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Supplies to keep your
operation running smoothly
Solutions to keep your
kitchens clean
Monogram® is an extensive line of
cleaning and disposable products
from US Foods®.
Clean Force™ is a market-recognized
brand of quality cleaning products,
backed by our PureForce® team of
cleaning and sanitation experts.
Together, Monogram and Clean Force offer a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning solutions – allowing customers
the comfort and ease they seek to focus on other aspects of their business.
High-Temp Grill Cleaner (K32)
0632398 | 4/32 oz.
This fast-working flat top grill
cleaner can strip grease buildup
without cooling the grill. Works
in just 60 seconds with no rinse
High-Temp Grill Cleaner (K45)
7911779 | 30/3.6 oz.
This fast-working flat top grill
cleaner can strip grease buildup
without cooling the grill. Works
in just 60 seconds with no rinse
required. Portion-controlled packets
reduce over-use.
Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner/
Degreaser (K43)
7912694 | 6/32 oz.
Powerful, streak-free multipurpose
cleaner with orange scent. Safely
removes greasy soils on walls, floors,
countertops, equipment, glass,
Plexiglas® and plastic without leaving
a film.
Glass Cleaner (K42)
7912678 | 6/32 oz.
Heavy-duty non-ammoniated glass
cleaner provides streak-free results.
Dries quickly to leave surfaces
sparkling clean and clear.
RTU Antimicrobial Fruit and
Vegetable Treatment (K53)
8419474 | 2/64 oz.
EPA-registered and FDA-cleared to
reduce harmful pathogens on the
surface of fresh-cut produce and in
wash water. The unique formulation
reduces spoilage organisms,
removes waxy residues and helps
bolster the appearance of your
Antimicrobial Fruit and
Vegetable Treatment Handler
6233945 | 5 gal.
Avoid occupying and refilling sinks,
and wasting water and treatment
while rinsing produce. The
Antimicrobial Fruit and Vegetable
Treatment Handler can be used with
up to 80 pounds of produce before
changing treatment water.
RTU Pot & Pan Detergent (P19)
7912710 | 6/32 oz.
High-performance, high-foaming
liquid detergent for manual
warewashing. Long-lasting suds
attack grease and heavy food soils,
but remain gentle on the hands.
Manual Bar Glass
Detergent (P17)
7911373 | 100/0.5 oz.
Portion-controlled, low-foaming
glass detergent. It is specifically
formulated for glass – does not
leave behind any detergent film –
protecting beverage quality.
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11/8/17 2:10 PM
Manual Bar Glass
Sanitizer (P18)
7911506 | 100/0.25 oz.
Portion-controlled, EPAregistered sanitizer that is
effective for all glassware and
ensures optimal beverage flavor
and appearance, as it does not
impact smell or taste.
Redi-San RTU Hard Surface
Sanitizer (K37)
7911217 | 6/32 oz.
Ready-to-use sanitizer
formulated to deliver effective
cleaning, sanitizing and odor
control. Can be used on food
contact surfaces, equipment or
utensils with no rinsing required.
Heavy-Duty Glove-Free
Degreaser (K39)
7911423 | 6/32 oz.
Unique technology
penetrates tough, baked-on
grease and lifts it away from
the surface. Works as well as
corrosive degreasers but doesn’t
require gloves or goggles. Foam
sprayer provides vertical cling.
Aluminum-safe and biodegradable.
Oven & Grill Cleaner
Aerosol (K44)
7912660 | 6/20 oz.
Heavy-duty aerosol oven and grill
cleaner; ideal for cleaning heavy
grease on ovens, barbeque grills
and stainless steel. Foaming spray
for better visibility on surfaces.
Spray Cleaner with
Bleach (K50)
7911407 | 6/32 oz.
Specially formulated with
surfactants and chlorine to
power off the toughest stains,
such as mold, mildew, tea,
coffee, juice and soap scum.
Light citrus scent leaves areas
smelling clean and fresh.
Stainless Steel Cleaner
& Polish (K41)
7912652 | 6/18 oz.
Cleans, polishes and protects
stainless steel and other metal
surfaces. Water-based formula
restores these surfaces while
leaving a protective coating to help
resist fingerprints and tarnishing.
Aerosol Flying Insect
Eradicator (K49)
7911381 | 6/15 oz.
EPA-registered aerosol spray
designed to eliminate pests that
invade property areas. Not designed
for use in food contact areas.
Contact Bug Eliminator (K47)
7912751 | 2/24 oz.
An effective solution for crawling
and flying insects that delivers
immediate impact upon contact. Safe
to use on food contact surfaces, even
while the facility is in operation.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner (R12)
7911365 | 6/24 oz.
Heavy-duty acid toilet bowl
cleaner for removing rust,
soap scale, calcium deposits,
stains and discolorations
in toilet bowls and urinals.
Wintergreen scent.
Air Freshener Peach
Blossom (R11)
7911308 | 6/16 oz. Appealing fragrance blends fruity
and floral scents for use in any area
where unpleasant odors might
be present.
TB Disinfectant Cleaner
Ready-To-Use (K51)
7911274 | 6/1 qt.
EPA-registered cleaner,
disinfectant and deodorizer.
Formulated to quickly disinfect
hard, non-porous surfaces. Kills
norovirus in 30 seconds.
Lemon Furniture Polish (K48)
7912777 | 6/18 oz.
Cleans, moisturizes and
protects wood furniture and
a variety of other surfaces.
Professional ingredients
penetrate greasy stains,
smudges and fingerprints.
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11/8/17 2:10 PM
Wood Oil Soap (K46)
7911415 | 2/27 oz.
Gently cleans and restores wood surfaces
to their natural luster and shine. Use on
wood floors, fixtures, laminate floors, vinyl
and no-wax floors.
Floor Cleaner Packets (F16)
7912702 | 12/21 oz.
Neutral cleaner for use on multiple floor types.
Water-soluble packets dissolve in water so that
hands don’t contact the product. Fresh scent
leaves areas smelling clean.
Oxygen Bleach Cleanser (K22)
7910623 | 12/21 oz.
Deodorizing powder cleanser eliminates tough
spots and stains from hard surfaces in kitchens
and restroom areas. Removes mildew stains,
soap scum, grease and rubber marks.
Peroxide Disinfectant and Glass
Cleaner RTU (K54)
9152502 | 6/32 oz.
A true multi-purpose solution that is
designed to drive operational efficiencies.
This EPA-registered product disinfects
surfaces in as fast as five minutes.
Recommended for cleaning and
disinfecting hard surfaces, including
streak-free performance on glass.
Lavender Cleaner RTU (K79)
3266811 | 6/32 oz.
A powerful ready-to-use, multi-purpose
cleaner that safely removes greasy soils from
multiple surfaces. Designed for use in food
service and housekeeping operations, it
provides streak-free results with a pleasant
lavender fragrance, saving time and money
with just one product.
Presoak RTU (K80)
1032589 | 48/1 ea.
A simple and effective addition to a ware
washing program, which will provide sparkling
results and improve guest satisfaction. The
Clean Force™ Presoak RTU tablet contains
enzymes to break down tough food soils the
dishmachine can’t handle alone. Save time
and labor by reducing rewash, detergent, water
and electricity.
Clean restrooms are more important to restaurant guests than friendly service or visually appealing food.
78% of guests judge a clean restroom as an indicator of a clean kitchen and good food quality.
A recent study by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that 19 different types of bacteria are commonly found across all
restroom surfaces, including toilet handles, soap dispensers, door handles and sink faucets.
Foodborne illness affects 1 in 4 Americans each year.
For further details, visit or
contact your local US Foods representative.
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