Large Integrated Scrubber-Sweeper
• Superior results in just one pass –
with FloorSmart® integrated cleaning
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership™
without compromising safety or
• Reliably clean up to three times
longer than conventional scrubbing
with FaST®
Foam Scrubbing Technology
The Safe Scrubbing Alternative®
Eliminating the complexity of
traditional sweeper-scrubbers.
A fully-integrated scrubber-sweeper, the M30 is engineered for
dependable, industrial-strength cleaning when scrubbing, sweeping
or doing both at once.
Maximize your productivity
Built with a rugged steel frame, long-lasting Duramer™ construction, and
ISO 9001 certified quality manufacturing, the M30 is a machine you can
depend on every day of the week.
Dramatically Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Without compromising safety or performance, we’ve reduced the total
cost of ownership for machines that both scrub and sweep. With two
brushes instead of four, EasyOpen™ service access, and 14% fewer parts,
the M30 is one of the most efficient, industrial cleaning machines available.
Safer for your operators, customers, and employees
Protect your operator, your customers, and your facility with Tennant’s
exclusive ErgoSpace™ operator compartment, FaST® scrubbing technology,
Hygenic® cleanable tanks and Grip-N-Go™ corner rollers.
Reliably provide a clean, safe,
and productive environment
with FaST
Reduce the risk of
slip-and-fall with
National Floor Safety
Institute (NFSI) certified FaST foam activated scrubbing
technology by increasing floor traction
up to 21%.
Ideal for smoother, less porous surfaces,
FaST allows up to 110 minutes of cleaning
per tank – three times longer than
conventional scrubbing. Gain 25 hours of
productivity with one 4-liter FaST-PAK®,
while reducing the potential for slip and
fall accidents.
Reduce downtime, service time, and maintenance
costs by quickly accessing the heart of the M30 with
EasyOpen service access.
Achieve outstanding results in the harshest environments
with dual cylindrical brushes combined with a large 95 gal
/ 360 L recovery tank and 7 ft3 / 198 L hopper that allows
you to sweep and/or scrub in a single pass.
Maintain safety and improve efficiency for operators and
your facility with the outstanding visibility and ergonomics
designed into the ErgoSpace operator compartment.
Superior maneuverability for cleaning in
tight areas with front
wheel steering
and high traction
scrubber tires.
Reduce training
time with Touch-NGo™ one-button
Increase productivity up to 3 hours
Dramatically extend
cleaning time, even when
cleaning porous concrete, by continually
filtering and recycling recovered solution
with the ES® system.
Widen cleaning path from 48 up to
64 inches / 1,220 to 1,625 mm
Achieve superior edge-cleaning capabilities
and maximum productivity with the
side brush.
Enhance cleaning flexibility
Blast clean hard-to-reach areas easily with
the 25 ft / 7.6 m, 2200 psi pressure washer.
Integrated scrubbing and sweeping
system eliminates
machine complexity
and improves
Maximize productivity
and safety with easyto-clean-and-sanitize
large Hygenic®
solution and
recovery tanks.
Maneuver easily,
indoors and out,
with rugged 18 in /
460 mm tires.
Protect operator and machine
Ensure safety in severe environments
with heated and cooled soft cab.
