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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Emergency Information
In case of Emergency DIAL 911 (0 911 on our phone system, see below)
Cabin Address:
3317 Wilderness Way Road
Cook, MN 55723
Cabin Phone:
218-666-0145, When it answers you must press #3 to ring Blue Heron Lodge
In case of Damage or Repair Need or Questions Contact:
Michael C. Wussow
In case of water leak:
Go to basement utility room (Normally off limits to guests)
Turn off the yellow lever on the Pressure Tank (pictured below)
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Go to the middle circuit breaker panel
Open Circuit Breaker Panel
TURN OFF Circuits 1 and 3 (Well Pump), 18 and 20 (Water Heater 1), 17
and 19 (Water Heater 2)
Then Call Mike
In case of Power Failure (Act # 8704937000, Loc. 140001201)
Call Mike
Call Lake Country Power 1-800-421-9959 to report the outage
Our Request:
Please keep our cabin clean, neat, and undamaged. Please remove your shoes when
entering the house to avoid tracking in dirt. Avoid putting hot items or wet items on
wood tables like the dining room or living room ones. Make sure you are clean before
sitting on chairs, couches, or lying in bed.
This will allow everyone to enjoy the cabin for many years!
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
This cabin is supplied by well water. The water has been tested for quality. There is no
problem in drinking the tap water. The water is also filtered by a whole house filter and
passes through a water softener. Further the water that comes out of the refrigerator is
filtered by an additional filter (for both ice and water)
Sinks / Toilets
The cabin uses a septic system for waste water disposal. Please do not throw food down
the sinks. There is no garbage disposal. Instead please throw food in the garbage. Try to
eliminate solid objects from going into the drains.
Garbage must be removed from the cabin by our guests. At the intersection of highway
24 and our private road Wilderness Way there is a garbage shed. All garbage should be
placed in large black plastics garbage bags (provided in the laundry room) and placed
inside the garbage shed. This is then picked up by our garbage service. PLEASE make
sure to close the door of the shed completely to prevent animals from getting inside. DO
NOT ever leave garbage outside the shed.
Summer Time Heat
The in Floor Heat Will be Turned OFF during the Summer
DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn it back on
The base board heat in the second floor bedrooms is still operational. This can be
controlled by the thermostats by the door.
For the other rooms there are space heaters that are located throughout the house
that can be used if necessary.
Otherwise it is suggested to make a fire in the fireplace
Summer Time Cooling
There is no air conditioning.
Ceiling fans are provided for air circulation (see details below)
Additional floor fans are located in some locations
Open the windows but KEEP the screens closed (Don’t let the bugs in or you will
have a big messy surprise especially at night)
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Bedroom Lights / Fan
Each bedroom has a lighted ceiling fan. These lights and fans are controlled by remote
control. One for each room is mounted in the wall near the entrance door.
The other remote is in the room and can be moved around. Please do not remove the
remote from the room. Only the remote in that room will work for that room.
Point the control at the fan / light when changing settings.
Holding the light on button down continuously will dim or brighten the light
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Winter Heating
The cabin is equipped with Radiant Floor Heat on the entire lower level and the
entire first floor for all heating needs.
First Floor
Zone 1 – Master bedroom and bathroom. Control by the entry door to the bedroom
Zone 2 - Living Room, Entry, Dining Room, Kitchen. Control by stairs in living room.
Zone 3 – Main Bath, Hall, Bedroom 2, and Bedroom 3. Control by bathroom hall
Zone 1 – Bedroom 6, Bedroom 7, and lower bath. Control by entrance to bedroom 6
Zone 2 – Entertainment Room and Hall. Control on pillar in entertainment room.
Zone 3 – Garage (Off limits to guests)
The temperature in the above zones can be controlled by the thermostat, like the one
pictured above. Simply press the up and down arrow buttons. There are several things to
note. Because the system is in floor heat it will be slow to respond to temperature change
requests, the system is designed to provide a constant even heat, so please be patient
when changing the temperature. If necessary you may open the doors for a bit to cool off
the temperature.
Air Exchange System
Blue Heron has an air exchange system (pictured below) that allows for constant
circulation of fresh air in the house and for dehumidification of the air. In some rooms
the air is sucked out of the room and in other rooms fresh air is placed into the room.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
The air exchange system is controlled by the control pictured below located in the hall
across from the main floor bathroom. Simply set the dial to the desired humidity.
In the lower level bathroom there also is a control for the air exchange system. Press the
“Push” button to change the indicator light to “Red” maximum, “Yellow” minimum, or
“Green” intermittent. It is recommended that when you take a shower, bath, or sauna in
this bathroom that you turn on this control. Turn of the control when finished by pressing
the push button until the indicator light is off.
The main floor and second floor bathrooms have fans that directly vent to the outside.
These should be used when the bath or shower is in use.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Our telephone system is a slightly complex system. Phone lines do not run directly to our
property. Therefore, the analog phone signal at the cabin (normal phone line) is
translated to a digital signal that is beamed wirelessly 2 miles down the lake. There it is
converted from digital, back to analog and enters the normal phone lines.
So here is what you need to know:
If the power is out you will not have any phone service.
To dial out you MUST dial “0” before dialing the regular number.
For example to call Mike:
o You would enter 0 1 651 336 4600 and then press Green talk button
o Then wait a few seconds for the phone to dial
o Then have a call as you normally would
o Then Press the Red button to end the call
To dial a local number it would be 0 666 xxxx
Guests are responsible for the charges for all long distance calls
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
TV and TV Component Use
Most of the devices have been programmed so that they can be controlled by one remote
control. The only exception is the DVD player.
