Brochure Suremark Single Station Printer with power supply

Pr oduct Over view
Toshiba Sur eM ar k
Pr int er
Single-station model 1NR (1NA)
The wor ld’s pr emier r et ail pr int er
Retailers realize now is the time to drive transformation and make their
operations smarter and more competitive. Those who invest in technology
that can shrink costs while providing operational efficiencies and integrating
“green” principles into their business will be positioned for the future.
For these retailers, the Toshiba SureMark™ single-station printer is the
only choice. Built for ultimate retail-hardened performance in demanding
environments, the Toshiba SureMark printer delivers speed, reliability and
unmatched serviceability and manageability. Plus it offers earth-friendly
design and packaging that set new world standards.
Toshiba Sur eM ar k pr int er s boost oper at ional
efficiency and cut cost s
Toshiba SureMark printers are specifically designed to meet the rigors of retail
environments and feature the most advanced printer technologies today to
speed transactions. With 80 lines per second (LPS)1 for single-byte (SBCS) or
double-byte (DBCS) printing, these printers process transactions faster to help
improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Toshiba innovations,
such as standard 3 MB2 flash memory, help print “value added” messages on
receipts while keeping checkout lanes moving.
The new Ethernet LAN feature provides an optional industry standard
10/ 100 Ethernet communication adapter. With Ethernet connectivity,
retailers can dramatically increase the flexibility of their 4610 printers.
Supported functions include the following:
Remotely locate 4610 printers from their host systems
Share a single printer among multiple host systems
Print directly from mobile devices, using the Toshiba 4610 Software
Development Kits (SDKs)4 for iOS and Android™
Highlight s
Fast, reliable receipt printing at speeds
up to 80 lines per second (250 mm/ sec)
Easy to manage with Toshiba exclusive
Remote Management Agent
Accurate, programmable sensor system
monitors printer “health”
Four-inch (102 mm) receipt rolls reduce
paper changes by 40 percent
Resists spillage—channels liquids away from
critical components
Optional communication interfaces include
Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, standard USB and
powered USB
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1. Fast 80 LPS receipt printing for single-byte (SBCS) or double-byte
(DBCS) printing
2. Push button receipt cover opening
3. Easy drop-in paper loading and large four-inch (102 mm) receipt
roll helps reduce downtime and training expenses
4. Retail-hardened, spill-resistant design delivers high reliability in the
harshest retail environments
5. Extended code page support (27 total) enables worldwide use
6. 3 MB user flash memory supports barcodes, logos, color graphics
and TrueType™ fonts
7. A programmable audible alarm can be used to prompt users
8. Paper jam sensor detects jams and reduces waste of receipt media.
Paper low sensor is accurate and programmable, reducing labor
expenses. Print head and cutter health sensors minimize downtime
9. All Toshiba peripherals are tested, engineered, color coordinated,
provide latching connections, are compatible and optimized to work
as a total store solution
10. Powered USB and RS-485 connectivity eliminates the need for a
separate power brick and conserves counter space
11. Ethernet 5, standard USB or RS-232 connectivity integrates with
Toshiba and third-party POS systems (external power brick or
special cable required)
12. Epson Emulation and Compatibility Modes ease transition to new
models and enable easy replacement of competitive printers
13. All packaging materials are recyclable and most are made from
recycled post-consumer waste
14. An optional wall mounting bracket can be used to save valuable
counter space
15. Toshiba SureMark single-station printers 1NR are available in pearl
white and iron gray
Remot e management r educes TCO
Unique feat ur es mean fewer ser vice
calls and less downt ime
Toshiba SureMark single-station printers lower operating costs
and total cost of ownership with systems management tools.
With Toshiba Remote Management Agent (RMA) and
IBM Director software enabled for remote monitoring and
control, retailers can keep checkout lanes running smoothly
with critical maintenance and environmental information
available on demand. Business IT costs are reduced by managing
systems, peripherals and applications locally or from a remote site.
Toshiba SureMark printers are designed with a built-in sensor
system that continuously monitors the printer’s “health.” A paper
jam sensor detects jams and reduces waste of receipt media.
