Now & Zen
quality of thought, stillness of being
Now & Zen
quality of thought, stillness of being
ow & Zen creates natural lifestyle products that can make a
real difference in your life. Founded in Boulder, Colorado in
1995, Now & Zen serves the growing preference for things natural in
the way all our products feature natural acoustic sounds and natural
hardwood materials. Our way of describing the essence of a natural
lifestyle is: quality of thought, stillness of being.
As a result of cultural evolution, we’re becoming more discerning
about the real nature of quality. Quality thinking is concerned with
the welfare of the greatest relevant whole–our whole selves, our
whole environment, and our whole society. Now & Zen products
embody quality of thought through their use as tools that improve
your life, in the esoteric principles they embody, and in their originality.
Stillness of being is also an integral part of a natural lifestyle. The
practices of prayer, meditation, and yoga all contribute to a stillness of
being. Now & Zen products serve as accoutrements to these
practices; and they also help create a sense of stillness through the
beauty of their designs.
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Boulder Retail Store & Headquarters:
1638 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302
TEL (800) 779-6383, Outside U.S. call:
(303) 530-9028 FA X (303) 530-6945
All products are designed in Boulder, Colorado
and assembled in Shenzhen, China.
All products include a one-year warranty.
Special thanks to Indochine for use of their Boulder store.
Beauty is the final contentment
of the Eros of the universe.
Now & Zen products transform your environment with the natural sounds of acoustic chimes and gongs.
Maple Wood Finish
In addition to the beauty of its sound, the Zen Time-
piece is also visually beautiful, serving as a decorative
accessory that can be positioned with the digital clock
display facing out, or with the bowl-gong to the front,
as shown on the left. It is available in a clear maple
wood finish, a reddish-brown cherry wood finish, a
bamboo finish, or a glossy black lacquer wood finish.
The black lacquer finish comes with either a brass or silver colored bowl with a LCD and faceplate to match. The volume of the Zen Timepiece’s gong strikes can be adjusted over a wide range,
from soft, subtle ring tones to loud, bold gongs that can be heard throughout the house. But regardless of how you use it, we are sure that the Zen Timepiece will improve your life with the natural resonant tones of its rich acoustic gong. The Zen Timepiece runs on 2 "C" batteries
(included), it measures 4.5 inches high, 9.5 inches wide and 7 inches deep, and comes with a 40
page booklet detailing its many uses and its harmonic design.
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Zen Timepiece
Front view
New Bamboo
Cherry Wood Finish
Black Lacquer Finish
Silver Bowl 5000(C)
Brass Bowl 5000(D)
(not shown)
Rear view showing
digital clock display
s a result of fifteen years of product evolution at Now & Zen, we have created the world’s most exquisite alarm clock and multi-use
10 Minute Progression
of Bowl-Gong Strikes
Intervals between gongs
strikes in minutes
and seconds
5 Seconds
lifestyle timepiece. Our Zen Timepiece’s acoustic brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully complex tones whenever it
strikes. In the morning, its exquisite sounds summon your consciousness into awakening with a series of rich, subtle gongs that provide an
elegant beginning to your day. When the alarm is triggered, the bowl-gong strikes just once … then automatically, it strikes again in 3-1/2
minutes … then in 2 minutes … then in 1 minute … As shown in the chart on the left, the gong strikes gradually increase in frequency
over 10 minutes, eventually striking every 5 seconds until turned off. Once you experience the Zen Timepiece’s progressive awakening, you’ll
never want to wake up any other way. This aesthetically sophisticated product also serves as the perfect timer for yoga, meditation, bodywork, or any practice activity. It can also be set to strike its bowl-gong on the hour as a ‘mindfulness bell.’ As beautiful to see as it is to hear,
the Zen Timepiece makes an elegant addition to your home.
Bamboo E Tone 4502(BB)
Walnut E Tone Silver
Bamboo B Tone 4460 (BB)
Walnut B Tone Silver
4460 (WS)
Digital Zen Clocks feature a silent striking mechanism and a "high" and "low" chime volume which allows you to
adjust the sound of the chime to suit your needs. The Digital Zen Alarm Clock runs on 2 AA batteries (not included),
and it has a lighted digital display (lit full-time when plugged in with the included AC jack). Digital Zen Clocks come
in two sizes: a 7.5 inch "B Tone" chime, and a 9.5 inch "E Tone" chime. The longer E Tone uses the same chime as
our original triangular Zen Clock. The B Tone and the E Tone are both available in bamboo, solid walnut (with
either brass or silver control panel), solid maple, and solid hardwood high-gloss black lacquer finish with a silver
control panel. All Digital Zen Alarm Clocks include a 30 page booklet detailing their many uses and their harmonic
• Progressive Alarm
• Interval Timer
• Countdown Timer
• Travel Clock
• Chimes on the Hour
Digital Zen Alarm Clock
Clocks shown with lid both
open and closed.
