The new WMF 1100 S.
Size matters.
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09.03.17 20:15
Florian Lehmann, President Global Coffee Machine Business.
Size matters.
What was your main motivation behind
developing the new WMF 1100 S?
And what exactly makes the machine so ideal
for these locations?
Creating a machine that fits perfectly wherever high coffee demand encounters limited space. Particularly since apprecia­tion
for quality coffee is growing all the time – I’m delighted to say.
And this is why the WMF 1100 S, with its daily output of 80 cups,
makes the ideal entry-level model for getting started in the
professional coffee world.
Simple: It offers great taste for compact spaces, along with
the most important features from our larger professional machines. This includes, for example, the Basic Milk System, an
intuitive, user-friendly touch display, easy-cleaning system
and chocolate dispenser. And above all, you can count on it –
day in, day out.
Which places are we talking about specifically?
We are talking about a globally expanding market, mainly
involving favourite convenience stores, hotel conference
rooms, lobby and lounge areas or equally catering and hotel
establishments. The WMF 1100 S is also superbly suited to
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09.03.17 20:15
Size matters. In convenience stores and small businesses worldwide.
Great taste for the
small coffee business.
Our successful business model: Compact size,
easy handling, great taste.
Anything and everything. In the smallest possible space. That is
the concept behind every convenience store, as well as the new
WMF 1100 S. And that is precisely why it will fit your own convenience store perfectly too. Despite the machine’s compact size,
it can completely match our larger fully automatic models on
features and indulgence. Thanks to the Basic Milk System and
integrated chocolate dispenser, professional, premium quality coffee
specialities are easy to prepare for customers and staff alike.
The intuitive touch display makes it particularly easy to handle
and can also be used in self-service mode, as well as an advertising display. And the smart cleaning concept works just as
Customers often come in
for a small bite to eat but
then leave with a delicious coffee speciality too.
Simply fantastic.
Size matters. Wherever flexibility is needed.
Making your stay
more indulgent.
Top service staff with sizable benefits.
From small conference rooms to hotel lobbies and business
lounges, the new WMF 1100 S diffuses a relaxed coffee-bar feel
as quick as coffee aroma. It combines compact proportions with
professional features that enable the most diverse mix of coffee
& milk specialities. And with high quality design and range of
flavours, no coffee requirement is left unfulfilled. Practicality
scores too: A self-service mode can be effortlessly activated via
the cutting-edge touch display. All in all, a full service package
that offers the perfect dimensions for smaller hotels and catering businesses.
Adored by hotel service
staff and tailor-made for
small conference rooms.
Easy to transport and operate. Full of delicious
coffee specialities. And
at the same time, amazingly simple to use,
refill and clean.
Size matters. In your company coffee corner.
Simply making
your office-life tastier.
Indulge like a pro.
Coffee hits by staff favourite.
Thanks to the compact dimensions of the WMF 1100 S, professional coffee indulgence is finally finding its feet in offices
too, fitting perfectly in the most confined of coffee corners.
With gastro-approved professional technology, it provides absolute reliability for demanding office life. Sumptuous coffee
specialities, moreover, ensure top staff motivation day in, day
out. And quietly, due to its separate grinders. Even that
awkward office topic “cleaning” is eliminated thanks to the
fully automatic cleaning concept.
Equipped with the Basic Milk System and choc dispenser, even
the most sophisticated of favourite recipes can be customised
with the machine – Via both the convenient touch display with
its cutting-edge operating concept and the super smart
WMF MyCoffee App.
Office coffee. Now available with completely
new taste dimensions.
The WMF 1100 S fits
perfectly in any office
kitchen and offers
premium quality for all
beverage variations.
Reliably. Every day of
the week.
Perfect size. Perfectly matching colours.
All that matters
here is taste.
Your taste.
Gloss Kelly Green
Gloss Sunflower
Gloss Burnt Orange
Gloss Hotrod Red
The new WMF 1100 S excites, not only with its
compact size and great features, but also the
variety of colour options. It comes in five top of
the range colours that enable you to design and
accentuate your surroundings – to your taste.
