aircraft galley excellence
delivering galley
service excellence
The Ipeco range of electrical galley inserts combines
superior technological innovation and robust
performance with easy-to-use features, improving
food service and safety for airlines and operators
worldwide. Lightweight and reliable, our aim is to
ensure that cabin crew have equipment they trust to
deliver perfect results. Power efficiency combined
with precision settings ensures in-flight delivery
service excellence on every flight.
Refrigerator Freezer Chillers
Convection and Steam Ovens
Water Boilers
Beverage Makers
Espresso Machines
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a significant share
leader in the
of the executive jet
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engineering and
our pedigree
Founded in 1960, Ipeco Holdings Limited is now in its third
generation of family ownership. During this time the
Company has continued to develop valuable long-term
relationships with customers and suppliers. Underlying this
is a determination by Ipeco to invest, train, and coach its
employees to cultivate a high level of opportunity, integrity
and performance throughout the business.
These principles, which have been continuously honed
through research and development in pursuit of design
excellence, form the basis of a work ethic at Ipeco that
extends throughout the organisation. From pilot comfort
and safety, to stylish and durable executive jet seating, to the
ultimate galley environment it's all about enhancing the
flight experience.
Ipeco provides the infrastructure, management and vision to
deliver excellence. It is a socially responsible organisation
with exceptional health, safety and environmental practices.
Ipeco is resolute in its ambition to be an outstanding
employer of choice and a company that customers want to do
business with.
“Ipeco is focused on developing galley
innovation for airlines to meet the ever changing
demands of today's passengers worldwide.
Different cuisines, hot and cold menu options,
open kitchen environments throughout the
flight and fast snacks on busy commuter routes all require flexible solutions.”
Ben Harrold, Business Development Executive
design and manufacture
Ipeco offers a range of galley inserts for new and upgraded
installations which are available in both ATLAS and ARINC
standards. Our portfolio comprises refrigerators - for a wide
range of chilling and cold storage needs; ovens and
microwaves - to quickly and evenly heat snacks and gourmet
meals; water boilers, beverage makers and espresso machines
- designed to withstand continuous use without compromising
on taste and temperature.
Ipeco has invested heavily in the design and development of
innovative solutions to deliver reliable, efficient, low energy
and weight saving equipment. These enable cabin crews to
provide an efficient and enjoyable experience for all flight
classes: from first to low-cost, for short and long haul journeys.
Commercially attractive galley insert packages
Worldwide inventory and repair service network
Technical innovation, excellence and reliability
The modern passenger catering
process places a greater reliance
on the microwave oven. Faster
defrosting and heating of foods
and beverages is essential for
streamlined in-flight service.
Ipeco's ARINC size 4 microwave
operates on a reduced power
input without compromising
heating performance.
Generation 2 Microwave Oven
Microwave 916 ARINC standard
mmmmm . . . . .
microwave magic
Microwave 916 ARINC standard
With a capacity of 12.35L the unit is easy to operate. A clear and
intuitive control module allows cabin crew to set a number of
power adjustable and pre-programmable cooking cycles. A clear
indication of the oven's cooking status is shown on a large display.
The microwave is compliant with NSD350 galley system
communication requirements and is designed for operation on a
115 V, 360-800Hz, 3-phase electrical supply.
External Dimensions: 269mm x 287mm x 570mm
or 10.59 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches
Internal Dimensions: 190mm x 250mm x 260mm
or 7.48 x 9.84 x 10.24 inches
Empty Weight: 16.2kg or 35.7lbs
Allowable Load: 2kg or 4.41lbs
Galley insert inspection and testing
Refrigerator Freezer Chiller 907 ATLAS standard, 919/921/928 ARINC standard
Generation 2 Refrigerator
control precision
The Ipeco 907 ATLAS standard refrigerator
is on board several aircraft, including A380,
and it provides an exceptional level of
performance and reliability.
Our new 3-mode ARINC size 2 refrigerator
919/921/928 delivers a new benchmark in
aircraft chiller technology. With its
improved chiller performance, reduction in
weight and low noise and heat dissipation,
the refrigerator enables an airline to offer a
premium catering service without a high
cost of ownership. This refrigerator is the
first in its class to utilise both forced air and
conduction cooling so that performance is
delivered in all circumstances.
Galley insert manufacturing
chilled or frozen
Refrigerator Freezer Chiller 907 ATLAS standard, 919/921/928 ARINC standard
The unique structure of the 3-mode refrigerator is made
from composite materials, including a high performance
foam which increases thermal insulation. All internal
surfaces of the cabinet incorporate conduction cooling
elements to ensure uniform temperature.
Cooling of the refrigeration cabinet is achieved by way of
a vapour-compression cycle using CFC-free refrigerant.
The unit is designed for operation on a 115 V, 360-800Hz,
3-phase electrical supply.
Twelve (70cl) wine bottles from +21°C to +8°C in less
than 60 minutes
Ipeco's 3-mode refrigerator is easy for cabin crew to
operate. The control module is intuitive and a range of
pre-programmed temperatures are available including a
boost cycle for rapid cooling. A clear indication of the
refrigerator's status is shown on a large display.