Print head and cutter sensors minimize downtime by identifying
parts that are about to fail so they can be replaced proactively.
Additionally, easy drop-in paper loading and a large four-inch
(102 mm) receipt roll reduce downtime and training expenses.
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Even in the most harsh retail environments, the retail-hardened
construction of SureMark single-station printers insures long
product life. Upgradeable interface adapters enable “just-in-time”
product reconfiguration.
SureMark printers support 1-sided paper, the most sustainable
choice for receipt media as well as large drop in paper rolls. So
there are fewer paper changes, less environmental impact and
importantly, less printer and employee downtime. In fact, using a
Toshiba SureMark printer with one-sided paper on a large
roll reduces environmental waste and total cost of ownership
significantly more than printers with two sided receipt
media (2ST™).3
Newly designed packaging (shown on the left—replacing polystyrene
materials on the right) includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
inserts made from recycled post-consumer waste, which reduces
the volume of material that must be disposed. (Box and inserts are
100 percent recyclable.)
M inimum impact at end of life
r educes cost s and wast e
Cost cut t ing design and per for mance
deliver quick ROI
Toshiba SureMark printer packaging is 100 percent recyclable,
including shipping box and inserts. T he high-density polyethylene
(HDPE) inserts are made from recycled post-consumer waste
and can be stacked in very little space, reducing transportation
and packaging disposal costs.
Operating costs are significantly reduced by the easy-to-service
design of Toshiba SureMark printers. Covers are easily removed
and replaced, helping to reduce costs through better inventory
management and accommodating POS and peripherals color
changes. Snap-in interface adapters, Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and
RS-485 make migration to new system platforms easier and
cost effective. Usage statistics are not only available locally but
can be acted upon remotely by RMA and can be used to extend
printer life with proactive servicing and wear leveling to minimize
downtime and extend product life. Fewer service trips means
savings in travel and valuable employee time and less impact on
the environment.
Key printer components are made to be “de-manufactured”,
so they can be reused as spare parts. Other plastics and metal
parts are also recyclable, minimizing the environmental impact
of disposal when the product reaches end of life.
Ret ail-har dened for last ing
per for mance in har sh envir onment s
Constructed with the highest quality materials available,
Toshiba SureMark printers are retail-hardened to deliver a long
service life, even in demanding retail environments. For example,
an optional spill-resistant top cover is available for food service
venues. With a marketing life of up to five years and a service
life up to seven years or more, your investment is protected
and lifecycle costs are minimized, reducing TCO.
Supr emely Gr een! Saving t he
envir onment and your bot t om line
Toshiba sets new world standards in eco-friendly POS technology
with SureMark single-station printers that exceed worldwide
environmental directives. Toshiba SureMark printers are designed
and built with close attention to earth-saving details. Recycled
materials used in manufacturing include iron gray covers, for
example, that contain up to twenty-five percent post-industrial
recycled material.
Pr oduct Over view
Use a single pr int ing plat for m
wor ldwide acr oss your ent er pr ise
Tr ust Toshiba’s r et ail exper ience
As the world’s leading provider of integrated in-store solutions
and retail insights, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions delivers
end-to-end solutions for checkout, consumer interactions and
retail operations that unlock amazing new possibilities for our
clients and shoppers everywhere. In partnership with the Together
Commerce Alliance, our global business partner program, we
help bring innovation and value to every retailing experience
so that you can delight your customers every day, everywhere.
A single Toshiba SureMark printer model can support the unique
needs of retailers in many countries. An extended code page
supports global use and compatibility with leading industry
and legacy systems and helps protect technology investments.
Designed with open platform technology, the Toshiba SureMark
printer enables use of a single POS printing platform across the
Low cost financing and leasing
opt ions
Toget her Commer ce
Now more than ever, retailers depend on Toshiba for POS
solutions that boost operational efficiency, shrink costs and
provide quick ROI. Financing is available through IBM to help
you acquire the IT solutions that your business needs in the most
cost-effective and strategic way possible. We’ll partner with
credit-qualified clients to customize an IT financing solution to
suit your business goals, enable effective cash management, and
improve your total cost of ownership.
Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for the new future
of retail where retailers adapt their strategies, their
stores and their technology to engage with consumers
throughout the buying process in a seamless and helpful
way. This collaborative approach enables retailers and
customers to create mutually rewarding commerce—
M odel
Availabilit y
Char act er Set
Single-Pass Check
Cover Color
W ar r ant y Ser vice*
1 NR
W or ldwide
Pear l W hite or Ir on Gr ay
Toshiba on-site r epair †
1 NA
US only
Pear l W hite or Ir on Gr ay
Toshiba advance exchange‡
Toshiba Sur eM ar k Pr int er Technical Requir ement s
M odels 1 N R (1 N A)
Pr int ing Speed: §
Receipt station (one-color paper )
8 0 lps @ 8 lpi, 6 0 lps @ 6 lpi
Receipt station (two-color paper )
3 5 lps @ 8 lpi, 2 6 lps @ 6 lpi
Pr inting r esolut ion (ther mal)
2 0 3 dpi
M em or y usage:
Data buffer RAM
Dynam ic/ expandable
Flash memor y for micr ocode
5 MB
Flash memor y for offline jour nal* *
Up to 3 M B
Flash memor y for logos* *
Up to 3 M B
Flash memor y for fixed m essages* *
Up to 3 M B
Flash memor y for code pages* *
Up to 3 M B
Pr oduct Over view
Toshiba Sur eM ar k Pr int er Technical Requir ement s
Flash memor y for user char acter s
6 4 KB
Inter faces
Ether net, Power ed USB plus standar d USB, RS-4 8 5 , standar d RS-2 3 2 (ext er nal power br ick or special
power cable r equir ed)
Por ts
DC In (except RS4 8 5 )
Ether net or USB/ Power ed USB or RS2 3 2 or RS4 8 5 (2 4 or 3 8 V) (Inter face car d dependent)
OEM Cash Dr awer (+2 4 V)
CRU (custom er r eplaceable units)
wit h Light-Path m anagement
Not available (available only on 4 6 1 0 dual-station m odels)
Sensor s
Paper low, paper out, cutter health, pr int head health, usage counter s, paper jam detection
M ounting options
Integr ated (Integr at ion tr ay), Distr ibuted (fr ee standing), optional W all mount br acket
Suppor t for wide r ange of r eceipt
media—thickness/ type of media
1 .6 - 3 .7 mil (thousandths of an inch) paper thickness. Factor y featur e selection of 2 .2 8 in (5 8 mm ) or
3 .1 5 in (8 0 mm ) paper width
M edia type suppor ted/ r oll diam eter
Receipt paper r olls—maxim um 4 in (1 0 2 m m) diam eter
Physical Dim ensions and W eight
“Gr een” attr ibutes
Shipping container and inser t s; ir on-gr ay cover s m ade of up to 2 5 per cent post -industr ial r ecycled m ater ials;
upgr adeable and r eusable com ponents; r et ail-har dened constr uction for long life
Physical Dim ensions and W eight
Dim ensions (W xDxH)
W idth: 5 .7 in (1 4 5 mm ); Depth: 7 .0 in (1 7 7 mm ); Height cover closed: 6 .3 in (1 5 9 mm ); Height cover
opened: 1 0 .2 in (2 6 0 m m )
W eight
M odel 1 NR: 3 .1 lb (1 .4 Kg)
Soft war e
Com m and Sets
Native, Epson ESC POS™ Em ulation† † , Com patibility M ode
Oper ating syst ems and dr iver
suppor t ‡ ‡
A compatibility m ode is pr ovided in the pr inter s to enable use of existing dr iver s and applications with only
minor m odifications. Native m ode suppor t is as follows:
Toshiba 4 6 9 0 Oper ating System:
– RS-2 3 2 : Dir ect I/ O
USB and RS-4 8 5 : V5 R2 and V6 R2 * * M icr osoft W indows XP, M icr osoft W indows Em bedded for Point of
Ser vice (W EPOS) 1 .1 1 , M icr osoft W indows Embedded POSReady 2 0 0 9 , M icr osoft W indows Em beded
POSReady 7 , M icr osoft W indows 7 (Pr ofessional/ Ultim ate):
– RS-2 3 2 : Dir ect I/ O, W indows Native Dr iver s (NW D), OPOS, JavaPOS
– RS-4 8 5 : OPOS, JavaPOS
– USB: W indows Native Dr iver s (NW D), OPOS, JavaPOS