Walnut E Tone Brass
Maple E Tone 4502 (M)
Black Lacquer E Tone 4502 (B)
Walnut B Tone Brass
Maple B Tone 4460 (M)
Black Lacquer B Tone 4460 (B)
4460 (W)
he Digital Zen Alarm Clock is the perfect companion for a natural
lifestyle. Its long-resonating acoustic chime set in a solid hardwood
case adds tranquility and aesthetic pleasure to any environment or
activity. Used as an alarm clock, its gradually-increasing chime progression
sequence begins your day with grace and beauty. As a timing device the
Digital Zen Clock’s acoustic chime is excellent for yoga, meditation,
bodywork, or any practice.
This precision timepiece can be programmed to countdown to zero and chime, or to
strike its chime repeatedly at any set interval. In the alarm clock or countdown timer
modes, the Zen Clock’s chime gradually
10 Minute Progression
increases through a pre-programmed 10
of Chime Strikes
minute progression (shown on the right). It
can also be set to chime once every hour on
the hour as a ‘mindfulness chime.’
5 Seconds
Intervals between chime
strikes in minutes
and seconds
Zen Alarm Clock
for a progressive awakening ...
he Zen Alarm Clock’s long-resonating Tibetan bell-like chime makes
waking up a beautiful experience – its progressive chimes begin your day
with grace. When the Clock’s alarm is triggered, the acoustic chime bar is
struck just once…3 1/2 minutes later it strikes again…chime strikes become
more frequent over 10 minutes…eventually striking every 5 seconds until shut
off. As they become more frequent, the gentle chimes will always wake you up
– your body really doesn’t need to be awakened harshly, with a Zen Clock
you’re awakened more gradually and thus more naturally.
As shown on the next pages, Zen Alarm Clocks are available in 32 styles, featuring
10 dial face choices and 5 wood finishes. Zen Clocks are made with a Japanese
quartz movement and measure 8" high x 11" wide x 3" deep. They run on 4 “C”
batteries (not included). Average battery life with everyday use is about 2 years.
Each Zen Clock’s ‘E tone’ chime has been hand-tuned to produce the same tone
as the tuning forks used by musical therapists. The 10 minute chime progression
sequence follows the ‘golden ratio’ (shown below). Each clock includes a 40 page
booklet detailing its many uses and its harmonic design.
10 Minute Progression
of Chime Strikes
Wood Finish
Wood Finish
Intervals between chime
strikes in minutes
and seconds
5 Seconds
Clear Maple
Wood Finish
Dark Oak
Wood Finish
8 0 0 - 7 7 9 - 6 3 8 3 • W W W. N O W - Z E N . C O M
New Bamboo
Zen Alarm Clocks
Bamboo - Bamboo Motif 7574(BB)
Bamboo - Modern Numbers 7574(MN)
of Bamboo
Motif Dial
Bamboo - Dream Kanji 7574(k)
Made from elegant and sustainable bamboo, these new clocks
feature dial faces that have been silkscreened directly on
bamboo veneer for an integrated natural look. New dial faces
include a “bamboo motif” inspired by Chinese ink painting,
and a bamboo version of our popular “dream kanji” dial.
Also new are “modern numbers” and “Swiss rail” dial faces
Bamboo - Swiss Rail 7574(SR)
for a clean, contemporary look.
Dial Faces
This dial face reflects the “time-tested’ tradition of over
600 years of clock making. The Roman chapters are
set against a subtle white marble background.
This simple, elegant design features a Japanese maple leaf motif adapted from a
painted screen. Subtle tick marks at the edge of the dial allow the alarm hand to
be accurately set.
Adapted from a classic American antique grandfather
clock, this traditional-style dial face looks great with
any decor. Victorian style Arabic numerals are set
against an aged parchment background.
This dial face is adapted from the masterpiece “The GreatWave” by
Katsushika Hokusai — a woodblock print from the ‘floating world’ art
movement in feudal Japan.
Simple and elegant black Arabic numbers
against a bluish background reminiscent
of an abalone shell.
Concentric circles of raked sand suggest the tranquility
of a Zen garden. The character at the top of the dial
means “inner peace.”
The Chambered Nautilus grows its shell in a perfect ‘Golden Mean spiral’—a universal pattern of harmonious growth which is also reflected in the clock’s chime progression sequence.
This elegant dial face
features the oriental
character for “dream”
set against a simple
rice paper background.
In the 16th century,
Japanese screen painters began using
gold leaf
backgrounds to create
magnificent effects. This printed dial,
burgundy-colored Arabic numerals,
the allure of a swirling
ocean motif painted on
gold leaf.
