the Compact Kettle™ Pure
Instruction Booklet
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19/02/2014 10:54 am
on the purchase of your new
Breville product
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Breville recommends safety first
Know your Breville product
Operating your Breville product
Care, Cleaning and Storage
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Breville recommends safety first
At Breville we are very safety conscious. We design and manufacture consumer products
with the safety of you, our valued customer, foremost in mind. In addition we ask that you
exercise a degree of care when using any electrical appliance and adhere to the following
Important safeguards
Read all instructions
• Carefully read all
instructions before
operating the Breville
Compact Kettle™ for the
first time and save for future
• Remove and safely discard
any packaging material and
promotional labels before
using the kettle for the
first time.
• To eliminate a choking
hazard for young children,
remove and safely discard
the protective cover fitted
to the power plug of this
• This kettle has been
designed specifically for the
purpose of boiling drinking
quality water only. Under
no circumstances should
this product be used to boil
any other liquids
or foodstuffs.
• Do not place the kettle near
the edge of a bench or table
during operation. Ensure
that the surface is level,
clean and free of water and
other substances.
• Do not operate the kettle on
a sink drain board.
• Do not place the kettle on
or near a hot gas burner,
electric element or where it
could touch a heated oven.
• Keep the kettle clear of
walls, curtains and other
heat or steam sensitive
materials. Minimum 20cm
• Always ensure the kettle is
properly assembled before
use. Follow the instructions
provided in this book.
• The kettle must be used
only with the power base
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Breville recommends safety first
• This kettle is not intended
to be operated by means
of an external timer or
separate remote control
• Do not touch hot surfaces.
Use the handle for lifting
and carrying the kettle.
• Do not place anything on
top of the lid.
• Always ensure the kettle
switch is in the ‘off’
position, then turn the
power off at the power
outlet and remove the
plug from the power outlet
before attempting to move
the appliance, when the
appliance is not in use and
before cleaning and storing.
• Use caution when pouring
water from the kettle, as
boiling water and steam
will scald. Do not pour
water too quickly.
• To protect against electric
shock, do not immerse the
kettle base, power base,
power cord or power plug
in water or allow moisture
to come in contact with
these parts.
• Do not remove the kettle
from the power base during
operation. Ensure the kettle
is switched to ‘off’ position
after the water has boiled
before removing the kettle
from the power base.
• Do not move the kettle
while it is switched on.
• Do not open the lid during
• Do not overfill the kettle
past the maximum water
level mark. If the kettle is
overfilled, boiling water
may be ejected.
• Keep the kettle clean.
Follow the cleaning
instructions provided in
this book.
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Breville recommends safety first
• Fully unwind the power
cord before use.
• Do not let the power cord
hang over the edge of a
bench or table, touch hot
surfaces or become knotted.
• To protect against electric
shock do not immerse the
power cord, power plug or
appliance in water or any
other liquid.
• The appliance is not
intended for use by persons
(including children) with
reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless
they have been given
supervision or instruction
concerning use of the
appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
• Keep the appliance and its
cord out of reach of children
aged less than 8 years.
• Children should be
supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the
• It is recommended to
regularly inspect the
appliance. To avoid a hazard
do not use the appliance
if power cord, power plug
or appliance becomes
damaged in any way.
Return the entire appliance
to the nearest authorised
Breville Service Centre for
examination and/or repair.
• Any maintenance other
than cleaning should be
performed at an authorised
Breville Service Centre.
• This appliance is for
household use only. Do
not use this appliance
for anything other than
its intended use. Do not
use in moving vehicles or
boats. Do not use outdoors.
Misuse may cause injury.
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19/02/2014 10:54 am
Breville recommends safety first
• The installation of
a residual current
device (safety switch is
recommended to provide
additional safety protection
when using electrical
appliances. It is advisable
that a safety switch with a
rated residual operating
current not exceeding
30mA be installed in the
electrical circuit supplying
the appliance. See your
electrician for professional
Do not operate the kettle on
an inclined surface. Do not
move the kettle while it is
switched on.
