Your best source for top-quality POF and large

Your best source for top-quality POF
and large-core silica optics products.
✦ W
ide selection and inventory of
plastic and large-core silica optical
fiber and cable
✦ P
roduct line of fiber optic
terminations optimized for plastic
optical and HCS® large-core silica cable
✦ E ngineering team center for custom
OEM solutions designed to meet your
requirements and manufacturing specifics
✦ In-house machining capability for quick-turnaround prototypes as well as partnering with
high-volume, low-cost machining centers
✦ O
vermolding capability for providing long life,
reliable strain relief performance, cosmetic
benefits, custom shapes and moisture resistance
✦ F ull ERP manufacturing software including lot
traceability and quality modules to meet the most
stringent aerospace and medical applications
Our knowledgeable design and manufacturing teams will help you select
the best optical fiber or create the fiber assembly you need. We treat your
application like we’d want our own to be treated, finding the best technical
solution at a price that works for you.
Our technical and customer service staffs pride themselves on resolving your
challenges. If we cannot provide a solution to your product needs, we will do
our best to refer you to at least one other possible supplier with the skills or
technology to do so.
Quality products manufactured in the U.S.A. at a reasonable price
Optical Fiber/Cable
Industrial Fiber Optics offers an extensive portfolio of
polymer optical fiber and cable to support the industry.
These products are available for purchase in small
quantities for lab development projects, as well as through
higher volume production yearly purchase agreements.
They are integral to our value-added assemblies.
Raw Materials/Brand Names:
✦✦ Asahi Kasei E-Materials — High performance POF
✦✦ Leoni Fiber Optics — industrial POF and cable
✦✦ OFS/Specialty Photonics — large-core HCS® silica fiber
✦✦ Mitsubishi Rayon Corporation — Eska® pmma core optical
fiber and cable
Specialized Fabricated Products:
✦✦ Retractile POF cables for photographic, medical and
robotics applications
✦✦ Fiber couplers with 1 mm pmma core cable;
custom options available
✦✦ Polystyrene fluorescent optical fiber in red,
green, amber and blue
Cable Assemblies
Industrial Fiber Optics offers a comprehensive
portfolio of patchcords and cables made from plastic
optical fiber (POF) and large-core step-index HCS®
silica fiber. The product line includes a wide variety of
cable constructions, riser- and plenum-rated, singleand dual-jacketed, simplex and duplex cables, as well
as UL-rated and drag chain-rated designs. Cable
lengths are available from 10 cm to 200 meters
and terminated with most industrystandard connectors.
Fiber Terminations
✦✦ SMA
✦✦ ST
✦✦ SC
✦✦ FC
✦✦ Versalink
✦✦ SMI
✦✦ FO -5
✦✦ FO -7
✦✦ SMA
✦✦ V-Pin
✦✦ ST
✦✦ F O - 7
In addition to the standard assemblies described
above, Industrial Fiber Optics can make complex
OEM assemblies to customer specifics. We will
make your job easier and provide high quality
products, but also manage the complete supply
chain. Send us your drawings or concepts. From
design and prototype to manufacturing we provide a
quality product with great service.
We offer online pricing and
ordering for more than 9,000
standard configurations.
Fiber Optic Connectors
IFO inventories a comprehensive line of termination
connectors and interconnections for plastic optical
fiber (POF) cable and large-core fiber cable.
✦ Plastic Optical Fiber
SMA, FC, DNP, SMI, SC-RJ, ST™ and more.
✦ OFS Large-Core Silica
rimp and cleave connectors for 200 and
400 µm HCS® fiber cable.
✦ Mating Sleeves
Interconnections for fiber
optic connectors.
designs upon
POF LEDs and
Industrial Fiber Optics produces low-cost, easy-to-use,
connector-less LEDs and photodetectors for use with
plastic optical fiber (POF) cable. The product family
contains 17 different devices. LEDs range from low-cost
infrared (IR) devices for short distances to very fast 650
nm red LEDs for 100 Mb 75-meter applications. Our
photodetectors include photodiode, phototransistor,
photodarlington and multiple photologic devices with
various data rate capabilities. We also manufacture
custom IR and visible light devices for plastic optical fiber,
large-core silica and multimode silica fibers using SMA
and ST device mounts.
Device Features
✦✦ 1.0/2.2 mm POF cable compatible
✦✦ Internal micro-lens for efficient coupling
✦✦ Inexpensive injection-molded polymer housing
✦✦ Connector-less interface
✦✦ Interference-free transmission from
light-tight housing
✦✦ Simple fiber termination and connection
Flexible Light Pipes
Our flexible light pipe products feature building
blocks of LED mounts, lens caps and flexible
light pipes of different diameters and jacket
materials. These components can be mixed
and matched to meet nearly any design
requirement or application need. They require
no tooling fees (unlike rigid designs). Following
are components available:
✦✦ LED mounts for 3 mm and 5 mm leaded devices
✦✦ LED mounts for chip, PLCC and SOT-23
surface-mount packages
✦✦ Optical lens caps
✦✦ Light pipe cable and fiber — pre-cut
polished lengths
✦✦ Light pipe cable and fiber — bulk
✦✦ Cutting, stripping and crimping tools
✦✦ Polishing pucks and plates, slurry
and film
✦✦ Complete termination kits
✦✦ Test equipment
✦✦ Epoxy and dust caps
✦✦ Cleaning solutions and wipes
✦✦ Inspection scopes
We also offer
customized options for:
✦✦ LED mounts and lens caps
✦✦ Custom length light pipes
IFO offers a full line of laser and fiber optic educational products,
ranging from simple fiber strands and macro-sized waveguides that
vividly demonstrate light-guiding principles, to complete high-technology
trainers. They come complete with hardware, curricula or owner guides,
and incorporate stringent safety measures. All products are FDA/
iber Optics
Components, raw materials, project kits
HeNe, diode, pointers, raw boxes, projects
Lenses, mirrors, polarizers
L aser and fiber optic intermediate,
advanced trainers
Web/Online Ordering
Our website is customized to provide
engineering data as well as online order
capabilities. Our online technical information
✦✦ Detailed engineering data sheets
✦✦ Manufacturers’ data sheets and MSD forms
✦✦ Part profile data and installation instructions
✦✦ Descriptions of specific product applications
✦✦ Replacement operator or instruction guides
✦✦ Product pricing
Our online order capabilities provide 24-hour access
seven days a week to most countries of the world.
Online ordering avoids the hassle of poor phone
connections and time zone differences and assures
you of secure financial transactions. Credit card
transactions are sent directly to secure payment
processors — not through a third party. We can ship
in-stock items within one business day and standard
build-to-order items usually in three to four
business days.
Specializing in plastic optical fiber and large-core silica fiber,
Industrial Fiber Optics provides the industrial, medical,
automotive and datacom sectors with products from LED
sources to optical detectors, and all the components/
fiber assemblies in-between. We are located in Tempe,
Arizona, and all of our administrative and state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities/warehouse are under one roof.
With all of the products described in this brochure, one
thing remains constant: Industrial Fiber Optics is committed
to delivering the highest level of quality to its customers.
From being up-front with our website pricing and distribution
worldwide, to offering solid warranties on the goods we
sell, to offering willing technical assistance, our goal is to
be the supplier of choice. We recognize that there are no
substitutes for excellence and integrity.
Solutions you need,
when you need them
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