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> UV300-5D
Online Analyser for Drinking Water
The UV300-5D is a pre-defined configuration of the UV300 analyser dedicated to drinking water
It offers the possibility to monitor simultaneously FIVE parameters :
- Total residual chlorine
- Turbidity
- pH
- Conductivity
- Temperature
All this is done by a single unit that allows high performance measurements at a cost effective price.
An automatic cleaning system maintains clean the flow cell and also make an auto-zero that guaranties
the absence of long term drift.
A web-based interface allows the control and the troubleshooting at distance using an internet browser
on computer, tablet or i-phone. The reagent and cleaning solution level can be also followed at
Colorimetric DPD Method : A Reliable Method for Total Residual Chlorine
The US-EPA 330.5 (or standard methods 4500-Cl-G) DPD method is
internationally recognized for its good accuracy and stability, while specific
electrodes for chlorine may drift or show a sensitivity to the sample flow.
Other oxidising agents are also taken in account by the DPD method, that makes
it the best choice method.
The colorimetric module has been specially developed to reach a very small
volume flow cell (7ml) that reduces the quantity of reagent to preserve the
environment and reduce the operating cost.
Patented clogging-free
flow cell
A multi-wavelength LED source assumes a colour and turbidity compensation
with an unlimited life time.
Large bore tubing avoid clogging as accumulated sediments might be a
problem even on drinking water for long term operation.
Multi-Wavelenght colorimetric
method principle
Turbidity by Laser Diode
The turbidity module is based on a high stability laser diode to reach low level of detection as
required for drinking water.
The automatic cleaning system allows to perform an auto-zero once per day to guaranty the
absence of drift on long term. It avoid also the accumulation of sediments that may perturb the
The laser diode could be either a red visible model to ease the maintenance and troubleshooting,
or a infra-red model to follow the ISO 7027 nephelometric method at 860 nm.
Turbidity by laser diode
Robust Industrial Probes
All the probes are specially designed for harsh environments with high level of suspended solid.
pH and conductivity probes are robust industrial models mounted externally for an easy maintenance. The temperature
is obtain from the pH or from the conductivity probe and is also used internally for pH and conductivity compensation.
60 mm
165 mm
Turbidity Probe Low Range
pH Probe
Conductivity Probe
Turbidity Probe Medium Range
Turbidity Probe High Range
Dissolved Oxygen Probe
As an option,
a dissolved oxygen probe based on fluorescence method for a lower maintenance and higher stability can be added.
Low maintenance and high reliability
The design has been specially oriented for low maintenance and high reliability on the measurements.
To avoid deposits on the optical windows and tubing, the UV300 has a built-in automatic cleaning system that injects a
5% sulphuric solution once per day.
An auto-zero is performed at the same time to avoid any drift of the measurement.
The level of the cleaning solution and reagent can be controlled at distance to plan the refill.
Multiplexing system
When different streams need to be analysed, for example different treatments facilities an optional multiplexing system
delivers relay contacts to control external electric-valves or external pumps.
Up to 6 different streams can be selected
Sample Multiplexing
The measuring channels can be either
duplicated (each one having its own 4-20mA
output or MODBUS register), or measured
sequentially to fit with the maximum of 16
measuring channels (a MODBUS register
indicates which stream is currently being
User-Friendly Interface
The colour touch screen and intuitive interface available in 8
different languages (Chinese, English, French, German,
Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish) makes very easy to test
or configure the analyser.
Many test functions allows to test and troubleshoot each
element of the analysers (light signal, pumps, solenoid
valves, etc...) to setup quickly a maintenance diagnostic.
The complete configuration can be saved on a USB key and
reload if necessary.
Complementary measurements
Complementary measurement like UV254, NO3, Colour, NH4 may be added or put in replacement of turbidity and/or
chlorine parameters thank to the modular concept. Depending on the total number of parameters, UV300 or UV400
models can be used.
The RS232 port supports the MODBUS protocol to transmit each measuring channel value to a
SCADA system.
Additional parameters are available like status code, error code, calibration values and pumps run time. Basic 4-20 mA
output modules can be plugged on the main board for each measuring channel. A USB port enables to download on any
USB key the last 5000 recorded measurements as well as a diagnostic file containing the configuration and useful
information for remote troubleshooting.
