Cold Bowls
turn any salad into a wrap for $1
Fajita Bowl | 11
flank steak, pico de gallo, avocado, wild rice,
bell pepper
*chipotle honey vinaigrette
Buddha Bowl | 10
roasted chickpeas, cucumber, orzo,
green onion, parsley, avocado, micro greens
*lemon parsley vinaigrette
Caribbean Bowl | 10
cilantro lime brown rice, plantains, black beans
pineapple pico, micro greens
*green goddess
Poke Bowl | 12
black rice, tuna poke, edamame, cilantro,
shishito pepper, sesame seed, cabbage, crispy
*wasabi vinaigrette
Curry Cauliflower Bowl | 10
curried cauliflower, garlic, shallot, quinoa,
cilantro, chickpeas
*cilantro chutney vinaigrette
Taco Bowl | 10
chicken salpicon, wild rice, cabbage,
avocado, tomato, house-pickled jalapeño,
lime wedge
*sriracha vinaigrette
Spring Roll Bowl | 10
carrots, avocado, cilantro, purple cabbage,
green onion, sesame seeds
superfood vinaigrette, almond sauce
Caveman Cobb | 10
turkey bacon, squash, sweet potato,
hardboiled egg, avocado, tomato
*house ranch
Cesar Chavez | 10
mixed greens, pepitas, parmesan, cilantro,
*house caesar
Alpha Bowl | 10
grilled chicken, brown rice,
sweet potato, daily vegetables
Beta Bowl | 11
flank steak, brown rice, sweet
potato, daily vegetables
Omega Bowl | 11
grilled salmon, walnuts,
spinach, daily vegetables
Veggie Bowl | 10
chickpeas, cauliflower,
cilantro, carrot, tomato,
mushroom, in a yellow curry
Penne Alfredo | 10
whole wheat penne and house
cream cheese sauce, choice of
Vegan Posole |10
choose your protein
Shake It Up
Piña Colada | 7.5
pineapple, coconut, honey, bee pollen, dairyfree milk blend
Roger Rabbit | 7.5
carrot, mango, pineapple, turmeric, dairy-free
milk blend
Passion for Purpose | 7.5
mango, greek yogurt, vanilla, honey, passion
fruit, dairy-free milk blend
The Kitchen Sink | 10
spinach, berries, pea protein, maca,
matcha, spirulina, vitamin c,
coconut shreds, agave, dairy-free milk
Cowgirl Coffee | 7.5
cold brew, organic protein, vanilla
extract, banana, dairy-free milk blend
Build Your Own | 5
+ .50 per ingredient
Chocolate Affair | 7.5
cacao, dates, vanilla, walnuts, cinnamon, greek
yogurt, dairy-free milk blend
House Drinks
Morning Fuel | 7.5
oats, banana, cinnamon, sugar in the raw,
dairy-free milk blend
Morning Fuel | 7.5
coffee, MCT oil, grassfed butter.
blended, and served warm.
Beetle Juice | 7.5
beets, apple, strawberries, lemon, agave, dairyfree milk blend
Protein Chai Blend | 8
chocolate protein, dairy-free milk blend,
cardamom, cold brew, banana, dates,
cinnamon, ginger
Mango Avocado | 7.5
mango, avocado, vanilla, lime juice, agave, dairy
free milk blend
PUR Cold-Pressed Juice | 8.5
assorted flavors Breakfast
Protein Waffles| 7
gluten-free protein waffles,
fresh fruit, your choice of
agave or maple syrup
Granola Bowl | 5
house granola, strawberries,
blueberries, banana, greek
yogurt, milk
Chia Pudding | 5
chia, almond milk, coconut
milk, vanilla, cinnamon,
Quinoa Bowl | 6
cinnamon, craisins, assorted
Egg Sammy | 8
house wheat roll, over
medium egg, pesto aioli,
mozarella, tomato
Breakfast Burrito | 5
bacon and egg or vegetarian
(whole wheat tortilla)
+ daily fruit | make it gluten-free $1
PB&J | 6
your choice of peanut butter, almond butter,
sun butter and house chia jam
Chuco| 7
melted mozzarella + one poached egg, pico de
gallo, micro greens
Gahlic| 8
roasted garlic spread, avocado topped w/ one
poached egg
Avocado Toast| 8
avocado, tomato, micro greens, sesame seeds
Kosher| 11
cream cheese shmeer, smoked salmon and
tomato, capers, shaved onions
* sub cream cheese for almond sauce + 1
Eggs and Bacon | 8
green goddess dressing, two poached eggs,
turkey bacon
+ simple salad or daily fruit, served on
a house bun
Chicken Pesto | 12
chicken breast, house pesto, chives, roasted
tomato, paleo mayo
+ black beans and rice
Ahi | 13
tuna poke, purple cabbage,
cilantro, pickled red onion,
paleo mayo
Chicken | 10
chicken salpicon, tomato,
cilantro, almond sauce
Flank Steak | 12
flank steak, asian slaw, feta
Vegan | 12
squash, roasted tomato, portobello,
almond sauce
Shrimp | 12
shrimp, pineapple pico, red
onion, paleo mayo
Flank Steak | 14
marinated flank steak, asian slaw, paleo
mayo, sesame seeds, jalapeño, cilantro
Veggie | 12
grilled tofu, black beans,
green onion, cilantro
NOSH Burger | 12
almond sauce, avocado, pickled onion,
Shrimp Cocktail | 10
5 shrimp, cucumber,
sriracha, cilantro, pico de
gallo, lemon
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