December 2016
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Welcome to the North Itasca Electric Co-op
Christmas Open House & Sale!
Thursday, Dec. 1 ~ 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday, Dec. 2 ~ 8 a.m. until Santa leaves
Model NumberPrice
$ 446 $ 410
Extra-large element, quick clean, extra-large
window, delay start and delay clean option, Hi/
Lo broil, auto shutoff after 12 hrs., timed cook
options, Even Baking technology.
Model NumberPrice
FGEF3055MWD (1- ONLY) $893 $822
Frigidaire, quick boil, Express Select controls,
pizza button, SpaceWise half rack, One Touch
warming zone, smudge proof stainless steel,
effortless temperature probe with auto keep warm,
true convection, quick preheat - 6 minutes.
Model NumberPrice
FFEF3015PW-Frigidaire $500 $460
Coil top burners, Ready-Select controls, electronic
kitchen timer, storage drawer, large oven door
window, 2-3 hr. One Touch self-cleaning, timed
cook option, 12 hr. shutoff, two racks with six
position options. Model Number
$723 $665
30" smooth top range, 5.4 cu. ft. oven, stainless
steel, convection oven cooking, (2) 6" elements,
(2) 6"- 9" expandable elements, hidden bake
element, six rack positions, storage drawer, selfclean, quick clean, delay clean and start, auto shut
off, clock timer.
Model NumberPrice
$940 $865
True convection, rapid boil, five electronic cooktop
elements, (1) triple burner 6"/9"/12", (1) dual
burner 6"/9", (2) 6" single burners , 7" warming
center, 5.9 cu. ft. oven, steam quick, 20 minute
oven cleaning, clock, timer.
Model NumberPrice
$758 $697
Glass top, stainless steel, (1) 12" right front
element, (1) 6" right rear element, (1) 6"/9"
expandable element, (1) 6", (1) keep warm zone,
self-clean, delay clean, clock, timer, delay start
1-24 hr.
Model NumberPrice
$814 $749
Stainless steel, convection baking, glass top, with
expandable right front burner 9/12", left front
6/9", right rear 6" radiant elements, warming zone,
hidden bake element, convection bake and roast,
Sabbath mode, warming drawer 1.4 cu. ft., four
easy cook presets.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the additional 10% off if you pick up your own appliances.
Free delivery for those of you who can’t, and for $20 we will remove your old appliance for you.
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December 2016
Top Load
Washers & Dryers
Model NumberPrice
$536 $493
Samsung 4.0 cu. ft. washer, eight wash cycles: normal,
water proof, heavy duty, delicates, quick wash, selfclean, rinse spin, spin only. Four water temperatures.
Model NumberPrice
$536 $493
7.2 cu. ft. Eight drying cycles: very dry, more dry,
normal dry, damp dry, time dry, air fluff, quick dry,
wrinkle release. Four temperature settings: high,
medium, low, extra low. Wrinkle prevent, child lock,
4-way venting options, end of cycle signal.
Model NumberPrice
WA48H7400AW-Samsung $772 $710
4.8 cu. ft. top-load washer with AquaJet technology,
white, Energy Star rated. 11 preset cycles: normal,
waterproof, heavy duty, permanent press, bedding,
delicates/hand wash, quick wash, rinse and spin,
spin only, colors/darks, active wear. Seven options:
AquaJet, self-clean, delay end (up to 19 hours),
presoak, extra rinse, sound on/off, child lock. Four
spin settings: high, medium, low, no spin. Three soil
settings: heavy, normal, light. AquaJet deep clean
technology, Vibration Reduction technology, selfclean setting, removes the need for harsh chemicals.
1100 RPM maximum spin speed, stainless steel,
direct drive inverter motor, diamond drum design,
SmartCare lets you troubleshoot problems with your
smart phone.
