Tap Into T&S and Everpure’s
NEW Tap Water Filtration Solution
Your Assurance Of Serving the Best Tap Water
Why take a chance on serving tap water that does not meet your
customer’s expectations?
Tap water is one of the fastest-growing beverage orders in
U.S. restaurants. Tap water orders currently make up to 8% of the
50 billion servings of beverages ordered in restaurants.1 People
today are more aware of the importance of drinking water in their
daily lives, so the demand for high-quality tap water is increasing.
When customers order tap water, they expect it to be good-tasting,
odor-free and contaminant-free. It is truly a clear reflection of the
perceived cleanliness of one’s restaurant or facility.
In response to this growing trend, T&S Brass, a leading manufacturer
of foodservice plumbing products, and Everpure, the best-known
name in water filtration systems around the world, are partnering
to offer an optimal solution for serving great-tasting and
safe tap water to your clientele.
We are now offering T&S glass fillers, bubblers and
water stations with Everpure water filtration systems.
Besides restaurants and foodservice locales, hydration
stations are becoming more and more available in public
places. The reuse of personal water bottles is a growing
trend; therefore the need for good-tasting tap water is
a necessity.
B-1210-WFK glass filler model
with water filtration system
Demand for serving goodtasting Filtered Tap Water is
trending up in restaurants
and other public places:
• Hydration stations
• Convenience stores
• Recreational facilities
• Outdoor activity centers
• Schools and churches
• Exercise studios/fitness centers
• Hospitals
• Airports and cruise ships
Additional benefits of serving
the best Filtered Tap Water:
• It’s more environmentally
responsible than bottled water
• “Green” practices will save
money for your restaurant
Also, “green-minded” customers who opt for tap water
are aware they are helping to reduce the environmental
impact by not ordering bottled water.
Check out our T&S/Everpure water filtration models
on the back of this page.
“When customers receive
good-tasting, odor-free and
contaminant-free tap water,
it is a clear reflection of the
perceived cleanliness of your
restaurant or facility.”
Everpure’s replaceable filter cartridge
(B-WFC, left) and the docking station
(B-WFDS, above)
Source URL http://nrn.com/archive/customers-turn-tap-water-restaurants
Bubblers, Glass Fillers and Water Stations
Deck Mount Pedestal Glass Fillers and
Water Stations with Water Filtration
These three glass filler models include
water filtration (see drawing below):
• 8” height from base of flange to outlet
• 10” height from base of flange to outlet
• 12” height from base of flange to outlet
Bubblers with Water
B-WFK Water Filtration Starter Kit
• Fast self-closing metering • Bubbler with push button
metering cartridge
cartridge with lever
Glass Filler/Water Filtration Components
Lever Arm
Street Elbow
• Balanced cartridge for optimum
performance in varying water conditions
• 15,000 gallon capacity
• 0.5 micron rating
• Reduces chlorine taste and odor
• NSF certified under NSF/ANSI
standards 42 and 53
This complete solution includes
pedestal glass filler,
stainless steel drip pan,
grid, drain and water
filtration kit with supply lines
This drawing
illustrates a
Glass Filler with
Water Filtration
See the B-WFK for
individual parts
included in Water
Filtration models.
B-WFDS Docking Station
B-WFC Water Filter Cartridge
B-1230-WFK Water Station
with Water Filtration
• Includes integral shut-off valve
for easy cartridge replacement
• Includes mounting bracket and screws
• Engineered for durability, strength
and longevity in foodservice applications
• Will not corrode
• Wetted parts pass NSF extraction tests
• Inlet-outlet size: 3/8” NPT female
• Accepts B-WFC water filter cartridge
Docking Station, Water Filter Cartridge
and Starter Kits
Glass Filler
Includes docking station (B-WFDS),
cartridge (B-WFC) and all necessary
installation components:
• (1) 3/8” street elbow (148X)
• (2) 3/8” NPT x 9/16”-24 UN male
adapters (006101-45)
• (1) 20” stainless steel braided
inlet hose 9/16”-24 UN female
(3/8” comp) (013146-45)
• (1) 18” stainless steel braided
connector hose 9/16”-24 UN
female x 1-1/2” NPSM (5EF-0005)
• (2) mounting screws
Additional technical information
and model specs available online at
Inlet Hose
2” Clearance
Below for
Station with
T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.