Installation Instructions For Italia Azzurro Floor Mounted Pillar Bath Mixer
Step 1 Install the base
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Step 2 Connect with cold and hot water pipes.
For concrete slab installation:
Prepare a recess in the concrete floor
105mm round x 30mm deep approx
and ensure 2 holes with 50mm conduit are placed through the concrete
to fit the hot and cod pipes.
These 3 screws in the plate are used to adjust the base to keep it
level as sometimes the floor/cement is uneven
1. Connect with 15mm hot and cold water pipes (not supplied) according to the arrow.
2. Refer to the dimensions as above.
Step 3
Hot water leakage test.
Step 4
Cold water leakage test.
(Before mixer body is fitted)
(Before mixer body is fitted)
Use the plug to block the hot water
hole, then open hot water to test if
there is any leakage or not.
Use the plug to block the cold
water hole, then open hot water to
test if there is any leakage or not.
These 3 expansion/wood screws
bolts are used to fix the base to
concrete/timber floor
1. Use a pencil to make a mark on the ground with reference
to the base. Then use the drill to make holes for the
supplied bolts or screws
(Concrete floor drill 3 x 8mm holes for the expansion bolts)
(Timber floor drill 3 x 4mm holes for wood screws)
2. While the base is horizontally installed use a wrench or screwdriver to
tighten the expansion bolts or wood screws to secure the base.
Italia Azzurro
Installation Instructions For Italia Azzurro Floor Mounted Pillar Bath Mixer
Step 5
Install the floor mounted
pillar bath mixer
1. Connect the hot and cold push fit
connectors into the base hot and cold
water hole connectors.
2. Use the wrench to tighten the lock nut
on the mixer base to the base thread
of the floor fitting.
3. Push the flange down the pillar to cover
the base.
Italia Azzurro
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All parts proven faulty by unsatisfactory workmanship will be replaced upon presentation of the original sales receipt to
the original purchaser providing:
- The product was used in normal domestic circumstances and not commercial usage.
- The product was used in its correct application.
- The product was installed according to the appropriate Australian Standard with a maximum water pressure of
500kpa and Brewer installation instructions with licenced plumbers as the installer.
- The product was not cleaned with abrasive cleaning agents.
- On high pressure systems where the pressure exceeds 500kpa (70psi) pressure limiting valves must be installed. If the
water pressure is tested to be around 500kpa on existing installations a pressure limiting valve should be fitted as
night time pressure may double. This affects all New Installations: New Australian Standards regulations
(ASNZS3500:2003 Clause 3.3, 3.34) now requires that the maximum water pressure from any water outlet is to be
no more than 500kpa. On high pressure systems where the pressure exceeds 500kpa (70psi) pressure limiting valves
must be installed. Provisions must be made to ensure this value is not exceeded as pressure may
increase dramatically during the night time cycle. Warranty will become void where the water pressure exceeds
500kpa and owner may liable for any associated costs.
- The product has not incurred water damage due to below standard water properties.
- The product is finished in chrome. All other finishes are warranted for 1 year.
- The product part replacement warranty is limited to replacement of parts at invoice value that prove defective in material
nor mal
domestic installations. Cost for damages and/or labour charges incurred in installation, repair or replacement are
excluded from this warranty. All claims for labour, material product or parts associated with alleged faulty product or
work must be approved in writing in advance by Brewers. Where a product has been installed and a manufacturing
fault is claimed, Brewers may arrange for a Service Call to correct any fault on advice of the nature of the fault. If
however on inspection, the fault was found to be caused by incorrect installation or other non-product cause, no
responsibility for rectification will be undertaken by Brewers and a service call fee of $140.00 will be payable to the
service agent by the end user.
Our basin, laundry, sink mixers and tapware are fitted with a W.E.L.S. compliant max flow regulator. This low flow rate
may not be suitable for use with gravity feed water
heaters, low pressure supply networks or some instantaneous hot water heaters.
•Maximum hot water temperature of 80˚C •Minimum working pressure 50kpa (7.5psi) •Maximum working pressure
500kpa (70psi)
•For best performance and longer life we recommend 100-500kpa.
CHROME PLATED SURFACES: Should only be cleaned with liquid detergent or soap and water. Under no circumstances
should any abrasive or acid base cleaning
agents be used.
Should it be necessary to have your mixer serviced while under warranty period (Italia Azzurro, Dodi, Ottavo, Rotondo,
Linear, EI, Micro & Macro 10 years.
Project ranges 7 years. Ceramic disc cartridges 10 years) please carry out the following procedure:
1. Call the plumber, preferably the plumber that installed it as most problems are caused by incorrect installation eg.
max water pressure must be no more than 500kpa and water supply lines have not been cleaned out properly before
installation. Where water pressure exceeds 500kpa plumbers must install a pressure limiting valve and water supply
lines must be drained clean of all debris.
2. Make sure that your plumber has installed your mixer according to the instruction.
3. If the plumber is satisfied that he could not rectify the problem then contact Brewers National Support Centre to arrange replacement parts.
A.C.N. 004 321 537
A.B.N: 17004 321 537
Tel: 03 9552 1100 Fax: 03 9579 2108
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