TV Use
To Turn TV ON
Press the DireccTV and TV Power button located on the top right of the directv
remote. Point the remote at the TV when pressing this button
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Or Press the silver power button located at the bottom left corner of the TV
Press The OFF button on the top right corner of the direct TV remote while
pointing it at the TV to turn off the TV or Press the power button on the TV
Do NOT change the INPUT on the TV. The input should be HDMI 1
Do not use the volume on the TV, the audio will come through the SONY
receiver (see below)
The red light on the lower left corner of the TV will indicate that it is on.
Stereo Receiver / TV Continued
To see a picture you must have the SONY receiver turned on.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
To turn on the SONY receiver press the large power button located on the top left
corner of the receiver
or slide the direct TV remote to AV1 and press the PWR button
You can control the volume of the audio by pressing the Volume + or – key on
the remote. The slider can be in any position.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
or turning the large dial on the right side of the receiver
To see the Satellite TV the SONY receive must have the Input Selector set to
TV/Satellite. This selector is the small dial on the right side of the receiver. It is
almost always in this position.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
To Use DirecTV
A. Turing the DirecTV Receiver On
Press PWR with the slider all the way to the left (In the direct TV Mode)
Or Press the power button on the DirecTv box. When it is blue the box is on.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
B. Tuning the DirecTV Channels
Press “Guide” to bring up a guide of the channels
Press Select to choose “all channels”
Use the up and down arrows to navigate the channel menu
Press the “select” key when you have highlighted the program of choice
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
You can type in a channel # while in the guide to get to that part of the channel
Channels that we potentially get are colored a brighter blue color (NOT the dark
Local Channels are low numbered channels 2 – 22
For each local channel there will be two potential choices in bright blue color.
One of the choices is the station in Standard Definition Format. The other choice
is the channel in High Definition format when available.
The TV will automatically choose the correct picture dimensions normal (4:3) or
widescreen based on the TV program. Please do not change this.
TV in normal 4:3 mode above does not extend the picture to the edges (this is
normal, please do not change this)
High Definition signal is more prone to problems with bad weather (rain) if
having trouble with the signal due to weather, please change to the standard
definition version of the program.
Other channels are in the 200 – 400 channel range
Most of the 800 channel XM radio channels we get
C. Ordering Pay Per View Movies
Use the computer to go to
Use the login “xxxxxx”
Password “xxxxxx”
To log into the account.
Under “My Package”
Choose “Order Pay Per View Movies and Events”
Select the Pay per View from the program list
Choose Bill to DirecTV Account
Press Send
Then you are ready to watch the movie!
Please remember that you are responsible for all Pay Per View Fees during your stay
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
To use DVD Player
The DVD is also a CD player and can handle Video CD’s as well. You must use the
separate LG remote to control the DVD Player.
A. To Turn ON
Press the “Power Button on the top of the DVD player
Or Press the Power button on the LG remote
The Sony stereo Receiver must have the input set to DVD mode. Turn the small
dial on the right to get to DVD mode.
B. To Operate the DVD player use the LG DVD remote or press the buttons on the top of
the DVD player
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Wireless Internet / Multifunction – Printer/Fax/Copier
A. The cabin has a wireless network. This network can handle 802.1B, and G
connections. This is basically most wireless cards.
B. There is no login or password to access the wireless network. There are several
wireless routers in the house. Simply allow your card to find the access point and then
you can connect to the network. The router BlueHeronMain is located in the loft and
serves the second floor, the main floor, and some of the deck. The router
BlueHeronBasement is located in the basement and serves the lower level and some of
the deck. You may see other wireless networks, but it is recommended that you do not
connect to them (even though they are ours) because they have very weak signals.
C. Make sure your card allows your IP address to be assigned by DHCP.
D. Our internet service is provided by satellite. Therefore, during strong storms in our
area or over Texas (rare) the internet connection may stop working. The problem will
resolve itself when the weather passes.
E. Because we are served by satellite our download speed is great, but our upload speed
is slow and there is high latency. Further, there is a limit on how much we can download
in a period of time. Therefore, one should not download 100 MB + files, use the
connection for remote gaming, or VOIP.
F. In rare cases our main router may need to be power cycled. If you are having
connection problems go to the loft. Unplug the power from the router. Then plug it back
in. This will power cycle the router.
G. You can print via the wireless network.
Our printer is located at
It is a multifunction Brother MFC-7820N
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
If needed drivers can be found here:
This printer is located in the master bedroom
H. You may use the multifunction as a copier. Simply press the copy button. Insert
the item to be copied on the glass or in the feeder and press start
I. You may use the multifunction as a fax. Remember like the phone you must dial
a “0” before the number you want to fax to. So to fax to 866-691-9112 you would
enter 0 1 866 691 9112
Bedroom Computer
A. To Use
Press Large Button on Front on Computer on the side of the desk
Allow the Computer to Boot
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
At the login screen:
Choose Black Bay (no password is needed)
B. Computer will automatically be connected to the internet once it is completely booted
after login.
C. Use Internet Explorer to Surf the internet
D. Feel free to use any of the applications on the computer
E. Please do not load new programs or change the computer settings
F. DO NOT unplug any of the cords, USB, Ethernet, etc.
G. The Brother 7820 N is the default Printer
Double Hung Ovens
.Both Ovens are both a normal oven and a convection oven
Turn the left dial for the desired over to the desired oven function (Convection Bake,
Bake, Broil, Convection Roast, Bread Proof, Warm and Hold)
Turn the left dial to set the temperature. The temperate will be displayed digitally
The oven will BEEP when it reaches temperature
To set a timer press one of the timer buttons and press the up or down arrow.
