220 & 270
The Smart Solution For The Networked Office
Digital Technology
built on a modular design to enable
you to add on digital faxing, network
printing and network scanning capabil-
220 & 270
ities within a single system to support
your business applications.
Strategically Designed For Your
Growing Networked Office.
Whether your environment is a connected workgroup within a large corporation, a branch location or a small
Your business keeps growing and so
focusing on your requirements… and
office, the Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270
do the demands of your workload.
addressing your changing business
handle your document workflow no
The question becomes, do you keep
applications in the future!
matter what your applications, pro-
wasting money on an outdated system
The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270
viding you with one of the most inte-
or spend way too much on one that
Digital Imaging Systems offer the
grated, affordable multifunctional
has capabilities you don’t yet require?
high-performance advancements of
imaging systems on the market.
RICOH® has simplified the decision-
digital technology — from outstanding
making process with a reliable, expand-
image quality to an array of conven-
Digital, A Step Ahead
able, affordable and safe solution
ient, productive capabilities — and are
Going digital is where it’s at in today’s
fast-paced, evolving business world
and Ricoh has taken the lead in the
industry where digital technology is
concerned. Advanced Ricoh engineering ensures unsurpassed quality,
productivity and reliability, yet it also
enables the essential expandability a
company needs to get ahead. Imagine,
the flexibility of building your own
integrated digital imaging system to
meet your growing needs!
Touch Panel Display,
Simple to Use
Even a digital imaging system that
seems capable of doing everything
simply can’t do anything if it’s not
easy to use. Novices and experienced
users alike can walk right up to the
Booklet printing, slip sheets, two-sided
Aficio 220 & 270 and access even the
printing (duplex), covers, stapling or
Image Quality,
most sophisticated functions with a
watermarks are just some of the
Professional Image
“touch” on the Touch Panel Display.
options available with a point and
You can’t accept
These user-friendly systems come with
click on the driver.
anything less than
a logically organized control
perfection when it
panel that is clearly labeled.
comes to your image.
Network Printing at
22 or 27 Pages per Minute
Full-service convenience can
be yours when incorporating
laser quality printing with
600 dpi resolution for seamless
network connectivity.
Support is standard
for PCL5e/PCL6 and
an option for genuine
Adobe® PostScript® 3™,
ensuring compatibility
with all of today’s most
popular applications.
That means great
looking documents
every time. The
Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270
offer 600 dpi resolution,
combined with 256 level
gray scale capability,
for the sharpest of
images. Photographs,
spreadsheets, manuals,
and proposals are also
faithfully reproduced
with the help of three special
Original Modes to reflect your
professional image.
Productive Users
Advanced Technology,
Enhanced Reliability
From single copies to finished sets,
While the Aficio 220 & 270 is space-
you’ll always experience exceptional
saving and easy to use, what truly
performance and productivity. By
counts is on the inside – the state-of-
scanning an original document once,
the-art Ricoh engineering elements
directly into the powerful 20 MB
that ensure reliability and productivity
the optional 1,000-sheet Finisher for
standard, expandable memory, the
use after use. Elements like a short,
professional looking documents.
Efficient Memory Performance,
Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF)
straight paper path delivering a
fast first copy speed of 4.9 seconds
dramatically improves reliability.
Stackless Duplexing streamlines
two-sided output like never before.
You can perform limitless duplexing for
jobs as large as 11" x 17", whether
Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 allow you to
go do other work while the “scan
once, print many” capability takes
over to complete your job, regardless
of the number of sets requested. Wear
you’re copying, faxing or printing!
High Performance
Fax Capabilities
The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 stand up
to the most powerful fax systems on
the market today. Enjoy fast 3-second
per page transmission speed via
a standard 33.6 Kbps modem,
with incoming faxes printed at full
Intelligent Document Handling
engine speed (22 or 27 pages per
Capable of holding up to a
minute) — twice as fast as most
3,100-sheet paper supply and auto-
stand-alone faxes. The optional
matically switching paper sources
Multi Line capability allows the
and tear on the document feeder is
significantly reduced, as are operation
1,000-sheet Finisher
Aficio 220 & 270 to send and receive
Shift Sort Tray
documents at the same time.
noise levels, and every copy has the
same precision quality as the original.
Memory capability also means your
output will be electronically sorted,
automatically, without the need for a
during a copy or print run, the
Ricoh only manufactures products
mechanical sorter. And, to give your
Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270 ensure
that create a healthier and safer
documents a
uninterrupted operation so you can
environment for all.
more profes-
focus on other work tasks. Our
Consequently, Ricoh Corporation
sional look,
optional Automatic Reversing
was recognized as the 1999 “Imaging
you can utilize
Document Feeder (ARDF) processes
Partner of the Year” and has received
preset stamps,
multiple originals sized 5 ⁄2" x 8 ⁄2"
EPA recognition for four years running
or even add
to 11" x 17". High-speed sorting up to
for its Energy Star Compliance.
page numbers, easily placing them on
11" x 17" is available with the optional
a page in a variety of positions using
Shift Sort Tray. Polish off your output
the Touch Panel Display.
into neatly collated, stapled sets with
The Ricoh Aficio 220 & 270.
The Smart Solution for the
Networked Office
EPA 1998/99 Imaging Partner of the Year
EPA 1997 Copier Partner of the Year
EPA 1996 Overall Office Equipment Partner of the Year
Ricoh Corporation has determined that this product
meets the Energy Star® guidelines for energy efficiency.
There is a name synonymous with the business world: Deming.
Named for Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the Deming Medal Award recognizes corporations
and individuals that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to quality control. Ricoh
has won two coveted Deming Prizes for quality control.
Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper because Ricoh cares.
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