GTS 0029 - Online Monitoring of Vacuum Pumps for a long Service

Schaeffler Global Technology Solutions
Pneumatic Engineering and
General Ventilation Systems
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH, Germany
Online Monitoring of Vacuum Pumps for a long
Service Life
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions that
are used both in production and analysis processes as well as for research
purposes. The company‘s core competences centre on the development of
application and customer specific systems for creating a vacuum and extracting
process gases.
Challenge for Schaeffler
Depending on the application, failure of a vacuum pump can cause a whole
vacuum line to shut down. So, to protect their customers against such costly
downtime and expensive repairs, Oerlikon Leyold Vacuum GmbH wanted to see
whether an online measuring device would be suitable for use as a ‘permanent
guard’. The device was to be able to generate a report directly to the company’s or
to the machine manufacturer’s after sales service department whenever an alarm
was triggered. In addition, it was important to the vacuum pump manufacturer
that the online vibration monitoring system should be easy to install, easy to
operate and available at a price that would make it an option as standard
Schaeffler Solution
The FAG SmartCheck is the optimal solution for cost-effective vibration measurement and thus the condition monitoring of vacuum pumps. It is ideal for detecting problems like bearing wear, imbalance, misalignment and caking on vacuum
pumps reliably and cost-efficiently. An FAG SmartCheck with different measurement configurations was installed on a continuously operated Oerlikon Leybold
vacuum pump. To make the measured data available to everyone concerned, the
FAG SmartCheck was integrated into the company’s network. From there, the
measured data could be downloaded easily and sent to Schaeffler for analysis.
Produkt and Service Portfolio
• Backing pumps
• High and ultra high vacuum pumps
• Vacuum systems
• Vacuum measuring devices
• Leak detectors
• Components and valves
• Consulting and engineering services
Oerlikon Leyold vacuum pumps
Continuous real-time monitoring using FAG SmartCheck
Customer Benefit
Oerlikon Leyold Vacuum Pumpen GmbH has satisfied itself that the
FAG SmartCheck meets their requirements on the monitoring of vacuum pumps.
Critical operating states are identified immediately and visualized on the
FAG SmartCheck. In addition, the measuring system passes information about
critical operating states for pre-alarms and main alarms on to the control system
via an analog output. The control system then visualizes the report automatically.
Monitoring is effected constantly in real time. In this way both slowly developing
damage and quickly developing problems are identified reliably.
What’s special
Depending on the application and level of automation, customers can select the
ideal solution from a wide range of monitoring options – from alarms at the
machine itself to integration into the control system to remote monitoring.
Further applications that can be monitored with the FAG SmartCheck
include, for example:
• Compressors
• Vibrating screens
• Liquid pumps
GTS 0029/ 01 / GB-D / 201311
• Electric motors
In-depth analysis of measuring results on the PC
Technical Information about the Solution
Monitoring system used:
FAG SmartCheck
Vibration sensor used:
High resolution piezo sensor
Operating parameters monitored:
• Bearing temperature
• Ambient temperature
• Speed
• Load
Diagnosis methods:
• Time signal
• Envelope
• Speed and frequency tracking
• Spectrum and trend analysis