USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
VER. 1610.10
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
WARNING: It is required to read and understand this manual. Follow all instructions given in this manual for
starting up and operating this product. Only qualified technician must start-up, operate and maintain this
product. Keep manuals as a guide for future consults.
WARNING: This product operates with dangerous voltages. It must be installed, operated and maintained ONLY
by qualified technicians trained for this kind of products. Service personnel MUST know and understand very
well all electric risks related to this product. UPS manufacturer or distributor will never be responsible for any
accident produced by lack of knowledge or negligent practices at the moment of install, starting up or maintain
this product. UPS manufacturer or distributor is not liable for any damage that might rise from misusing this unit
or defective installation.
WARNING: If you are not qualified technician do not try to install, operate or repair this product.
WARNING: Internal area of this product is locked by screws. Do not try to access inside the UPS unless you are
a qualified technician. UPS must be checked, repaired and maintained by qualified personnel only.
CAUTION: There are dangerous voltages in the UPS power outlets although the equipment is not plugged to
power line.
CAUTION: Inside this equipment, due to internal batteries, there are ALWAYS dangerous voltages, thought the
UPS is OFF and unplugged of power line.
Technical information on this manual is property of XMART by INTEGRA . This manual Information
cannot be copied or distributed totally or partially without written approval of XMART.
XMART can introduce modifications in their products or manuals without further notice.
XMART is not responsible of mistakes or missing information in this manual.
XMART is not responsible for wrong use a third part can do of this information.
Trademarks and logos in this manual are property of their owners.
VER. 161011AP
OUT OF SERVICE UNITS: It is strongly recommended to dispose this piece of equipment according to valid
directives in your country. At the moment of disposing all pieces need to be managed appropriately to avoid
possible environmental damage or for some materials to be recycled.
BATTERIES: Do not throw it to fire (risk of explosion). Do not open the batteries, there are dangerous liquids
VER. 161011AP
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
UPS Part 1-1: General & Safety UPS in accessible areas
IEC/EN 62040-1
UPS, Part 2, Electromagnetic Compatibility:
IEC/EN 62040-2
Low Freq. Conducted Disturbances & Signals:
IEC/EN 61000-2-2
IEC/EN 61000-4-2
(Air: Level 3, Contact: Level 2)
Electrostatic discharge immunity Test:
Radiated radio Frequency immunity:
IEC/EN 61000-4-3 (Level 3)
Electrical Fast Transient / burst immunity:
IEC/EN 61000-4-4 (Level 3)
IEC/EN 61000-4-5
(L-L: Level 2, L-G: Level 3)
Surge immunity:
UPS Part 3: Methods of operation, specifications and test requirement
IEC/EN 62040-3
IT Equipments. SAFETY. Part 1: General Requirements
IEC/EN 60950-1
This kind of equipment is known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). It has 2 main functions: give electrical
protection against surges, spikes and some other dangerous failures of electrical main system and also
provides electrical backup based on internal batteries. In that way products you connect to your UPS will be
protected and will receive electrical energy even during failures of main electrical AC system.
This UPS is designed to satisfy all requirements of Personal Computers (PCs). It includes internal voltage
regulator to stabilize input AC variations without using internal batteries. Only in presence of important input
failures UPS will use internal batteries to provide energy in outlet sockets. In this way batteries life expectancy is
IP20 (static)
Manufactured under:
ISO 9001 : 2000
Manufactured under:
ISO 14001 : 2004
Any modification made by user or operator may affect compliance of the safety and performance certifications listed above.
UPS manufacturer is not responsible of any modification made on the product or its accessories after it is manufactured.
This product is designed to operate in domestic and commercial environment. CE standards apply for 230Vac models.
Batteries capacity, in general (of all kinds), decreases with time and use.
Our products contain high quality batteries only.
Batteries useful life in our UPS is between 3 and 5 years, considering environment temperature under
25ºC and optimal operational conditions. This time can be dramatically reduced by high temperature and
other adverse operation condition.