Both the left and right dials must be turned off for each over when finished cooking.
The fan in the over man continue to run after you have shut the oven off. This is
normal until the heat in the oven dissipate.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Island Range
A. Burners
Press the “ON OFF” Button on the lower right for the burner of choice to turn it
Then press the up or down arrow keys to set the temperature of the burner
Some Burners can change sizes or be connected, see the “Heat Zone” button
Press the “ON OFF” Button to shut of the burner
The hot button will be illuminated when the glass surface of a particular burner is
still hot
To clean the cooktop please use the cooktop cleaner under the kitchen sink.
Please do not place items over the controls. If you do the unit will start to beep
and flash until you remove the item over the controls
B. Exhaust Vent – Please use when cooking on the range
Press the black button on the top right corner of the range
The downdraft vent will rise out of the countertop and turn on automatically
Control the speed of the fan on the right hand edge of the vent
When finished press the black button on the top right corner of the vent and it
will turn off and retract into the counter top
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
A. Open Front Door
B. Load Dishes
C. Dishwashing soap is located under sink. Please only use solid soap (No Liquid)
D. Load soap into gray tray on left portion of door
E. Close the lid of soap tray
F. Select Type of Wash Needed on Top Edge of Door
G. Most Common Use is “Smart Wash”
H. Press the Start Button (If Delay is desired press delay)
I. Close the Door to begin dishwashing
Cuisinart Coffee Maker (Grind and Brew)
1. Fill the Water Reservoir
Remove the carafe from the hot plate.
Open the carafe cover and fill with cold water to just over the amount of coffee you are making.
Close the carafe cover.
Press the reservoir lid to open.
Pour the water from the carafe into reservoir. The numbers on the water reservoir indicate a slightly
higher amount of water per cup than the carafe markings. This is to compensate for the amount of water
lost in wetting the grounds, and lost as steam during the brewing process.
The float on the water window indicates the amount of water necessary to brew the corresponding
amount of coffee.
Replace the carafe on the hot plate.
2. Set the Flavor System
The Flavor System has been designed to extract the proper coffee flavor compounds when the dial is
positioned according to the number of cups being brewed.
NOTE: If you use less than the recommended coffee measure, or you use a grind that is finer than
the recommended grind, set the Flavor System to a higher cup setting. This takes more water
away from the grounds, preventing overextraction.
Conversely, if you use more coffee or a coarser grind, set Flavor System to a lower setting.
To deactivate the Flavor System, turn the selector knob counterclockwise to the “OFF” setting.
3. Add Beans/Filter
Lift the grinder basket lid, using the recess on either side.
Fill the basket with the desired quantity of beans.
Lift the filter basket cover/filter holder. (See parts list for best
location to grasp).
Place a #4 cone filter or a permanent filter in the basket.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Note: When using a permanent filter, be sure that the filter handle is facing away from the grinder
basket. If you do not do so, the handle may interfere with the flow of ground coffee into the filter
basket. Also note: a permanent filter may allow some ground coffee to flow into carafe.
The filter holder will help to keep the filter open, but when using a paper filter, be sure that the filter is
completely open and fully nserted into the basket.
To make a full pot of coffee (10 cups), fill the grinder basket to the top.
To make fewer than 10 cups of coffee, we suggest that you use about 1 tablespoon of whole beans per
cup. Note: One measuring scoop is approximately equal to one tablespoon.
For 1 or 2 cups, use 1-1/2 tablespoons per cup. Adjust the recipe according to your individual taste.
4. Close the Reservoir Lid
Press down to lock. To prevent coffee grounds from escaping the grinding chamber, make sure reservoir
lid is locked.
The Automatic Grind & Brew™ is equipped with a Safety Interlock System. The Grind & Brew™ will
not operate if the cover of the unit is open more than 1/2 inch or the grinder cover and/or the filter
cover are left out. Because grinder blades spin during operation, the Grind & Brew™ will not
operate if the cover of the unit is open. If you try to turn the unit on with the cover open, the unit
will beep continuously until the missing parts are installed and you close the lid.
The unit will also beep if you open the lid during the brewing process. The grinder will stop
grinding or, if brewing, the brewing will stop. Once the missing parts are installed and the cover
is closed, the beeping will stop. The brewing process can be restarted by pressing the “On”
button. Restarting the process will not affect coffee
5. Before Brewing Coffee
Make sure you have replaced the glass carafe in its position on the warming plate and have placed a
filter in the grinder/filter basket.
6. Power Unit
a) Immediate grinding and brewing: Switch the control panel to ON. The indicator will light and the
process will begin.
b) Programmed Brewing: Press the “Program” button. The indicator will light and the display will show the
programmed time for as long as the button is depressed. The display reverts back to time of day once the
button is released. If the indicator light goes off once the button has been released, it means the program
has not been set.
7. Select Cups Setting
If you are brewing fewer than 5 cups, press the “1-4 ” button. The indicator light will illuminate.
Note that the light will only come on if the coffeemaker has been turned on or set to the “program” mode
8. During and After Brewing
The Brew Pause™ feature allows you to remove the carafe from the heater during mid-brew.
The brewing process does not stop during this period; only the flow of coffee from the basket stops. Do
not remove the carafe for longer than 30 seconds or the coffee may overflow the basket.