Maximum Productivity
Reduced Costs
Increased Safety
Reduces potential slip-and-fall accidents with NFSI
certified detergents
FaST® scrubbing technology
Improves visibility and response time to obstacles
ErgoSpace™ operator compartment
Reduces the risk of accidental hopper fires
Thermo-Sentry™ hopper sensor
Protects your facility and machine against damage
Grip-N-Go™ corner rollers
Independent laboratory certified for global
safety compliance
Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL®) Certified
Less complexity, fewer parts to repair, and only
2 brushes to replace
FloorSmart® integrated machine
Quick, easy maintenance allowing maximum
EasyOpen™ service access and on-board
Reduces maintenance and replacement parts due
to squeegee damage
SmartRelease™ break-away squeegee
Reduces component wear while delivering
consistent hydraulic power for better cleaning
MaxPro2™ hydraulic technology
Avoid detergent overuse and conserve water
ES® Extended Scrub system with
detergent metering
Provide easy visibility to solution and recovery tanks
for cleaning and sanitization
Hygenic® tanks
Control the flow of the water leaving the tanks
without the normal fuss and mess
Variable Drain Valves™
Intuitive control panel that remembers last settings
allows for operation with just a touch of a button
Touch-N-Go™ control panel
Genuine Tennant Parts Advantage
Operate your machine with confidence by choosing
genuine Tennant parts. Only authentic Tennant
parts are engineered in conjunction with Tennant
equipment. For years of worry-free operation,
accept only genuine parts and supplies.
Foam-based FaST:
Your Key to Peak Productivity and Safety
Using innovative foam-based detergent, machines
with FaST increase productivity, eliminate the need
for operators to handle chemicals, and leave justcleaned floors immediately dry and safe for traffic.
Industry’s Only Factory-Direct Service Network
Providing world-class response, completion times
and on-site machine service, our factory-trained
network of 450 service techs are dedicated to
keeping your cleaning program up and running.
Choose financing options through Tennant for
simple, quick financing with flexible upgrade
options, and no long-term obligation.
Financing is offered through Tennant Financial®
Services and Tennant Capital® Services.
All parts (excluding batteries) have a 36 month
warranty under normal use and service, on-site
service labor coverage of warranty items for
24 months, and 6 months travel.
Integrated Cleaning System
Cleaning path
With scrubbing side brush
With sweeping side brush
Cylindrical main brushes
Brush speed
Brush down pressure (up to)
Brush diameter (2)
Side brush
Brush speed
Scrubbing brush diameter
Sweeping brush diameter
Solution tank
Solution capacity with ES®
Recovery tank
Demisting chamber
Debris hopper
Volume capacity
Weight capacity
Dump height (variable to)
Vacuum fans
Scrubbing fan speed
Scrubbing fan water lift
Sweeping fan speed
Sweeping fan airflow
Dust Control System
Filter system
Filter area
Dust filtration (to)
Shaker mechanism (automatic)
48 in
62 in
64 in
1,220 mm
1,575 mm
1,625 mm
480 rpm
390 lb
12 in
480 rpm
177 kg
305 mm
150 rpm
16 in
21 in
150 rpm
410 mm
535 mm
75 gal
100 gal
95 gal
20 gal
284 L
379 L
360 L
76 L
7 ft3
650 lb
60 in
198 L
295 kg
1,525 mm
11,000 rpm
35 in
6,500 rpm
290 cfm
11,000 rpm
890 mm
6,500 rpm
8.2 m3/min
Synthetic fiber panel
78 ft2
3 microns @ 99% efficiency
Timed, beater bar
Synthetic fiber panel
7.3 m2
3 microns @ 99% efficiency
Timed, beater bar
Propelling System
Propel speed forward (variable to)
Propel speed reverse (variable to)
Engine-gasoline/LPG (1.6 L)
Engine-diesel turbo (1.5 L)
Transport at gross weight
Working (cleaning)
Ground clearance (transport)
Machine Dimensions
Rear squeegee
With side brush
With overhead guard
Weight (empty)
Minimum aisle turn
See for yourself how the M30 scrubber-sweeper
delivers clean, safe floors. For a demonstration or
additional information, call 800.553.8033.
M30 Brochure
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8 mph
3 mph
55 hp
40.5 hp
13 km/h
4.8 km/h
34 kW
30 kW
8.0 deg/14%
6.0 deg/10%
3 in
8.0 deg/14%
6.0 deg/10%
80 mm
108 in
2,745 mm
58 in
59 in
64 in
58 in
84 in
4,000 lb
125 in
1,475 mm
1,500 mm
1,625 mm
1,475 mm
2,135 mm
1,815 kg
3,175 mm
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