Batteries life expectancy may be also affected by other operation conditions such as electrical service
quality as well as number and kind of equipments connected to UPS
Batteries should be periodically tested to check capacity and assure and appropriate back up.
* To enlarge batteries life expectancy it is recommendable to fully discharge UPS once every 3 months
* During long UPS storage recharge batteries according to following table:
-25°C a +30°C
+30°C a +45°C
Every 4 months
Every 2 months
VER. 161011AP
B.- LCD Touch-Screen
1.- Output (battery backup)
2.- Outputs (Surge protected)
3.- AC Input
4.- Input Breaker
5.- RJ-45 protected sockets
6.- USB port
7.- RS-232 port
As mentioned this UPS will provide backup energy in its outlets when main AC input fails. Runtime will depend
on some different factors:
Battery charging level.
Battery capacity according to the use given and lifetime.
Load consumption connected to UPS outlets. Higher the output load shorter the runtime.
Under normal condition, when UPS is ON and connected to AC source, UPS will keep batteries fully charged.
This UPS is not compatible with power plants and generators. Do not connect this UPS to outlets supplied
by power plants / generators.
VER. 161011AP
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
7. LCD
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
This UPS must be installed indoor with controlled environment free of excessive dust and, corrosive air.
Do not install in outdoor. Keep UPS working under operational conditions listed in specifications table of
this manual. Keep out of direct sun light, water and heat sources.
Do not install UPS close to PC screen to avoid interference. UPS must be at least at 20cm from screen.
Connect LAN cable to RJ45 port in this UPS identified as IN. Connect RJ-45 out to your PC LAN socket.
Plug power cord of this UPS to AC source socket.
Plug your products to UPS AC outlets.
LCD shows valuable information about Utility and UPS data but also provides alarm codes for easy
troubleshooting. User can skip from screen to screen by simple touching LCD.
Note: Below table shows screens for 220V model. In 120V models, input & output values will be close to 120V.
Make sure UPS is plugged to AC source compatible with UPS electrical specifications. Check UPS specs
in UPS label.
Make sure your products input voltage is compatible with UPS voltage output.
Check total load in Watts to be connected to UPS is not higher to maximum UPS capacity.
Laser printers and copiers are high load devices that require high peak power consumption. If laser
printers or copiers will be connected to this UPS make maximum peak power requirement is below UPS
maximum capacity in watts.
Beep continuo
Output Shorcircuit:
Remove faulty
equipment from UPS
Beep continuo
Remove non critical
equipments from UPS
Beep continuo
Call technical service
Beep continuo
Battery Low:
Recharge during 6
hours. If not solved call
tech. service
Beep continuo
Output Hight under
battery mode:
Call Tech. Service
Beep continuo
High Temperature:
Call Tech. Service
Mode Symbol
Símbolo de
Once UPS is installed and connected according to section 4 of this manual, please turn UPS on by
ON/OFF button in front panel. Front panel green LED must turns ON.
Turn your products ON one by one.
After finishing your products will be fully protected by the UPS.
This UPS has COLD-START function that allows to turn UPS on even during a failure in the main AC source.
VER. 161011AP
Most of the models of this UPS family come with USB port to communicate with your PC. In that way UPS can
be monitored and configured. Your PC can be shutdown automatically when a input AC failure is detected
saving your information and providing a controlled shutdown. Event log and alarms can also be monitored from
your PC. Control software can be downloaded from our website: We keep updated last
updated version. User manual and installation manual is also available in our web.
Our software is available in different versions for: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Unix.
VER. 161011AP
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
Support: If a failure or problem is detected please check troubleshooting section in user manual. If problem cannot be solved
please contact authorized service center or authorized dealer.
Batteries: Rechargeable batteries can be charged and discharged hundreds of times. However they will eventually wear out.
This is not a defect or failure so that batteries wear out is not covered by this warranty.
Battery lifetime will depend of operative conditions like working temperature, type and frequency of discharging cycles. Higher
the temperature shorter will be the lifetime. Frequent and deep discharging cycles also will short lifetime. For critical applications
batteries should be revised and replaced periodically. Long storage (longer than 6 months) without required recharging will wear
out batteries. This situation is not covered by this limited warranty since this is not considered as a defect. Check recharging
instructions on user manual.