The new web interface makes possible to drive remotely the analyser from any computer,
tablet or i-phone with a web browser. For this, an optional Wi-Fi or Ethernet module
is added inside the analyser to connect it to an existing network with an internet gateway.
The recorded measurements file can be imported to Excel for graphs or other treatments.
The software of the analyser can be upgraded by connecting a USB key.
Parameters Specifications
> UV300-5D
Standard range
Typical Repeatability
Other ranges on request
For low values (<10% FS)
Total residual chlorine
0 - 5 mg/l
+/- 0.01 mg/l
0 - 10 NTU
+/- 0.02 NTU
0 - 14
+/- 0.01 pH
0 - 2000 µS
+/- 1 µS
Dissolved oxygen (option)
0 - 25 mg/l O2
+/- 0.02 mg/l O2
0 - 80 °C
+/- 0.1 °C
> UV300-5D
Sample flow
General Specifications
0.05 - 1 l/min
Sample pressure
0 - 4 Bar
Sample temperature
0 - 50°C
Wet parts materials
Measuring time
Measurement interval
Maintenance interval
Power supply
Quartz, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, FPM (viton), PMMA
5 sec for turbidity, pH, conductivity, 2 min for chlorine
2 min to 720 min for chlorine, other parameters are continuous
5000 lines of measurements (for all channels) with date and time
Cleaning solution (5% sulfuric acid): 220 ml/day
Reagent for Cl2 : 0.3 ml per measurement
Recommended: 6 months to 1 year (except for refilling)
90- 264 VAC 50/60 Hz 40 VA - 12V DC 3A maxi
Colour TFT LCD 320x240 pixels with LED backlight
RS232, MODBUS or HTTP/Web interface (Windows 7 with IE9,
Android with Opera, Apple i-phone with Safari)
RS485 for additional probes (DO, pH)
WI-FI (IEEE802.11B) optional
Ethernet (IEEE802.3) optional
CE, EN 61010-1, EN 61326
ISO7027 for turbidity and US-EPA 330.5 for chlorine
Stainless steel with epoxy coating, IP65, wall mounting brackets
420 x 360 x 200 mm
14 kg approx.
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify and/or change any specifications, dimensions, design or drawing at any time without prior notice
> UV300-5D Parts references
Basic unit
5 parameters analyser for drinking water
● Total residual chlorine, range 0 - 5 mg/l Cl2
●Turbidity by nephelometry with laser diode, range 0 - 10 NTU
● pH module with probe, range 0 - 14
● Conductivity module with probe, range 0 - 10,000 µS
● Temperature, range 0 - 60 °C
Color graphic display 320x240 pixels with touch screen
Built-in data logger, memory 5000 measurements for each parameter
10 sockets available for additional input or output modules (not included)
7 available glands for inputs / outputs
RS232 included (Sub-D 9 ways female connector) with 2 meters cable for PC
RS485 included for the connection of optional external probes
USB port included for USB key connection
Automatic cleaning system with 2-litres tank
Power supply 90-260 VAC 47-63 Hz with power cord 2 meters
Enclosure IP65/Nema4X 420x360x200 mm (HxWxD) / 14 kg approx.
Mounting lugs for wall
Output modules
4-20 mA output module
Isolated 4-20 mA output
Active output, Max load 500 Ohm
Relay module
Contact rating: 2A/220V
Maximum 6 relays modules allowed
Wifi Interface
Connection to wireless WIFI network
300m nominal range (open space)
Secured data transfer (WEP keys)
Ethernet interface
Ethernet 10 base-T (IEEE 802.3)
Phone modem
Industrial modem 33,6 Kb/s V34+
DIN rail Mounting
Power supply 12V from the analyser
GSM modem
Dual band (EGSM 900/1800 MHz)
Integral SIM card reader
R & TTE approved
Recommanded consumables for 2 years :
P-ACI-HD1 : Head of cleaning pump (x1)
Cleaning solution and reagents are not provided
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify and/or change any specifications, dimensions, design or drawing at any time without prior notice
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