While we offer this feature, we do not recommend that you pour coffee before the cycle has reached
completion, since the coffee brewed at the beginning of the cycle has a flavor profile which is very
different from the coffee made at the end of the cycle. Removing a cup during the brewing cycle will alter
the flavor of the finished pot.
Once the coffee has finished brewing, stir it before serving to blend the flavors. The coffee at the bottom
of the carafe will be somewhat stronger than the coffee at the top.
When the brewing cycle has been completed, five beeps will sound. Coffee will continue to stream from
the filter for several seconds.
After brewing, the heater plate will keep the coffee at about 180°-185°F. We recommend
transferring the coffee to a thermal carafe preheated with hot water, if the coffee is not going to be drunk
within 20 minutes.
Follow instructions 1 and 2 from Making Coffee section.
3. Add ground coffee to permanent or #4 cone paper filter. Our recipe suggestion: Use 1 to 1-1/2
tablespoons of ground coffee per cup. Note: One measuring scoop is approximately equal to one
tablespoon. Adjust the recipe according to your individual taste.
NOTE: The maximum capacity for ground coffee is 15 tablespoons, using either a paper or permanent
filter. Exceeding these amounts may cause overflow if the coffeeis too finely ground.
4. Close the reservoir lid.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
5. See Before Brewing Coffee note above.
Press the “Grind Off” button. When this function is activated, a yellow LED will be illuminated. Then press
the “ON” button.
6. Follow instructions 6 through 8 from the Making Coffee section.
The Parts
1. Reservoir Cover
Press to open. Press to lock. A Safety Interlock System prevents operation of the unit if the reservoir cover is open
more than one half inch (1/2").
2. Water Window
Markings indicate water needed to make corresponding cups of brewed coffee.
3. Brew PauseTM Feature (Not shown)
Stops flow of coffee from basket when carafe is removed from heater plate, so a cup can be poured in mid-brew, if
desired. Since the extraction rate varies during the brew cycle, we recommend allowing the brewing cycle to finish
before pouring coffee.
4. Carafe
a. Taste Keeper® Lid: Helps preserve coffee flavor by minimizing oxygen flow into carafe.
b. Comfort Grip Handle: Safe, controlled pouring.
c. Brewed Coffee Markings: These are located close to the handle for easier viewing.
5. Coffee Temperature Monitor
Monitors brewed coffee temperature and maintains it at the same level, even if there is only a small amount of
coffee in the carafe. Note: temperature is adjustable.
6. Warming Plate
7. Cord Storage (Not shown)
Unused cord is easily pushed into the bottom of coffeemaker, keeping counters neat.
8. Control Panel
9. Safety Interlock System (Not shown)
Prevents operation of the unit if the reservoir cover is open more than 1/2 inch or the grinder basket lid and/or filter
basket cover are not in place. An audible tone will sound continuously until cover is closed or the missing parts are
in place and the cover is closed.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Krups Coffee Maker
Espresso : e
e1- Boiler security cap
e2- Steam side knob
e3- Steam nozzle
e4- Cappuccino nozzle
e5- Espresso jug lid
e6- Espresso carafe
e7- Drip grid
e8- 2-4-cup sieve
e9- Sieve holder
e10- Measuring spoon
S- Selector knob
C- Display
Coffee : c
c1- Optional accessory : Duo-Filter –
Ref : F15A04 (sold separatly)
c2- Watertank drip coffee
c3- Filter basket
c4- Swing-out filter holder
c5- Waterlevel indicator
c6- Pause and Serve device
c7- Drip carafe hinged lid
c8- Drip carafe
c9- Non-stick coated keep warming plate
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Making Coffee
Putting in the ground coffee
1.Swing out the filter holder (3) and insert a paper filter in the filter basket. We recommend using KRUPS size 4.
When inserting a paper filter make sure the seam is pointing toward the base of the filter holder (4). Use your
hands to conform the filter to the contours of the filter basket. This will enable you to achieve better results.
2.Put ground coffee into the filter basket (5). We suggest using one level KRUPS measuring spoon of ground
coffee for each cup of robust brewed coffee. You can adjust the quantity to suit your own taste. We do not
recommend using coffee that is ground to a powder-like consistency, as this will prevent water from passing
through the filter.
3.Close the filter and make sure that it is completely closed (6).
ATTENTION : Make sure that the filter paper does not fold over when closing the swivel filter, otherwise the water
might run between the filter paper and the filter holder producing a very weak cup of coffee.
Filling the Water Chamber
1.Open the hinged lid (7). Pour in the desired quantity of water (8) and close the lid. The amount of freshly brewed
coffee delivered after the brewing process will always be slightly less than the amount put into the water chamber.
This is due to the minimal absorption of the water by the ground coffee. The water levels on drip carafe and
appliance do take this absorption in account for more convenience.
2.Place the glass carafe with lid in position on the warming plate.
3.Turn « ON » your appliance in drip coffee mode using the selector knob (S). The indicator light will illuminate
indicating that the brewing process has begun (9).
4.As long as the blue indicator light is illuminated the coffee will be kept warm.
Making espresso
1.Place your appliance near an electrical outlet and release enough cord so that you can plug in the machine (2).
2.Place the filter basket (e8) into the filter holder (e9) and rotate basket inside filter holder to secure it (11).
3.Fill with ground espresso. The filter basket is marked on the inside for 2 and 4 cups. Pack the coffee lightly and
clear any excess coffee from the rim of the filter holder. This will assure proper fit to the brewing head (12).
ATTENTION ! Do not pack coffee too tightly. Do not fill more coffee than indicated by the four-cup marking
into the filter basket. This might cause clogging or overflow.