This dial face is from a photograph of clouds taken from 30,000 feet over the
Colorado Rockies. Tick marks at the edge indicate the position of the hours.
Honey Zen
Alarm Clocks
Honey - Japanese Leaves 7569(F)
Honey - Roman Numeral 7569(E)
Honey - Gold Screen 7569(G)
Honey - Arabic Numeral 7569(D)
Honey - Dream Kanji 7569(K)
Honey - Hokusai Wave 7569(A)
Honey - Nautilus Shell 7569(C)
Honey - Clouds 7569(B)
Honey - Antique Arabic 7569(H)
Honey - Zen Garden 7569(Z)
Zen Alarm
Burgundy - Japanese Leaves 7571(F)
Burgundy - Zen Garden 7571(Z)
Burgundy - Dream Kanji 7571(K)
Burgundy - Hokusai Wave 7571(A)
Burgundy - Antique Arabic 7571(H)
Burgundy - Gold Screen 7571(G)
Burgundy - Roman Numeral 7571(E)
Zen Alarm
Maple - Japanese Leaves 7572(F)
Maple - Roman Numeral 7572(E)
Maple - Arabic Numeral 7572(D)
Maple - Dream Kanji 7572(K)
Maple - Zen Garden 7572(Z)
Maple - Clouds 7572(B)
Maple - Antique Arabic 77572(H)
Dark Oak
Zen Alarm Clocks
Dark Oak – Roman Numeral 7573(E)
Dark Oak - Japanese Leaves 7573(F)
Dark Oak - Dream Kanji 7573(K)
Dark Oak - Antique Arabic 7573(H)
8 0 0 - 7 7 9 - 6 3 8 3 • W W W. N O W - Z E N . C O M
Phone Bell
& Timer
Zen Doorbell
Wireless wood
control button
Dark Oak 3000(A)
Cherry Wood Finish
Clear Maple
his product serves as a unique replacement
ringer for your telephone and an easy-to-
use meditation timer all in one. Simply plug in
your phone line, turn off your telephone's ringer,
and when a call comes in your phone will ring
with the long-resonating tones of our 6 inch
brass bowl-gong. The bowl-gong rings every six
seconds (the same interval as your phone's ring
cycle) until the call is picked up. The Tibetan
Phone Bell is an attractive decorative accessory
that fills your home or office with beautiful tones
whenever you receive a call. (Telephone not
included.) For use as a countdown timer, simply
turn the control knob to set the minutes in the
LED window, press start, and the timer counts
backwards to zero and strikes the bowl-gong.
Strikes gradually increase in frequency over a 10
The Tibetan Phone Bell is available in clear maple or dark
oak wood finishes, it measures 4.5" high, 9.5" wide and 7"
deep. It runs on 3 “C” batteries (not included) and
includes a 1 meter phone line extension to connect to any
telephone. Connect the product to any phone jack and then
connect it to your phone, or connect it to an extra phone
jack as a stand-alone ringer. It is compatible with all normal analog phone lines, answering machines, and voice
mail. It includes a 30 page booklet describing its operation,
and the harmonic features of its design.
e have created the world’s most aesthetically sophisticated doorbell. The Zen
Doorbell’s acoustic brass bowl-gong fills your environment with beautifully
complex tones whenever it strikes. And in addition to the beauty of its sound, the
Zen Doorbell is also visually beautiful – its six inch brass bowl and cherry wood base
serve as a decorative accessory that looks good in any room. Its radio-controlled
wireless wood control button mounts easily to your front door’s threshold with no
wiring required. The sound of the Zen Doorbell’s gong strike can be adjusted over a
wide range, from soft, subtle ring tones to loud, bold gongs that can be heard
throughout the house. It can also be set to make a single strike or a double strike
each time the button is pressed.
The Zen Doorbell’s distinctive sound can be used in a variety of ways: its primary use, of course, is as a doorbell for your
home. But it also serves as a paging device (so you can summon your kids to the dinner table); and it’s great for retail
environments for use as a front counter bell. The Zen Doorbell can also be used to call meetings to order, or as a way to
signal an accomplishment or the scoring of points. But no matter how you use it, we know you will enjoy the beauty of the
naturally-resonant sound of its rich acoustic gong. The wireless wood control button has a range of over 40 feet and
comes with its A23 type battery pre-installed. The Zen Doorbell’s wood platform is powered by 4 “C” batteries (not included). Each Zen Doorbell includes a 24 page booklet detailing its operation and uses.
minute period.
Gift Cards
Now & Zen offers beautifully
packaged gift cards that allow
your friends and family to
choose the exact product
and the style they want. All
gift cards come in a lovely
handmade Tibetan gift box
and include a personal
message from you. Available
by phone or on-line.
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Please visit our headquarters store when you’re in Boulder, Colorado.
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