Instructions for Coffee Hour
Revised May, 2010
Arrive at least 45 minutes before the service to setup. A first time host will probably
want to allow for 60 minutes due to unfamiliarity with location of items in the kitchen.
• You probably want to leave the service 5-10 minutes early to heat water for tea and for
final setup.
In the kitchen:
• It's important that the first thing you do is prepare the urns of coffee. First check the
“Coffee Hour” sections of refrigerator for coffee, then check the freezer. Bower Hill
uses "Fairly Traded Coffee." There is both regular and decaf. Both are designed for the
urns and cannot be used in an automatic drip coffee maker. Follow the instructions on
the package for best results. Please make no more than 30 cups. Typically, 25 cups of
decaf and 30 cups of regular is enough. The coffee urns are located on the counter near
the dishwashing room. There is a faucet behind them, and they can be filled right there.
The coffee should be wheeled down to the Friendship Room and plugged in
immediately so that they are ready by 9:45 am. Be sure that the switch for each pot is
turned to the ON position. It takes between 30 and 40 minutes for the coffee to brew. If
there is a problem with the coffee not brewing you may need to reset the circuit breaker.
Each plug has it’s own circuit breaker. The circuit breaker panel is on the wall by the
door to enter the right side of the sanctuary. The two circuit breakers are marked “coffee
Note: We don't typically serve coffee during the summer months-just lemonade, iced tea
and water.
• For hot tea, there is an electric kettle next to the urns. Once the water has boiled, it can
be poured into one of the carafes located under the island counter.
• Coffee creamers maybe available in the refrigerator. It may be Half-and-Half
or Cremora, but it will be marked. If not available, small packets of creamer is
available in the white cabinet marked, "Coffee Hour".
• Tea bags and powdered drinks are kept in the "Coffee Hour” cabinet. Pitchers are under
the island counter. Prepare two pitchers of lemonade (or Tang, if available) and a
pitcher of iced tea or water. If there are already pitchers in the refrigerator, go ahead and
use them as long as they aren't marked for a specific purpose.
• Platters are available under the counter between the two large sinks. Baskets for kid
snacks are available in the "Coffee Hour" cabinet along with cups, utensils, stirrers,
plates, and napkins.
• It's helpful to put all the necessary supplies on a rolling cart and wheel it to the
Friendship Room (or to the Narthex during summer months).
• If the supplies such as cups, napkins, plastic utensils, etc. are not available check
the room behind the stage in Fellowship Hall.
In the Friendship Room (or Narthex):
• Be sure there is a tablecloth on the table. Tablecloths can be found in the chest of
drawers in the hallway directly across from the Friendship Room.
• Place the platters and napkins out.
• Pre-pour a dozen or so of each beverage being served.
• Be available during coffee hour to assist people and to socialize.
• When just a few people are remaining, go ahead and clean up. You might offer to refill
their cups first.
• When cleaning up the coffee, it's important to dump the grounds in the trash can- not the
sink. Potholders are hanging on hooks next to the stove. Dump the unused coffee in the
"Food Prep" sink. In the other set of sinks, simply wash and dry any pitchers, platters,
and utensils that you used and return them to their proper location. Washcloths and
dishtowels are located in the top two drawers of the white chest inside the dishwashing
• If there were any donations, please place the money in a white envelope (located in the
Coffee Hour cupboard. On the front, write the date and the amount collected. Sign it!
Take it downstairs to the church office. In the staff kitchen, there is a safe. If the office is
locked, slide the envelope under the door.
On behalf of the Community Building Committee, thank you for hosting!
Note: If you noted any shortage of supplies, please contact the Community Building