4.To insert the filter holder, place the filter handle’s to the left, raise the filter holder up into brewing head and turn
the filter holder to the right, until it can go no further. If the filter holder’s handle does not point toward you in lock
position, do not operate the machine. Rather, remove the filter holder and reinsert it as described above (13).
By following this procedure this will prevent the filter holder from being dislodged as pressure builds up
during the brewing process.
5.Open the hinged lid and unscrew the boiler cap by turning it counterclockwise (14+15).
6.Fill the boiler container with cold water using the marking indicated on the glass carafe (16).
CAUTION Never fill the boiler while your appliance is switched on. Never fill more than 20 oz of water into
the boiler.
The glass carafe has markings for 2 and 4 cups. To froth milk for Cappuccino preparation, add
the quantity of water corresponding to the steam level marking on the carafe.
Maximum capacity to the bottom of the metal band around the glass carafe = 4 cups of
espresso, plus steam for frothing milk for cappuccino.
CAUTION Never fill the carafe above the bottom of the metal band!
It is very important to fill only the amount of water you need into the boiler. Your appliance will always need to
process all the water until the boiler is empty.
7.Close the boiler cap securely by turning it clockwise (17).
8.Place carafe under the filter holder and make sure the slot on carafe lid is right below the filter holder output (18).
ATTENTION : Make sure the overflow grid (e7) is in place.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
9. Make sure the side knob (e2) is set on cup Espresso position. Then turn the selector knob (S) to the left in
Espresso ON position. The left indicator will light ON blue (19). It will take approximately 2 minutes for the water to
be heated. The water will then be forced through the ground coffee into the glass carafe.
10. Wait until all the water in the boiler has been used. Switch off the machine by turning the selector knob (S) in
middle position.
11. Do not unscrew the boiler cap while the machine is in operation. Wait until brewing cycle is completed
and all water and steam have been used (see CAUTION-PRESSURE).
CAUTION Use caution when removing the filter holder, as the metal parts may still be hot. After switching
off the appliance it is recommended to wait about 2 minutes before removing the filter holder. To remove
the filter holder, turn the filter to the left, until the holder dislodges from the machine.
Making Cappuccino
If the Cappuccino nozzle is not attached, attach it now (20).
1.Pour 4 to 6 oz of fresh, cold milk into a small pitcher. Do not use a pitcher cleaned with hot water and still warm.
The pitcher should fit underneath the cappuccino nozzle. We recommend using 2% or skim for a stiff, dense froth.
Use regular whole milk if you prefer a creamy froth.
2.Follow the directions from step 1 to 12 in section « Making Espresso ».
3.As soon as the first few drops of coffee are forced through the filter holder you can start frothing the milk.
Place the tip of the steam nozzle half way into the pitcher of milk.
4a) Turn the steam release knob (e2) counterclockwise to release steam(21).
b) Keep pitcher slightly tilted so that you can always see the position of the nozzle as you froth the milk.
Always ensure some clearance between the cappuccino nozzle end and bottom wall of the pitcher, to allow steam
exhaust. In just a few seconds, your milk will begin to froth. As the froth rises, keep lowering the pitcher so that the
tip of the steam nozzle is always just slightly beneath the surface of the rising froth.
Note : Do not bring milk to a boil (this will happen if large bubbles start to form on the surface of the milk).
c) When you have finished frothing milk, close the steam release knob by turning it clockwise while the nozzle is
still immersed in the milk. This will avoid splattering of the hot milk and froth.
d) If you prefer «stiff» froth, let the frothed milk stand for a minute.
Kitchen Sink
Because we have a septic system, we do not have a garbage disposer in our kitchen.
Please do not wash solids down the drain. Instead place all solids in the trash. Use the
strainers at the bottom of the sink to prevent small solids from going do the drain
Kitchen Trash
There is a trash container located in the cabinet on the left side of cooking island. This
garbage can pulls out and extra garbage bags can be found under the kitchen sink. Please
do not place garbage on the floor. Please also remember to empty this garbage can.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Kitchen TV / Computer
The monitor is fully adjustable. It may be moved so that it can be viewed in the
dining room or the kitchen.
Operating the Kitchen Monitor as a Computer Monitor
Press the Power Button on the remote
Press the Input button located on the top right of the remote
Press the arrow keys (up or down) to Choose VGA
The computer itself is actually located in the basement closet behind bedroom
7. The keyboard and mouse are located on the kitchen counter.
The computer should always be running. Please do not shutdown the
If the computer is “sleeping” just tap a few keys on the keyboard or move the
mouse and the computer monitor will come on.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Press the “Sarah” log in icon (no password is needed)
Please do not install any programs or files on our computer
The computer is automatically connected to our network and the internet
The computer prints by default to the printer located in the master bedroom
When finished using the computer simply press the power button for the
If for some reason the computer has been shut down you can go to the closet
behind bedroom #7 and press the power button on the computer to restart it
Operating the Kitchen Monitor as a TV
The TV in the kitchen can only display the identical picture as is tuned on the
TV in the living room
Press the Power button on for the TV
Press the Input button located on the top right of the remote
Press the arrow keys (up or down) to Choose HDMI
Turn on the SONY audio receiver located in the living room
Make sure the DirectTV box is on in the living room
The picture and audio will appear on the kitchen monitor.
You cannot change the channel from the remote in the kitchen. You can only
watch what is being shown in the living room and controlled by the direct TV
box there.
