specifications
Cord length
Steam output
Tank size
Power consumption
Power supply
230V ~ 50Hz
Fuse & mains plug replacement (UK & Ireland only)
This appliance is fitted with a BS 1363 13-amp
plug. If you have to replace the fuse, only use
those that are ASTA or BSI approved to BS 1362
and have a rated current of 13 amps.
To change the fuse
1.Use a flat-head screwdriver to prise the
cover off the fuse compartment.
2.Carefully remove the existing fuse.
3.Clip the new 13 amp fuse into place.
4.Clip the cover back firmly into place.
If the power cord is damaged in any way
please contact JML Customer Services.
Disposal and the environment
This product is covered by the waste electrical and electronic equipment
(WEEE) regulations. It should not be discarded with normal household waste,
but taken to your local collection centre for recycling. For further information,
please contact your local authority or approved disposal agency.
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