Additional colours are also available on request.
White (Standard)
User-friendliness that wows the world over.
Size matters.
Taste matters.
Smart matters.
WMF MyCoffee App (optional)
Thanks to the WMF MyCoffee App, coffee customers are able to create
their own individual coffee recipes – directly on their smartphone.
The app also enables them to select their favourite speciality, in order to
customise coffee, milk and milk foam amounts, or even cup size.
Despite its compact size, the WMF 1100 S offers a
complete taste experience – even as an entry-level
model. And no wonder, since it has been developed
and built with the very same standards of quality
and reliability as our larger fully automatic coffee
machines. Thanks to numerous enhancement options,
from the WMF MyCoffee App to the telemetric system
WMF CoffeeConnect, it provides smarter WMF
solutions right across the board.
Intuitive touch display
Beverage variety
With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive service design of the 7 inch
touch display enables quick and purposeful guidance through the various
menus – Sophisticated ergonomics that simplify more than just the selfservice area. Animated descriptions offer staff effective service support.
Favourite recipes, images and background colours can be easily recorded.
And there is also the option of customising templates.
The WMF 1100 S has something for everyone. From hot beverages with
or without milk, to those with or without milk foam – espresso, ristretto,
cappuccino, café crème, espresso macchiato or caffè latte – the beverage
variety is endless. If an optional choc dispenser has been integrated, then
delicious chocolate beverages such as milk choc or chociatto can be enjoyed
at the touch of a button.
Topping variations (optional)
Data security
Using topping powder instead of fresh milk
(less effort cooling, cleaning and storing).
Data backup (e.g. of cleaning protocols for
HACCP documentation) and software updates with the help of a USB stick.
Easy cleaning
Discover the new
WMF 1100 S.
With the patented Click&Clean function,
the milk system is easy to clean. Soaking the
milk foamer every day is no longer necessary.
In fact, manual cleaning has been reduced
to just once a week. Animated step-by-step
cleaning instructions can be found on the
touch display.
Standard illumination directs the control hub
and flashes when actions such as coffee bean
refills are required.
The heightened attention of guests during beverage selection can be used for advertising
purposes in the self-service area. Images and
animation can be easily recorded.
Basic Steam (optional)
Basic Steam heats beverages, milk and
milk foam via the steam wand.
Eco mode
Reduces energy consumption when workload
Thanks to its compact dimensions, the
WMF 1100 S fits under standard kitchen units
problem-free. It can be flexibly installed
wherever space is limited.
Noise reduction
Hopper enhancements (optional)
Grounds container
Hot water spout
Comfortable size. Easy to access, empty
and clean.
The patented SteamJet gets every cup to
the perfect temperature in seconds.
“Plug&Play” is installed for easy self-set-up.
For tea preparation.
Pleasantly lower operating volume. The
machine works quietly thanks to separate
Lockable bean and powder hopper enhancements double storage capacity.
Cup Table
Overflow protection
Professional brewer
WMF CoffeeConnect (optional)
Manual coffee supply
Water tank
With its fold-out function, the Cup Table
guarantees optimal clearance height, even
for small cups.
Overflow protection of the drip tray thanks
to liquid level sensor. There is also the option
of a drainage connection.
A true pro that guarantees a long service
life and peak performance.
Telemetric solutions enable the coffee machine
to be monitored and managed from anywhere
via pc, tablet or smartphone.
Provides the option of using a different kind
of ground coffee for a particular drink e.g.
decaffeinated coffee.
Larger 4.5 litre water tank. Optionally avail­able:
Connection to a mains water supply, as well
as an integrated water filter.