You can press the Vol+ and Vol- buttons to change the volume that comes out
of the TV in the kitchen
Important Note: The SONY audio receiver must be turned on AFTER the
kitchen TV is on, otherwise the picture in the kitchen will not show. If the
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
picture is not showing in the kitchen simply turn the Sony receiver in the
living room off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. Further, if the audio
in the kitchen becomes distorted please simply turn the Sony Audio off and
back on to fix the problem.
Radio in the Kitchen
A CD Player / Radio is located in the kitchen above the refrigerator
Press the power button on the INSIGNIA remote to turn it on
Press the source key located on the left middle of the remote to get to FM or
AM radio
Press the scan – or can + buttons (top blue buttons on the remote) to tune up
or down. Press and hold one of the buttons to scan to a tunable station
Press the Power Button to turn off the system
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Open the door
Place items to be washed inside
Close the door
On the upper left corner is the soap tray
Pull the soap try out
Put the soap in the tray
Close the Tray
Select the Cycle Type, Normal Wash is the most common
If desired adjust the temperature by pressing the temp control button
If desired adjust the spin speed by pressing the spin speed button
Press and HOLD the start button to begin the wash cycle
To Cancel the wash cycle, press and hold cancel
Open the door
Pull out the lint trap located in the front
Clean the lint trap
Replace the lint trap
Put the clothes in to be dried
Press the button for the type of items you are drying. Normal is the most
The drier automatically selects a time for you.
The drier adjusts the time based on the wetness of the clothes on started
Press and Hold the start button to begin drying
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Fireplaces (Main and Lower Floors)
The fireplace are special wood burning fire places. There are designed to be able to heat
the entire house if necessary and to so continuously for 10-12 hours at a time. There are
special vents that allow outside air to be used for burning of the wood and inside air to be
circulated for heating purposes.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Fireplace FAN
There is an air circulation fan on this fireplace.
This will take room air and circulate it around the hot fireplace and blow it out
into the room
This will increase the temperature more quickly in the house.
To allow this fan to run, turn on the left of the two switches next to the
fireplace by switching it to the up position
The fan on the fireplace may not immediately turn on. The fan is on a
temperature sensitive switch. It will only run once the fireplace is hot.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Whirlpool Master Bath / Basement
A1. Master bath: The whirlpool can hold 85 gallons of water when full. Please be
advised that you will use a considerable amount of hot water (We have a 175 gallon and a
60 gallon water heater) when filling this tub. Running multiple showers at the same time
is not advised.
A2. Basement. The whirlpool can hold 130+ gallons of water when full. Please be
advised that you will use a considerable amount of hot water (We have a 175 gallon and a
60 gallon water heater) when filling this tub. Running multiple showers at the same time
is not advised.
B. When the water level is above the jets, then the baths may be turned on. The on off
button located on the left side turns the pump on and off
C. The pressure of the pump is controlled on the right side with the dial that goes high,
medium, and low pressure. Clockwise lowers, Counter clockwise raises the pressure.
D. There are two circular silver knobs next to the on off and pressure control
respectively. These knobs can be rotated to adjust the amount of air that is in the jets.
Clockwise has less air and counter clockwise has more air.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
E. There is an inline heater for the tub that will maintain the water temperature during the
course of the bath if the pump is running. The heater cannot be used to heat the water to
a higher temperature.
Showers Main and Second Floor
When using these showers it can take a full minute before the hot water reaches that
shower. Therefore, it is advisable to turn on the shower, close the door or curtain, let the
water run for a minute to allow the hot water to reach it, and then enter the shower.
Basement Bath Shower
The custom basement bathroom shower has two independently controlled jetted shower
systems in addition to a sitting area inside the shower.
When using the shower make sure to close the glass shower door completely to avoid
water from leaving the shower.
To start water flowing from the shower pull the bottom knob out. The amount that this
knob is pulled out controls the water pressure in the shower. To shut off the shower press
the bottom knob in. Water main continue to flow from the jets as they drain.
To adjust the temperature rotate the bottom knob clockwise (colder) or counter clockwise
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
The upper knob controls the water flow. The water may flow just to the shower head, to
a combination of the shower head and the jets, or just the jets. Rotate the knob counter
clockwise to get more pressure to the jets and clockwise to get more pressure to the
shower head.
The shower jets are adjustable and may be moved to a specific direction.
Sauna in Basement Bathroom
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Press the switch in the middle of the sauna control to turn on and off the lights in
the Sauna. The switch to the right turn the light on and the switch to the left turns
the light off.
To turn on the sauna heater turn the temperature control knob clockwise to the
desired temperature
Then turn the timer clockwise to set the heating time. The sauna heater will only
turn on when both the temperature control and timer are set.
The sauna heater will be hot. Do not touch the sauna heater or place object near
or on the sauna heater. See the warning signs in the sauna.
You may use the bucket and spoon located in the sauna to pour water over the hot
rocks in the sauna. Make sure to use clean water.
See the directions posted in the sauna for proper use of the sauna.
See the warning signs in the sauna about the potential dangers of sauna use.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Prolonged exposure of the user in the sauna room is capable of inducing hyperthermia.
Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level several
degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.6°F. The symptoms of hyperthermia
include an increase in the internal temperature of the body, dizziness, lethargy,
drowsiness, and fainting. The effects of hyperthermia include:
a) Failure to perceive heat
b) Failure to recognize the need to exit the room
c) Unawareness of impending heat
d) Fetal damage in pregnant women
e) Physical inability to exit the room
f) Unconsciousness
WARNING: The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication is capable of greatly increasing
the risk of fatal hyperthermia.
Bedroom Alarm Clock / Radio / Phones
Alarm Clock
There are two alarms as ALM1 and ALM2.