Model NumberPrice
DV48H7400EW-Samsung $772 $710
7.4 cu. ft. electric dryer. 11 dry cycles: steam refresh,
steam wrinkle away, normal, heavy duty, towels,
permanent press, bedding, delicates, sanitize, time
dry, quick dry. Seven options: mixed load bell,
wrinkle prevent, adjust time, child lock, sound
on/off, smart care, drum light. Four temperature
settings: high, medium, low, extra low. Four dry
levels: very dry, more dry, normal dry, damp dry,
steam refresh, steam wrinkle away. Sensor dry
automatically adjusts time based on moisture, smart
care diagnoses problems, child lock, filter check
indicator, reversible, see-through door, interior drum
light, 4-way venting.
Model NumberPrice
$498 $458
Hotpoint washer 3.6 cu. ft., eight wash cycles, power
rinse, three wash/rinse temperatures.
Model NumberPrice
HTDSX100EDWW-Hotpoint$444 $408 Hotpoint 6 cu. ft. dryer, three heat settings, four
cycles, 80 minute timed dry.
Model NumberPrice
WT4970CW- LG
4.7 cu. ft. top load washer with WaveForce, stain
care option, electronic control panel with dual LED
display and Dial-A-Cycle, five spin speeds: extra
high (1100 rpm max), high, medium, low, no spin.
Eight wash programs: cotton/normal, bulky/bedding,
permanent press/casual, speed wash, heavy duty,
Model NumberPrice
bright whites, wool, tub clean. 12 options: rinse +
$907 $834
LG 5.2 cu. ft. washer, graphite steel, heater, WaveForce, spin, spin only, stain care, soak, cold wash, extra
steam. 14 wash programs: cotton, bedding, permanent rinse, fabric softener, delay wash (19 hours), child
lock, custom program, signal on/off, water plus five
press, speed wash, heavy duty, bright whites, power
wash/rinse temps: hot, warm, eco warm, cold, tap
cleanse, wool, towels, allergen, sportswear, sanitary,
cold (all cold rinses). Direct drive motor.
delicates, tub clean. 14 wash options, Turbo Wash
technology, steam technology, smart rinse jet spray
Model NumberPrice
system, low decibel quiet operation.
DLE4970W- LG
7.3 cu. ft. Sensor Dry technology, precise temperature
Model NumberPrice
control. Eight preset programs: cotton/normal,
$913 $840
permanent press/casual, heavy duty, delicates,
LG 7.3 cu. ft. dryer, stainless drum, 14 drying
anti-bacterial, small load, air dry, speed dry. Eight
programs: cotton/normal, permanent press/casual,
customized options: more/less time, wrinkle care,
heavy duty, bulky bedding, delicates, anti-bacterial,
custom program, child lock, damp dry, damp dry,
towels, small load, sportswear, steam fresh, steam
end of cycle signal, rack dry. Five temperature
sanitary, speed dry, air dry, freshen up. Ten options:
settings, five drying levels, Intelligent electronic
more time, less time, wrinkle care, custom program,
controls with dual LED display and Dial-A-Cycle
child lock, reduce static, easy iron, damp dry signal,
Smart Diagnosis system, quiet operation. FlowSense
end of cycle and dry rack. Smart Diagnose. Door
duct clogging indicator. Remaining time display/
opens out or sideways. Reorder price: $1,362.
status indicators.
If you can’t make the sale but are interested in something, call Roxanne. She will be happy to
help you over the phone or hold something for you until you can get in.
December 2016
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Front load Washers & Dryers
Model NumberPrice
Model NumberPrice
WF45K6200AW- Samsung
4.2 cu. ft. front load washer, eight wash cycles: normal, heavy duty, permanent
6200 Series 4.5 cu. ft. front load washer, white, Energy Star rated: CEE Tier 3, 12
press, bedding, active wear, delicates, quick wash, rinse and spin. Nine options:
preset wash cycles, four temperature settings, four spin settings, three soil settings. self-clean, delay end, my cycle, extra rinse, extra spin, sound, spin only, Smart
Ten options, Add Wash door, diamond drum design, Anti-Vibration technology,
Care, child lock. Four temperature settings: hot, warm, eco warm, cold. Four
Smart Care, child lock and door lock options, self-clean, 1300 rpm.
spin settings: high, medium, low, no spin. Three soil settings: heavy, normal,
light. Self-Clean technology. Sale
Model NumberPrice
$866 $797
Model NumberPrice
6200 Series 7.5 cu. ft. electric dryer-white, Energy Star 2016 certified. 12 preset
7.5 cu. ft. front load electric dryer. Nine preset cycles: normal, heavy duty,
drying cycles, five temperature settings, five dry levels, Sensor Dry technology,
permanent press, bedding, delicates, time dry, air fluff, quick dry, wrinkle release.