WMF 1100 S
Tagesdaily / max.
bzw. hourly output*
max. Stundenleistung*
Nominal output / Power supply
Nennleistung / Netzanschluss
Hourly output according to DIN 18873-2*
nach DIN 18873-2*
Espresso / 2 Espressi
Espresso / 2
Café Crème / 2
Café Crème
Crème / 2 Café Crème
Fresh milk beverages
1 or 2 integrated coffee hoppers /
1 oder 2 Kaffeebohnenbehälter
(choc or topping integriert
only(Choc1 coffee
generell nur 1 Kaffeebohnenbehälter)
Chocolate or topping hopper (optional) /
Choc- oder Toppingbehälter
(Topping variations
(Toppingvariante generell
ohne Choc)
Total hot water output / hour
Gesamt-Heißwasser­leistung / Stunde
Manual milk foaming and beverage heating
Manuelles Aufschäumen von Milch und
Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2
Erwärmen von Getränken
Topping / Basic Milk
Energieverlust pro Tag nach DIN 18873-2
Outer dimensions (width / height** / depth)
Topping / Basic Milk
Basic Milk + Topping
Basic Steam
Bis to
zu 80
80 cups
The WMF 1100 S ist
is available
mit folgenden
und Dampfsystemen
milk and steam
1.9-2.3 kW / 230 V
1,9-2,3 kW / 230 V
105 / 150 cups
/ 150
75 / 90
105 / 90
105 Tassen
approx. 550 g /
ca. 550
approx. 1100 g
capacity dependent
mit Erweiterung
ca. 1100g on coffee bean size)
(Füllmenge ist abhängig von der Kaffeebohnengröße)
Approx. 450 g
ca. 450g
approx. 1250g
mit Erweiterung
ca. 1250gon powder used)
capacity depends
(Füllmenge ist abhängig vom verwendeten Pulver)
110 cups (22 litres)
110 Tassen (22 Liter)
Appox. 0.76 kWh / day
BASIC MILK – hot milk, hot milk foam, fully
automatic via the beverage spout.
BASIC STEAM – heats beverages, milk and milk
foam via the steam lance. Manual activation
and deactivation.
ca. 0,75 kWh / Tag
325 / 500 / 561 mm
tank (Breite / Höhe** / Tiefe)
4.5/ litres
325 / 500
561 mm
Empty weight depending on configuration
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)***
Leergewicht je nach Ausstattung
25.5 kg
ca. 4,5 Liter
< 70 dB (A)
25,5 kg
* Performance is dependent
on cup-size, quality settings,<discharge,
configuration and nominal output. The recommended
70 dB(A)
460 mm / 500 mm
maximum daily output is based on our catalogued service concept. However, these average values serve merely as a
guideline. Let our trained WMF team match the ideal coffee machine design to your specific needs.
* Die Leistung ist abhängig von Tassengrößen, Qualitätseinstellungen, Auslauf, Ausstattung und Nennleistung. Grundlage
für die empfohlene
** Height
incl. display max. Tagesleistung ist das jeweilige hinterlegte Servicekonzept. Diese Durchschnittswerte dienen zu
Ihrer Orientierung.
sich durch
unsere geschulten
of top coverLassen
and enhancements:
mm Mitarbeiter Ihre bedarfs­gerechte Kaffeemaschinenlösung
of product hopper enhancements incl. lock (without key): 556 mm
*** The A-rated sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) at service staff work stations is under 70 dB (A) in any
operating mode.
Above 5° dKH (water hardness) a WMF water filter must be fitted.
325 mm
WMF 1100 S with Basic Steam
WMF 1100 S without Basic Steam
561 mm
BASIC MILK – hot milk, hot milk foam, fully
automatic via the beverage spout.
Go virtual! The WMF 1100 S directly on site.
Thanks to the WMF PhotoSimu App 3.0, you can instantly check
how well the WMF 1100 S matches your office. Simply download
the app to get started.
228 mm
Article number
Nominal output /
Power supply
0.08 kW
230 V
Outer dimensions
(width / height / depth)
228 / 344 / 469 mm
Empty weight
Approx. 13.5 kg
Removable milk tank
with a capacity
Approx. 3.5 l
With thermostat
344 mm
Suitable for self-service
Removable seal
Milk cooler
For Apple
For Android
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