1. Press SET and the text ‘SET TIME?’ appears on the screen. Scroll . VOL + / VOL - to
SET ALARM1?. Or Press and Hold the Alarm 1 button
2. Press SET again to display ‘SET AL1 HOUR’. Scroll VOL + / VOL - to select hour.
3. Press SET to confirm and set the ‘MINUTE’ in the same way.
4. The ‘SET AL1 MODE’ appears on the screen. Scroll VOL + / VOL - to select the alarm
mode in the following order.
Look at the icons on the digital display when choosing the alarm mode in 4 above.
This will tell you if the alarm sound will be the CD, RADIO, Buzzer, or OFF (no
5. Press SET to confirm the mode, then ‘SET AL1 VOLUME’ appears on the
screen. Scroll VOL + / VOL - to adjust the volume.
The volume of the alarm increases gradually when it rings. The setting is for the
maximum volume (no less than 5).
6. Press SET to confirm the Volume, then ‘SET AL1-DURATION’ appears on the
screen. Scroll VOL + / VOL - to select the duration.
Minimum duration is 10 minutes; maximum duration is 120 minutes for CD/
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
RADIO and 30 minutes for BUZZER.
Air Hockey Table
To turn on the air hockey table make sure the cord is plugged in
Press the far right switch on the end of the table down to turn on the air.
Press the far right switch on the end of the table up to turn off the air
Press the left of the two switches down to turn on the scoreboard
Press the red button to change the amount of minutes the game will be
Press the green reset button to reset the score and the timer
Please remember to turn off the scoreboard and power when done.
DO NOT place food or drinks on the air hockey table
DO NOT sit or stand on the air hockey table
Foosball Table
Do NOT place food or drinks on the foosball table
Do NOT sit or stand on the foosball table
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Basement Bar
Please return all glasses that were in the basement bar to the basement bar after
A sink is provided behind the bar for rinsing of glasses
Bins are provided behind the bar so that glasses can be transported upstairs and
back for cleaning
A wine cooler is available on the bar. Please only turn this on when you need to
use it and press the + or – keys to set the temperature. To save energy please turn
this cooler off when not in use.
Outdoor Grill
The outdoor grill has an automatic igniter on each burner
Turn the burner knob to ignite
Push in the knob to start the igniter
Release the knob when the burner is lit
Repeat for each burner needed
The far right knob is for the side burner.
The cover must be lifted on the side burner before lighting it
The second knob from the right is for the back burner.
This grill consumes a lot of propane. Please be sure to turn it off immediately
when finished cooking.
The propane tank is located under the grill behind the right door.
To replace the tank, open the door
Slide out the propane tank slide
Turn the knob on the top of the tank off
Disconnect the line from the tank by turning it to the right (reverse thread)
Replace the tank with a new one (usually located behind the grill)
Reconnect the line to the tank by turning it to the left (reverse thread)
Turn on the knob on the top of the tank
Push the cylinder back into place and close the door.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
On the right side of the grill there are several drawers
In the top drawer are all the grill tools
Please make sure to clean the tools and replace them in this drawer
Also located in this drawer is the grill brush
Please make sure to clean the grill with it after use
Outdoor Hot Tub
DO NOT sit, stand, or walk on the cover for ANY reason.
The hot tub is covered to reduce the heating costs, to keep the unit clean, and to
prevent children from entering the tub.
You must unlatch ALL clips (4 total) before trying to take off the cover.
Push the two sides of the clip and the latch will release
Remove cover completely when using the tub
Immediately replace and latch the cover after use.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
The hot tub will automatically be heated to temperature
To increase the temperature Press the up arrow on the left side of the control
To decrease the temperature Press the down arrow on the left side of the control
Do not Press the mode button. This should always be in standard more
Press Jets 1 to turn on ½ of the jets to low mode.
Press Jets 1 again to turn ½ the jets on high mode
Press Jets 1 again to turn off ½ of the jets
Jets 2 only has two mode. Press the button once to turn on the other ½ of the jets.
Press the button again to turn this ½ off.
Press the blower button to add air to the water jets
Press the light button to turn on the LED lights. Press light button to turn off the
LED lights. Continuing to press this button will change the color of the LED
Air Volume control – Each jet system has its own air control. (Jets each seat).
This controls the amount of air that is mixed with the water. The control is
always to the right of the given seat while sitting in it. Counter Clockwise
rotation adds more air and clockwise rotation decreases the air.
The waterfall is the slit next to the control panel. The knob to the right of the
control panel (while facing the control outside the hot tub) is the control for the
waterfall flow. Counterclockwise increases the flow and clockwise decreases the
Each jet in the spa can be adjusted for high and low impact massage. Each jet has
its own water volume and directional or oscillating flow adjustment. To adjust
the jets: Turn outer dial on the jet (in the water) counter clockwise to increase the
flow. Turn the outer dial on the jet clockwise to decrease the flow. For
adjustment of the direction jets move them to any angle.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
The hot tub contains a AM/FM radio with CD player
There are two pop up speakers in the tub and a built in sub-woofer
On the corners of the spa press down on the round speaker and let it pop up.
Simply press down again on the speaker to return it back into place.
On the front of the hot tub there is the control for the radio
Remove the cover to access the control
Press the Power button to turn on the radio
Press the left and right buttons on the right had side to tune the radio
Press the up and down buttons on the left hand side to control the volume
If you wish to play a CD, press the button in the center of the radio control
The face of the control will fold down to reveal the input for the CD
Change the SRC (source) to CD to play the CD
The radio can also be controlled on the top of the hot tub
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Press the Power button to turn on and off the radio
Press the up and down arrows to control the volume
Press the left and right arrows to tune the radio.