Conditions Limited Warranty “PLUS”
1.- Subject to the conditions of this limited warranty, this product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship at the time of XMART supplies the product.
In Europe, warranty time is 2 years on electronic parts and 2 year on internal batteries from XMART invoice date.
In America, standard warranty times could vary depending on country/region or can be extended by purchasing
warranty options. Please check warranty plans and extensions with your local distributor.
2.- If during the warranty period, this product fails to operate under normal use and service, due to defects in materials or
workmanship, authorized distributor or service center will, at their option, either repair or replace the product in accordance with
terms and conditions stipulated herein. Transportation expenses are not covered by this limited warranty.
3.- Warranty is valid only if the original invoice issued by XMART, specifying date of purchase, serial number and name of the
dealer, is presented with the product to be revised. XMART and authorized partners reserve the right to refuse warranty service if
any of this information has been removed, changed or missing in original invoice document.
4.- If product is repaired or replaced, repaired or replaced product will be warranted for the remaining time of the original
warranty or for 90 days on repaired part from date of repair, whichever is longer.
5.- XMART or their distribution/service partners reserve the right to charge handling fee if returned product is free of failure or it
is out of warranty because any of the reasons described in this warranty.
6.- If product is out of warranty a reparation proposal will be sent to the user for his approval. If proposal is not accepted,
service center will keep product available for the user during 60 continuous days. After this period product would be disposed
and user will not be able to rise any claim.
7.- Rechargeable batteries, like included in this product, will definitively wear out even under normal operation. This is not a
defect or failure so it is not covered by this warranty.
8.- This warranty does not cover batteries wear out caused by improper or long storage (over 6 months without required
recharging indicated in product manual). Even performing recharging procedure this product cannot be storage longer than 18
months. Problems on batteries caused by this kind of long storage are not covered by this warranty.
9.- This warranty does not cover product failures caused by installations, modifications or repair performed by non authorized
person. If product is open by not authorized technician warranty will be considered void. This warranty does not cover failure
caused by inadequate installation or maintenance, misuse, accidents, fire or floods.
10.- This product can include protection devices like input fuse or input breaker. Activation of this kind of devices is not a failure
it is caused by an improper product installation. Input fuse or breaker reset or replacement is not covered by this warranty.
11.- This warranty does not cover damages produced during transportation from user to technical service caused by improper
packing of the product by user.
12.- Warranty terms and conditions cannot be modified or extended by third parties without written approval of XMART.
Limited Warranty “PLUS”
- XMART does not warrant that the operation of this product will be uninterrupted or error-free during its lifetime. If product fails
to work, the maximum liability of XMART under this limited warranty is expressly limited to the lesser of the price you have paid
for the product or the cost of repairing or replacement of any hardware components that malfunction in conditions of normal
- In no event will XMART be liable for any damages caused by the product or the failure of the product to perform, including any
lost profits or savings or special, incidental, or consequential damages. XMART is not liable for any claim made by a third party
to XMART or to final user.
- XMART is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions intended for this
hardware product.
- XMART is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions intended for this
hardware product.
USER MANUAL - SUPRA 1101/1601/2101
VER. 161011AP
INTERACTIVE UPS: SUPRA 1101/1601/2101: MODELS: (120V-NEMA) / (220V-NEMA) / (230-SCHUKO)
Capacity / Capacidad
Input / Entrada
Voltage / Voltaje
Frequency / Frecuencia
Output / Salida
Voltage / Voltaje
Frequency / Frecuencia
Transfer Time / Tiempo Transferencia:
Waveform / Forma de Onda
Batteries / Baterías
1.100VA / 600W
1.600VA / 900W
2.100VA / 1200W
Model 120V: (81-145 Vac) - Model 220V/230V: (162-268Vac)
60 Hz / 50 Hz: Auto Sensing / Autodetección
Model 120V: +/- 10%
- Model 220V/230V: +/- 10%
60Hz (+/- 1Hz)
- 50Hz (+/- 1Hz)
2 - 6 ms typical / típico
Simulated Sinewave / Sinusoidal Sintetizada
Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid - Maintenance Free (VRLA AGM) /
Acido Plomo Sellada Sin Mantenimiento (VRLA AGM)
40 min. max.