Multi-Steam technology, eco dry option, My Cycle option. Dryer drum light,
reversible see-through door, Smart Care function, child lock, filter check indicator. Nine options: mixed load bell, wrinkle prevent, small load care, My Cycle, adjust
time, sound, child lock, Smart Care, drum light. Four temperature settings: high,
medium, low, extra low. Four dry levels: very dry, more dry, normal, damp dry.
Sensor Dry, Smart Care lets you troubleshoot problems with your smart phone.
Laundry Center
Model Number Price
$1,555 $1,431
Washer/ 5.5 cu. ft. Dryer Laundry Center, ReadySelect controls, Immersion Care Wash Action, Fresh
Water Rinse, Balanced Dry System. Multiple wash
cycles: delicate, quick cycle, and heavy duty. Fabric
softener dispenser,
nine wash cycles,
nine dry cycles.
Timed dry: 60 and
90 minutes.
Upright Freezers-Frigidaire
Model Number
$785 $722
Dryers only
Model NumberPrice
Samsung 7.2 cu. ft. dryer, eight drying cycles: very dry,
more dry, normal dry, damp dry, time dry, air fluff,
quick dry, wrinkle release. Four temperature settings,
wrinkle prevent, end of cycle, filter check indicator.
Model NumberPrice
FASE7021NW (1-Only)
FASE703NW (1-Only)
Model Number PriceSale
5 cu.ft.
$229 $211
7 cu.ft $265 $244
9 cu.ft.
$351 $323
16 cu.ft. $573 $527
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December 2016
Model NumberRegular Sale
27 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE (French door,
bottom freezer)
Model NumberRegular Sale
25 cu. ft. SAMSUNG (Side by side)
Model NumberRegular Sale
26 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE (Side by side)
Model NumberRegular Sale
21 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
Model NumberRegular Sale
21 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
18 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
18 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
20 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
18 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
LG/LTCS2022OW$980 $902
20 cu. ft. LG
Model NumberRegular Sale
21 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE
Model NumberRegular Sale Model NumberRegular Sale
$827 LG/LDCS24223W$1,697$1,561
17 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE (All refrigerator, 24 cu. ft. LG (Bottom freezer)
glass shelves)
Model Number Regular
Eight cycles, five wash levels and
three wash speeds, OrbitClean
technology, SaharaDry technology,
quick wash option, adjustable upper
rack, SpaceWise organization system
largest silverwear basket, smudge proof
stainless steel, NSF certified, Express
Select controls.
Model Number Regular
$433 $398
Quiet dishwasher, Fits More capacity,
2-4-6-hour delay option, SpaceWise
silverwear basket, Ready-Select
controls, high temperature wash,
control lock option, five wash levels
with three options.
Model Number Regular Sale
14 full place settings, Energy Saver Plus
cycle, Energy Saver Dry cycle, 2-4-6
hour delay, NSF certification 99.9 %
bacteria removed, SpaceWise multi
compartment, removable silverwear
basket, five preset wash cycles, ReadySelect controls, high temperature wash
option, control lock option, Energy Star.
Model Number Regular Sale
Quiet operation, holds up to 15
complete place settings, four wash
cycles, two wash options, NSF certified
sanitize, 3-6-9 hour delay, adjustable
racking system, two piece removable
silverwear basket, fan condensing
drying system, three wash arms: upper,
middle and lower, child lock, rinse
refill indicator, last cycle memory, hard
food disposer, hidden heating element,
electronic touch sensor, double
filtration system, five sensors: leakage,
water fill, overflow, low water level.
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