Please use the garden hose located below the hot tub to replace any displaced
water into the hot tub.
Add 6 teaspoons of Oxy – Spa to the spa AFTER EACH USE
o Do not enter spa after adding Oxy – Spa
o Do not inhale or get Oxy-Spa on skin.
o Follow the directions on the bottle for medical care if b happens.
Cleaning Staff will take care of all other chemical treatments.
Spa Warning
DANGER: Risk of Accidental Drowning. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent
unauthorized access by children. To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot use this
spa unless they are supervised at all times.
WARNING: To Reduce the Risk of Injury:
a. Water temperature in a spa should never exceed 104◦ F (40◦ C). Water temperatures
between 100◦ F (38◦ C) and 104◦ F (40◦ C) are considered safe for a healthy adult. Water
temperature in excess of 104◦ F (40◦ C) may be injurious to your health. Lower
temperatures are recommended for young children and/or when spa use exceeds 10
b. Since excessive water temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage
during the early months of pregnancy, pregnant, or possibly pregnant, women should
limit spa usage when temperatures are in excess of 100◦ F (38◦ C).
c. Before entering the spa, measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer
since the tolerance of water temperature regulating devices varies.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
d. The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication before or during spa use may lead to
unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.
e. Persons suffering from obesity or a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood
pressure, circulatory system problems, and/or diabetes should consult a physician before
using a spa.
f. Persons using medication should consult a physician before using a spa. Some
medications may induce drowsiness while other medication may affect heart rate, blood
pressure, and/or circulation.
WARNING: Risk of Fatal Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs when the internal
temperature of the body reaches a level several degrees above the normal body
temperature of 98.6◦ F (37◦ C). The symptoms of Hyperthermia include dizziness,
lethargy, drowsiness, and fainting. The use of alcohol, drugs, and/or medication can
greatly increase the risk of fatal Hyperthermia. The effects of Hyperthermia include:
Unawareness of impending hazard
Failure to perceive heat
Failure to recognize the need to exit the spa
Physical inability to exit the spa
Fetal damage in pregnant women
Unconsciousness and danger of drowning
Screen Porch
Please keep the table and 12 arm chairs inside the screen porch.
Please do not leave metal objects on the table or chairs as this will stain them
Please keep the garbage can inside the screen porch.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Outdoor Furniture
The outdoor furniture is covered by outdoor cushions.
These cushions are specially designed so that they may be left outside at all times.
They will not be damaged by the weather.
Please leave this furniture in its place.
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
On and around the lake are a number of boat dealers, marinas and repair
to satisfy all of your boating needs.
Need a new part?
How about some service?
Maybe you want to rent something special for a day on the water?
(check out their web site)
(check out their web site)
P.O. Box 1027
COOK, MN 55723-1027
2475 Vermilion Drive
COOK, MN 55723
cell phone - (218)780-4655
4296 Arrowhead Point Road
TOWER, MN 55790
HWY 77 N Lk Vermilion
TOWER, MN 55790
Oak Narrows Lake Vermilion
COOK, MN 55723
Hwy 1 & Hwy 24
COOK, MN 55723
Hwy 169
TOWER, MN 55790
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Blue Heron Lodge Manual
There are many golf courses not far from Eagle's Nest Cabin.
Weather you are golfing with the family or with experienced pro's
there is a course close by that is right for you.
Vermilion Fairways Golf Course - Vermilion
2407 Vermilion Drive
Cook, MN 55723
9 Holes 36 Par
Fortune Bay Golf Course - The Wilderness
1430 Bois Forte Road
Tower, MN 55790
18 Holes 72 Par
Three Brothers Vermilion River Greens
5530 Crane Lake Road
Buyck, MN 55771
9 Holes 36 Par
Wolf Ridge Golf Course
8501 Savage Road
Angora, MN 55703
Fortune Bay - The Wilderness
Opening Spring 2004
9-18 Holes 36-72 Par
There are a number of restaurants that are accessible by boat
on the lake as well as by car.
Wolf Bay Lodge Restaurant
3262 Randa Road
Cook, MN 55723
Low Cost Simple Foods
The Landing
3096 Vermilion Drive (Hwy24) 218-666-0221
Cook, MN 55723
Medium Price, Full
Elbow Lake Lodge
Cook, MN 55723
Opening Spring 2004
Country Supper Club
Olson Road
Cook, MN 55723
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The Landing
Blue Heron Lodge Manual
Cook, Minnesota , is the gateway to the west end of Lake
Vermilion It is a small town with very nice people and has all the
supplies you will need for your trip. There is just one main street (
River Street ), plus Highway 53, in Cook
Groceries - Zup's
Gasoline - Country Store, Zup's, Lucky 7
Liquor - Last Chance Liquor
Restaurant - McDonalds, Subway, Montana Cafe, Cafe
Pharmacy - Franks Pharmacy
Home Supplies - Hanson Furniture & Appliance
Hardware Store - Northwoods True Value, Hadersbeck's
Hometown, Cook Building Supply
Car Repair - Gustafson Motors (Ford), Phillips
Chevrolet, River Street Auto, The Tire Shop
Marine Service - Wilson Marine, Riverside Sales,
Dockside Services
Barber Shop - Vermilion Barber
Gifts - Human Touch Gifts & Crafts
Bank - American Bank, First National Bank
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Main Street Cook, MN