Around the world, virtually every hour of the day, thousands of self-serve Concordia automatic espresso machines
make world-class beverages at the touch of a button. Since more than 70% of all espresso beverages sold in a café
ar e flavor ed, the Self Ser ve Espr esso Bar ™ comes complete with the fir st ever fully integrated flavor infusion system.
Fresh whole beans and fresh milk are used to create frothy cappuccinos, incredible lattes, and even brewed cof
fee. Flavored syrups and sauces are automatically steamed into the beverage, at the touch of a button, to provide a
genuine café experience without a barista.The Self Serve Espresso Bar™ brings consistent, high quality gourmet coffee
beverages to consumers at a fraction of the cost of building and staffing a café or coffee kiosk. It is the ideal way for
coffee roasters, managed foodservice operators, hotels, and other high volume venues to capture profits from the
booming specialty coffee business.
It’s simple. It’s perfect. It’s profitable.
Patented EspressJet™
Syrup System
Automatically injects
flavored syrups and sauces
into the milk during the
steaming process.The
flavor is infused throughout the beverage rather
than settling to the
bottom of the cup.
On-board refrigerator
Built in refrigerator holds
two types of fresh milk in
one gallon containers. An
optional high capacity milk
system is also available that
utilizes five gallon containers.
Easy to use vending unit
Full service transaction
system accepts debit/
credit cards, bills,
and coins. Alternately
accepts Student cards. nc o rd ia c o ff ee .c om
Espresso Bar
The ATM of Specialty Coffee ™
The ATM of Specialty Coffee ™
Espresso Bar
Banks and other financial institutions have placed ATM’s around the world to increase both customer satisfaction and
profitability. The Self Serve Espresso Bar will do the same for your business.
Why has the ATM succeeded?
No teller or attendant, reduces operating costs
Small footprint 4 feet of wall space
What about the Self Serve Espresso Bar™?
Lower capital cost than building a full or mini
branch office
Access to banking services 24/7
Requires minimal maintenance during the day
Easy to use, no operator training
Customer access to “real money”
Variety of services available
Remotely monitored by financial institution
Virtually no engineering drawings required.
Access to power and phone line to complete
installation. Takes a few days to install
Accepts debit/credit cards and cash deposits
Fully self contained in the enclosure
Faster transactions little waiting in line
No barista needed, drastically reduces training
and operating costs
Small footprint 6 feet of wall space
Substantially lower capital cost than building a full café
or coffee kiosk.
Access to world class espresso beverages 24/7
Cleaning process is quick and easy.
Simple to choose beverages at the touch of a button
no training needed
Fresh beans, fresh milk, make “real” world-class
espresso beverages absolutely no powders or pods
Latte, cappuccino, mocha, brewed coffee, hot chocolate, syrups
& sauces, 2 milk choices, regular or decaf, 2 cup size choices
Remote monitoring capability for machine status,
drink counts, beverage profiles. Includes on site key
operator paging system
No engineering drawings or costly construction delays.
Requires access to power, water and drain.
Accepts debit/credit cards, bills and coins.
Alternately accepts student cards
Fully self contained.Transfer panels, monitoring hardware,
water treatment, large refrigerator built-in
The complete process of selecting a drink, making payment,
and creating the drink takes a little over 30 seconds
81 3/4
84”W x 81”H x 40”D (without sign height)
Dry Weight:
1200 lbs.
125/250 VAC, 3 pole, 4 wire Hubbell #CS6369
Min 30psi, Max 100psi, 25 gallons per hour flow
3/4in indirect drain hose
Phone line:
Analog phone line required
48 3/8
5 1/4
52 1/4
40 1/4 nco rd iacoff ee .co m
1287 120th Ave. N.E. Bellevue, WA 98005 USA
tel: 800.995.9019 fax: 425.453.2167
46 1/4
The Self-Serve Espresso Bar™ and EspressJet™ Syrup System
are both patent pending technologies and registered trade
marks of Concordia Coffee Systems Inc.
57 1/8