176D Hyd C51w Install Guide (Page 1)

Hydrim® C51w Installation Instructions
Proposed Installation Configurations:
Tools and supplies required
to install the Hydrim:
• Slot screwdriver
• Channellocks
Ensure that Hydrim Cleaning Solution (instrument wash
chemical) is available. All other supplies are included
with the Hydrim unit.
North America
208 - 240 V
220 - 240 V
60 Hz
50 Hz
Rated load:
2 kW
2 kW
Circuit breaker:
10 A per phase
10 A per phase
If the Hydrim is installed in a Sterilization Center, the
manufacturer of the Sterilization Center should allow a 3"
(75 mm) space at the top and sides of the Hydrim. This will
facilitate installation, leveling, and service access to
the Hydrim.
Do not move the Hydrim into place by maneuvering the
open wash chamber door. This may cause to door to
become misaligned and leak.
Installation Option 1. Cabinet / Steri Center
Dimensions / Mass:
475 mm / 18.75"
600 mm / 23.75"
460 mm / 18.25"
Depth with
door open:
780 mm / 30.75"
34 kg / 75 lbs
Running Noise:
60 dBA
Installation Option 2. Sliding Shelf
Utility Hook-ups
Hose /
Length /
Max. Distance
Distance from
inlet / drain
Hot inlet
1.9 m / 6.2 ft.
2 cm / 3/4"
1.5 m / 5 ft.
1-10 bar /
14.5-145 psi
Cold inlet
1.9 m / 6.2 ft.
2 cm / 3/4"
1.5 m / 5 ft.
1-10 bar /
14.5-145 psi
1.5 m / 5 ft.
2 cm / 3/4"
1.8 m / 6 ft.
AWG 18-3
Sliding Shelf
* unit will function with water pressure down to 0.5 bar / 7 psi.
order number 01-108391S
Installation Option 3. Counter Top
cold water
inlet hose
hot water inlet hose
Connecting the water inlet hoses:
Connect the hot water hose (red) to the hot inlet valve on the
Hydrim (indicated by a red dot) and the cold water hose
(blue) to the cold water inlet valve on the Hydrim (indicated
by a blue dot).
The connector with the elbow should be attached to the
back of the Hydrim unit. The washer with the screen goes
to the water supply connector. Make sure that the inlet
valves are free of debris.
Pour 0.5 litre / 16 oz. of water into the water softener by
pouring it into the salt container and inserting it into the
chamber wall. Add 0.5 kg / 1.1lbs. of water softening salt in
the same manner. Screw the salt container tightly into the
wall of the chamber.
water softener
Drain requirements:
Connect the drain hose to the drain outlet. The drain hose
can be attached to existing drain lines using a 3.5 cm / 1.5”
or larger standpipe / P-trap combination. If the hose is
connected directly to the drain line, fittings and adapters
should not reduce water flow. The drain hose should be
attached to the main drain at a point no more than 1 metre /
3 ft. above the base of the Hydrim. A floor drain is
acceptable (check local codes).
rinse aid
rinse aid
Leveling the Hydrim:
For the unit to function properly, it will need to be correctly
leveled. To level the unit, follow these steps:
bubble level
2. Use the leveling bubble on the
top right hand side as a guide.
3. When the bubble is in the center,
the unit is correctly leveled.
Testing water hardness and setting the
water softener (salt):
Hydrim is equipped with a built-in water softening system
which needs to be adjusted according to the local water
hardness. The Hydrim water test kit includes 3 water
hardness test strips in bags. Take a water sample from the
location where the machine will be installed. Open one of
the bags and remove the test strip. Dip the strip in the water.
Compare the color of the strip with the chart on the back of
the bag. Determine the water hardness according to the
chart on the water test kit envelope. Adjust the water
hardness dial accordingly.
Hardness – ppm
0 - 110
120 - 360
370 - 510
520 - 890*
> 890
Hydrim C51setting
Additional water treatment required
* consider using an additional water treatment
Filling the rinse aid:
Add Stat-Dri Plus to the rinse-aid reservoir until the
indicator is dark (reservoir holds 60 ml / 2 oz).
Installation Test:
Install the Hydrim Cleaning Solution bottle.
Turn on the shut-off valves. Run a test cycle, checking
for leaks.
Additional Information:
• The Hydrim unit is heavy (34 kg / 75 lbs). Exercise
caution when moving it.
• The Hydrim must be properly grounded.
• The Hydrim is equipped with an air gap / anti-suction
device to prevent backflow of dirty water into the
water supply. No other air gap device is necessary.
• If you need to extend the water inlet and drain hoses,
ensure that you use commercial grade plumbing hose.
The maximum length of the drain hose is 13 ft. / 3.3 m.
For all service and repair inquiries:
United States: 1-800-572-1211, Canada: 1-800-870-7777, International: (416) 446-4500
Email: techservice.ca@scican.com
Hydrim is a registered trademark of SciCan, Division of Lux & Zwingenberger Ltd.
P.N. 96-108105 Rev. 2
1. Adjust the legs underneath the unit.
rinse aid