Wall Mounted Dispenser
NCL DUAL-BLEND® Chemical Management System is easy to
use and provides a consistent, accurate dilution each and every
Dilution Control. .. Your Way.
Completely closed dispensing system. Reduces contact with
concentrated chemical.
Minimum setup required. Quick and easy to use.
Durability - Sturdy, durable plastic construction that holds up
for long term use.
Versatile - Dispenses to both bottles and buckets from all four
Bottle activated fill assembly for one-handed quart bottle
Accurate dilutions control costs. Save money and products
perform better.
Lockable cabinet. Comes with 2 keys. Secure 3 point lock,
top, middle and bottom, keeps product concentrates safe.
ASSE Approved back flow device prevents contamination of
water source.
Simple installation. Minimum setup required. No tips to insert,
no tubes to install. Comes ready to use, simply mount on wall,
connect to water source, insert products and begin diluting
1. Identify desired location of dispenser. Remove cardboard
mounting template from packaging, place against wall and
mark hole locations using the template as a guide.[For
accuracy, use level with template to ensure the dispenser is
level on the wall]
2. Install all four supplied anchors into marked hole locations
from step 1. Using supplied screws, install top two screws and
hang dispenser from them. Install bottom two screws through
dispenser holes into the anchors.
3. Tighten screws against dispenser to assure a secure fit.
4. Install Drip Tray by sliding into place against tab in back of drip
tray holder. [Optional: Drill 3/16” hole into drip tray barb and
attach ¼” ID hose (not supplied) for draining chemical from
drip tray.
5. Position chemical container into each compartment in desired
position and connect DUAL-LINK cap.
6. Close and lock the cabinet doors
7. Connect the supplied water hose to your water source and
activate the dispenser by selecting a position on the dial and
using either the bucket or bottle fill activation point.
Chemical Selector Dial
1. Turn the chemical selector dial to the desired chemical
position, indicated by the directional arrow
2. Dispense chemical by either activating the bottle fill lever or
bucket fill button
3. For rinse water, point the dial straight down at the water
symbol- This is not potable water, do not drink
Dispenser Activation Points – Bottle Fill
1. Slide the bottle tube inside the spray bottle and raise the
bottle to engage the u-shaped lever of the bottle fill assembly
2. To stop filling, lower the bottle and the lever will disengage
3. Be careful when removing the spray bottle so as to not splash
residual chemical
Dispenser Activation Points – Push Button Bucket Fill
1. To start the flow of diluted chemical, press button on unit
above selector dial
2. For continuous flow, twist button clockwise
3. To disengage, release button or twist button counterclockwise
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