48 min. max.
55 min. max.
4-6 hours to 90% capacity / 4-6 Horas hasta 90% de capacidad
Deep discharge and overcharge / Descarga Profundas y Sobre-Cargas
Type / Tipo
* Back-up Time Typical / Autonomía Típica
Recharge Time / Tiempo de Recarga
Protections / Protecciones
Alarms-Indications / Alarmas-Indicaciones
Interface / Interfaz
Touch LCD / Pantalla LCD táctil
Battery Mode / Low Battery / Overload / Battery Replacement / UPS Fault
Modo Batería / Baja Batería / Sobre-carga / Falla de batería / Falla de UPS
Dedicated symbols for each operation mode on LCD / Modo de operación en LCD
Alarm & fault codes are presented on LCD / Alarmas y códigos de falla en LCD
Values are presented on LCD under user request / El usuario puede solicitar valores en
Acosutic Alarm / Alarma Acústica
Operation Mode / Modo de Operación
Alarms / Alarmas
Utility & UPS Values / Valores de red y de UPS
Protections / Protecciones
Input Circuit Breaker / "Breaker" de Entrada
Surge/Spikes Protection (Line H-N)
Protección contra Picos / Rayos (Línea L-N)
Surge/Spikes Protection (RJ11/RJ45))
Protección contra Picos / Rayos (RJ11/RJ45)
Features / Funcionalidades
with Reset / Rearmable
Power Outlet Sockets with surge & spikes protection: L-N
Tomas de Salida Protegidas contra Picos/Rayos: L-N
Tel/Internet/Ethernet RJ45/RJ11
Power Outlets / Tomas
LCD Touch Secreen / LCD Táctil
Communication / Comunicación
Software / Software
Operating / Condiciones de Operación:
Noise / Ruido Acústico:
Product Size & Net Weight (DxWxH)
Dimensiones & Peso Neto del Producto
Packing / Empaque: 1 unit per carton / carton individual
Unit Size & Gross Weight (DxWxH)
Dimension & Peso Bruto Unitario
Half Pallet Information / Información Medio Pallet
Full Pallet Information / Información Full Pallet
120V & 220V NEMA: 8xNEMA5-15R: (6 with Backup + 2 Surge Protected)
230V SCHUKO: Schuko x 4 (all battery backup & protected)
User can touch LCD to request next available value on screen / usuario puede tocar
pantalla para saltar de pantalla en pantalla de datos
Compatible: Windows family; Mac OS; Linux; Unix
< 95% RH / 0-40ºC
< 40 dB
325 x 135 x 185 mm
325 x 135 x 185 mm
325 x 135 x 185 mm
8.5 Kg
10.5 Kg
11.2 Kg
399 x 198 x 280 mm
9 Kg
60pcs / 555Kg
120 x 100 x 127cm
105pcs / 960Kg
120 x 100 x 225cm
399 x 198 x 280 mm
10.8 Kg
60pcs / 663Kg
120 x 100 x 127cm
105pcs / 1149Kg
120 x 100 x 225cm
399 x 198 x 280 mm
11.8 Kg
60pcs / 723Kg
120 x 100 x 127cm
105pcs / 1254Kg
120 x 100 x 225cm
Technical specifications may change without further notice. Las especificaciones pueden cambiar sin aviso previo.
USA Headquarters:
10540 NW 26th St,
Doral, FL 33172. USA
EUROPE Headquarters:
Ave. Can Bordoll 60, Nave 4.
Sabadell 08202. SPAIN
VER. 161011AP
Latin America Headquarters:
Zona Ind. San Vicente II, C/ F, A11
Maracay. Venezuela