Clean Track® 18
Wash & Rinse
Carpet Extractor
• CRI-SOA certification ensures the
Clean Track extractor meets the highest
standards of soil and water removal
• Exclusive wash and rinse feature
cleans carpets thoroughly in one pass,
leaving no detergent residue
• Onboard-chemical metering
automatically delivers correct mixing
solution to the vacuum shoe for precise
cleaning performance
The Clarke Clean Track® 18 Wash & Rinse
enhances productivity and improves
cleaning performance with
one pass cleaning!
• Interim and restorative cleaning
modes satisfy diverse cleaning
requirements for either deep cleaning or
quick dry results
• ErgoEX® belt reduces operator strain and
impact, increasing productivity by 15%
• Optional hard floor cleaning converts
Clean Track® into an auto scrubber for
hard floor scrubbing
• Quick dry time prevents mold formation,
eliminates sticky detergent residue and
slows re-soiling, improving indoor air quality
Ergonomic, safe design delivers twice the
cleaning productivity in Half the Time
Enhanced Productivity
Improve cleaning productivity with the sustainable, featured-filled Clarke Clean Track®
18 Wash and Rinse carpet extractor. Patented Wash & Rinse® operation ensures
your carpet gets clean without leaving a detergent residue. A large 13 gallon tank
and wide 18 inch cleaning path allows you to tackle your sizeable cleaning areas,
ranging from universities and healthcare facilities to malls and restaurants. An optional
hard floor kit extends the Clean Track’s flexibility, quickly converting it to an auto
scrubber to satisfy your hard surface cleaning requirements, such as kitchens and
lobbies. Clean Track has high capacity and reliable performance to meet your diverse
cleaning jobs.
Innovative Operation
Wash and rinse carpets in one pass with the Clean Track Wash & Rinse feature.
Simply pull the extractor; the brush scrubs the carpet to emulsify and suspend the
dirt while a fresh water rinse removes the dirt and detergent. Removing dirt and
detergent enhances carpet appearance, lowers cleaning costs and extends the life
of carpet. With rapid dry time, you can clean your carpets more frequently to
maintain a higher level of clean. Precision chemical metering ensures the correct
mixing solution is applied for your cleaning needs. The Clean Track Wash & Rinse
gets your carpet cleaner quicker, allowing quicker room turnover and occupancy.
Flexible, Sustainable Design
Get enhanced water pick-up with the Clean Track 18. Laminar flow technology
reduces turbulence and picks up more moisture than comparable machines,
ensuring your carpets are left with a cleaner, dryer and more appealing finish.
Certified as a “green machine,” the Clean Track 18 ergonomic ErgoEX® support belt
guarantees cleaning efficiency with a 15 percent increase in productivity by reducing
operator strain and impact. With CRI-SOA certification, the Clean Track 18 excels in
recovering soil and water while retaining the original texture of the carpet fibers.
Reduced strain. Increased productivity.
The patented ErgoEX® support belt allows
legs to pull the weight of the machine,
instead of arms, shoulders and back. By
reducing operator stress and strain,
productivity is improved by 15%.
Onboard-chemical metering
Onboard-chemical metering automatically
delivers correct mixing solution to the
vacuum shoe for precise cleaning
Laminar flow technology
The vacuum shoe is designed with
laminar flow technology, allowing more
moisture recovery and faster drying times.
Clean Track® 18 W&R
Large opening & clear sight dome
Precision balanced
easy handling
Easy fill – bucket or hose
dashboard controls
Tools-free removal of
vacuum shoe
Large 13 gallon
solution tank results
in longer runtime
Independent self aligning
recovery tool
Large 10 inch
non-marking wheels
Variable solution control
CRI-SOA certification protects and
maintains a facility’s carpet life
Hard floor tool kit
Optional hard floor kit quickly converts the
Clean Track® into an auto scrubber to
tackle hard floor scrubbing challenges.
No tools required. Brushes are available
Quick change nozzle
Quick change nozzle provides easy
cleanup and maintenance. The large
opening dramatically reduces the
potential for clogging.
Wash & Rinse®
Wash & Rinse® feature gets carpet
cleaner faster by washing and
rinsing all in one pass, increasing
employee productivity
Recovery tank draining
Convenient recovery tank dump hose.
Clean Track® 18 W&R
Part Number
Solution Capacity
13 gal
Brush/Cleaning Path
18 in
ErgoEX Belt
Wash & Rinse
Pump PSI
Wash: 2, Rinse: 2
Vacuum Motor
3-Stage 1.7 hp Bypass
Brush Motor
1/3 hp
Cord Length
50 ft detachable
(2) 10 in wheels
44.5 in x 19.5 in x 37 in
121 lb
Agency Approvals
cETLus Listed
Tanks - 8 Years, Parts & Labor - 1 Year
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
“Green” benefits
• Schools and Universities
• Commercial Offices
• Retail and Malls
• Hotels and Resorts
• Healthcare Facilities
• Government Facilities
• Restaurants
• Kitchens and Restrooms
• Lobbies
• Outdoor Pools
• CRI-SOA certification for
carpet extraction
•Meets requirements for LEED
certification and GS-42
• Hard floor squeegee
•Hard floor brush options
•Onboard hand tool/pre-spray
Safety features
• ErgoEX® ergonomic extraction belt
reduces operator strain
•Clear line of sight
•cETLus listing standard on
all models
•No open unsecured doors
•Hospital-grade plug
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