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your Breville product
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19/02/2014 10:54 am
A. Cushion Controlled Lid with
BPA Free* Viewing Window
B. 1 Litre/4 Cup Capacity
C. German SCHOTT Glass Jug
D. Premium Quality Brushed
Stainless Steel
E. Lid Release Button
F. Illuminated On/Off Switch
G. Multi Directional Base
Not Shown
• Concealed Element
• Auto Shut Off & Boil
Dry Protection
• Hidden Cord Storage
*Laboratory tests show water not containing BPA that is boiled
in this kettle will be BPA Free to a resolution of 1 part per million.
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your Breville product
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Before first use
Remove any promotional material attached
to your kettle. It is recommended that before
first use, the kettle is filled to the maximum
level with cold tap water, boiled and water
discarded. Your kettle will only operate
when positioned on the power base with
the ‘On/Off’ switch in the ‘On’ position. The
kettle will automatically switch off once the
water has boiled.
Take care to hold the kettle level, especially
when filled to the maximum level. To re-boil
it may be necessary to wait for a few seconds
to allow the control to reset.
If further heating of the kettle is not
required, switch ‘Off’ at the power outlet,
unplug the power cord and empty the water
from the kettle. Replace the kettle onto the
power base and close the lid.
Safety Boil Dry Protection
Operation of your kettle
To fill the kettle, remove it from the power
base and open lid by pressing the lid release
button. Fill with the desired amount of water.
Always fill the kettle between the
minimum (250ml) and maximum
(1000ml) marks on the water window.
Too little water will result in the kettle
switching ‘Off’ before the water has
boiled. Filling above the maximum
mark (MAX) may result in boiling
water splashing from the kettle.
Ensure the lid is locked firmly into place.
Position the kettle securely onto the power
base. Insert the power plug into a 230/240V
power outlet and switch on.
Press the ‘On/Off’ switch to the ‘On’
position for water to boil.
This kettle must only be used with
the power base supplied. Use caution
when pouring water from your kettle,
as boiling water will scald. Do not
pour the water too quickly.
The kettle will automatically switch ‘off’
once the water has boiled. Lift the kettle
from the power base and pour the water.
The kettle is fitted with a safety device,
which protects against overheating should
the appliance be operated with insufficient
water. If this occurs, the kettle will stop
heating. Switch ‘Off’ at the power outlet and
allow kettle to cool before refilling. Remove
the kettle from the power base and add
water. Return the kettle to the power base.
The safety device will then automatically
For additional safety, your kettle is fitted
with an additional thermal cut out. In
the event of overheating, the kettle will
automatically shut down to prevent further
damage. Should this occur, take your kettle
to an authorized Breville Service Centre.
The appliance is designed for boiling
of drinking quality water only. Never
use to heat or boil any other liquids
or foodstuffs. The lid should always
be firmly in place and locked into the
closed position before use.
Do not press the lid release button
to open the lid during and after
operation. This may result in boiling
water splashing from the kettle. Pour
out all the hot water from the kettle
before opening the lid to refill.
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of your Breville product
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Care, Cleaning & storage
Always switch ‘off’ at the power outlet and
unplug the appliance from the power outlet
before cleaning.
The concealed element in the base of
the kettle is made from high quality
stainless steel. Any brown stains
appearing are the results of mineral
deposits and are not rust.
Removal of Mineral Deposits
Mineral deposits in tap water may cause the
kettle interior and water gauge to discolour
over time. This may be removed by using
a proprietary kettle descaler, or as per the
instruction below:
1. Fill the kettle until 2⁄3 full with 1 part
white vinegar and 2 parts water. Boil
and allow to stand overnight.
2. Empty the solution from the kettle. Fill
the kettle with clean water, bring to boil
and discard the water.
To Clean the Exterior
The outside of the kettle may be wiped over
with a damp cloth and polished with a soft
dry cloth.
To prevent damage to the kettle do
not use chemicals, alkaline cleaning
agents, steel wool or abrasive cleaners
to clean the inside or outside of the
kettle. Use a mild cleaning agent with
a soft damp cloth.
Ensure the kettle is switched off, clean and
dry before storing. Ensure the lid is closed
and locked securely into place. Wrap the
power cord around the cord storage under
the power base. Stand the kettle upright
on the power base. Do not store anything
on top.
3. Repeat step 2 and the kettle will be
ready for use.
Never immerse the kettle base, switch
area, power base, power cord or power
plug in water, or allow moisture to
come into contact with these parts.
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