Three operating modes - refrigerate (+4°C), beverage
chill (+8°C) and freeze (-18°C)
Empty cavity from +24°C to +4°C in 5 minutes
Empty cavity from +24°C to -18°C in 15 minutes
External Dimensions: 563mm x 287mm x 570mm
or 22.17 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches
Empty Weight: 23.5kg or 51.8lbs
Capacity: 12 upright wine bottles or 35 litres
Ipeco's new ARINC size 2 convection and
steam ovens, incorporate proprietary
technologies to improve efficiency and
reliability. Ground-breaking element design
optimises temperature exchange within the
unit whilst innovative insulation materials
entrap the heat for optimal cooking and safety.
The ovens are made from composite materials
including a structural foam which increases
strength and thermal insulation without
transferring heat to external surfaces. This
ensures the oven will maintain its performance
throughout the unit’s lifetime.
Generation 2 Oven
gently warmed or piping hot
Oven 922 Convection and Steam ARINC standard options
The steam chamber of the oven does not expose the heating element to cold
water preventing thermal shocks. It is also protected by a non-stick coating,
reducing limescale build-up.
Our ovens are easy to operate with a number of pre-programmed cooking cycles
and clear cooking status indicators shown on a large display. Both ovens are
suitable for NSD350 galley system communications and designed for operation
on a 115 V, 360-800Hz, 3-phase electrical supply.
Convection Mode: Temperature adjustment in 5°C increments from 70°C to 190°C
(158°F to 374°F)
Time adjustment in 1 minute intervals
Steam Mode: Temperature adjustment in 5°C increments from 120°C to 170°C
(248°F to 338°F)
Time adjustment in 1 minute intervals
External Dimensions: 563mm x 287mm x 570mm or 22.17 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches
Oven 922 Convection and Steam
ARINC standard options
Empty Weight: 17.5kg or 38.6lbs
Allowable Load: 20kg or 44.1lbs
first class water heaters
Water Boiler 906/909/3002
ATLAS standard
We can provide both rail mounted and
fixed position water boilers which are
simple and easy to operate, with a robust
structure utilising reliable lowmaintenance components.
To further improve component life and
reduce the risk of overheating, these units
have an auto-fill sensor feature which
prevents the start of the heating process
until the incoming water has reached the
correct level. The water boiler is designed
for operation on a 115 V, 360-800Hz,
3-phase electrical supply.
These water boilers are designed to provide
rapid heating of water to:
A maintained temperature of 85°C or
Heating of 4L of water to 85°C in 4 minutes
Heating of replacement water in 1.5 minutes
after 1L water dispensed
External Dimensions (including faucet):
Non rail mounted 332mm x 165mm x 372mm
or 13.07 x 6.50 x 14.72 inches
Rail mounted 305mm x 159mm x 372mm or
12.00 x 6.25 x 14.72 inches
Empty Weight: 8.8kg or 19.4 lbs
Final insert assembly
Generation 2 Water Boiler
Water Boiler 906/909/3002 ATLAS standard
beverage makers
designed and
to last
Ipeco's innovative ARINC 1 size beverage
maker delivers hot beverages on demand via
independent routes for coffee and hot water
to ensure an excellent taste experience.
It transfers all ground coffee flavours via
elevated pressure and temperature.
Beverage Maker 920 ARINC standard
The unit incorporates a unique flow-through heating
technology which allows water to move through the system
at the same time as it is being heated with no initial heating
or recovery time, significantly reducing limescale growth.
Reliability is enhanced by positioning valves in the cold
water areas of the system and fill-level sensing technology
elements that are not in direct contact with jug contents.
The unit is designed for operation on a 115 V, 360-800Hz,
3-phase electrical supply and is compliant with NSD350
galley system communication requirements.
Generation 2 Beverage Maker and Espresso Machine
Beverage Maker 920
ARINC standard
Dispenses 1.1L of beverage in 4 minutes
Thermo-insulated jug maintains beverage temperature
with no additional power
External Dimensions (excluding handle): 307mm
x 162mm x 279mm or 12.09 x 6.38 x 10.98 inches
Empty Weight (including jug): 7kg or 15.4lbs
Espresso Machines
Ipeco is currently developing a new generation espresso
machine which will embody a number of enhancements to
those machines currently in use, and will deliver a perfect
cup of coffee to the most discerning of passengers.
innovation, practicality
and reliability
new product development
The high pressure galley environment on board today's commercial
aircraft has to perform to the highest standards around the clock
and produce a wide range of hot and cold refreshments that embody
the service levels of each airline. Ipeco's ambitious galley insert
product development programme remains on track to transform
cabin service and productivity and will see the introduction of
several new inserts and a much larger equipment portfolio by 2020.
new choices
for aircraft operators
Operators and airframe manufacturers expect equipment to be
robust, instinctively easy to operate, and to provide the flexibility
to cope with 24/7 catering requirements. Increasingly it has to look
good too with passengers regularly passing through the galley
environment not only as they board the aircraft, but also as they
indulge in self-service snack options.
The Ipeco Generation 2 range will bring a wealth of choice, focused
on cutting-edge designs that can effortlessly adapt to airline brand
identity and configuration complexity.
the future
Streamlining design, optimising weight and
durability, testing high-performance materials, and
delivering modular, customisable designs that
capture a customer's brand image, Ipeco does it all.
Using proprietary technologies and honed practical
experience, our pioneering design and product
development studio investigates materials and
break-through engineering solutions to sustain a
range of galley inserts that adhere to all industry
certification standards, whilst embracing
continuous improvement and refinement.
At Ipeco, innovation and determination are our
guiding values. The future of electrical galley
inserts has never looked so good.
Generation 2 insert portfolio
transforming hospitality
Los Angeles
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
São José dos Campos