IBM Retail Envir onment for SUSE Linux Enter pr ise Desktop (SLED) 1 1 , SUSE Linux Enter pr ise Ser ver
(SLES) 1 1 , SUSE Linux Enter pr ise Point of Ser vice (SLEPOS) 1 1 :
– RS-2 3 2 : JavaPOS, Dir ect I/ O
– RS-4 8 5 and USB: JavaPOS, POS Subsystem for Linux (POSS for W indows is not suppor ted)
SDKs for iOS and Andr oid4
PC DOS 2 0 0 0 :
– RS-2 3 2 : Dir ect I/ O
– RS-4 8 5 and USB: Not suppor ted
Epson compatibility mode
Suppor t is pr ovided for RS-2 3 2 connected pr inter s using Dir ect I/ O com municat ions only
Resident bar code for m ats
UPC A/ E, JAN 8 (EAN), Code 3 9 , ITF, Code 9 3 , Code 1 2 8 a, b, and c, Codabar, PDF4 1 7 , QR, GS1 databar
Integr ation kits
Available for m ost Toshiba POS Systems
1 5 0 km —ther m al pr int head life. 1 .5 m illion cuts—cutter life
Nor th Am er ica
M odels 1 NR and 1 NA (US only)
Latin Amer ica
M odel 1 NR
Eur ope, M iddle East, Afr ica
M odel 1 NR
Asia Pacific
M odel 1 NR
For mor e infor mat ion
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Refer ences
*All limited warranty items are for one year. For a copy of the terms and conditions
of Toshiba’s statement of limited warranty, contact your Toshiba representative or
Systems with limited on-site service are designed to be repaired during the
applicable warranty period primarily with Toshiba supplied replacement parts,
installed by trained Toshiba service technicians at the customer’s location.
Toshiba will only send a technician on-site to perform a repair if (a) the remote
telephone diagnosis and/or customer part replacement is/ are unable to resolve
the problem, or (b) the part is one of the few designated by Toshiba for customer
replacement. For a list of customer replaceable parts, contact Toshiba. Support
unrelated to a warranty issue may be subject to additional charges.
Model 1NA and Toshiba Advance Exchange warranty are available in the
United States only. US customers can request a special bid for Toshiba Advance
Exchange post-warranty maintenance.
Indicates rated speed. Actual print speed depends on user-specific configuration
of interface, application, operating system and drivers.
**A total of 3 MB flash memory can be re-allocated among the following: storage of
offline journal, logos, fixed messages, and code pages.
Epson emulation mode supports direct communication with the printer using
the Epson ESC POS™ command set for printers connected via RS-232 interface
(only). Epson emulation is not supported in driver environments.
Some printer functions may not be supported by all combinations of operating
systems and drivers. See User Guide for more detail. “Please visit the Toshiba support
website at to obtain the latest compatibility data for operating
systems, interfaces and Toshiba hardware. T he 1NR printer is supported in compatibility mode in 4690 OS V5R2 but requires package 0900 to support firmware
Easy “drop in” loading of 4” receipt rolls vs. 3” receipt rolls. Comparison made by
Toshiba on Toshiba SureMark printers
MB equals one million bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessibility
may be less.
“Retail Printing: 2-Sided vs. 1-Sided Receipts”, IBM Systems and Technology
Technical W hite Paper, 2010. 2ST ™ is a trademark of NCR Corporation
Available second quarter of 2014
T he optional Ethernet adapter can be installed on printers manufactured on or after
June 10, 2013. Contact your Toshiba Representative for more information
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