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High-power density cartridge heater
Plastics industry,
engineering industry,
wood working machinery,
paper industry,
Voltages available: up to 1000 V
shoemaking machinery,
Surface loading:
domestic appliances,
up to 50 W/cm according to type.
Permissible surface temp.rise: 750°C max. high-vacuum techniques,
Diameters available: 2,8 – 32 mm
foundries, laboratory equipConnection: solid wires
ment, packaging industry
Metal-sheathed cartridge heater with ground
sheath. Special construction and compactness allow extremely high surface loading,
i. e. the maximum power in the smallest
possible space.
Low-voltage, high-power
cartridge heater
High power cartridge heater
voltage range up to 42 V max.
High compactness allows high surface
loading, i. e. giving the maximum power
in the smallest space. The outer sheath
is used as the return conductor.
High performance tubular
cartridge heaters
High performance tubular cartridge heaters
offer high watt density with low mass, being
used, where space is at a premium. They are
available with and without thermocouple.
A robust construction with miniaturised
connection sleeve, quick response time and
a moisture proof design are features of the
sheathed thermocouple type TE. Available
ungrounded or insulated from the sheath.
Compensation leads are preferably teflon
insulated and protected by a wire mesh hose.
Diameter: 9; 10; 11; 12; 16 mm
Length: 50 mm to 1400 mm (Ø 12 mm)
E.g. dimensions: 55 x 38 x 19 mm
Power: abt. 100 W
Voltage: abt. 400 V
Temperature: max. abt. 300°C
Heating of liquids,
preheating of oil
and petrol,
frost protection
Surface loading: abt. 6,5 W/cm2
Permissible temperature rise:
750°C max.
Diameters: 10; 12,5; 16; 20 mm
Tolerance on dia.: +0,2 mm
Connections: pure solid wires,
abt. 30 mm long or insulated leads
Plastics industry,
engineering industry,
wood working machinery,
shoe-making machinery,
domestic appliances,
high-vacuum techniques,
foundries, laboratory equipment, packaging industry
Possible voltages: up to 250 V
Power: max. 80 W/100 mm length
Heat resistance: max. 750°C.
3 and 4 mm Ø max. 3000 mm;
1,8 mm Ø max. 1500 mm;
1,3 mm Ø max. 1200 mm;
5,5 x 3,9 mm
max. 3000 mm;
max. 2000 mm: 2,2 x 4,2 mm
2,5 x 4,0 mm 1,8 x 3,2 mm
1,4 x 2,3 mm 3,2 x 3,2 mm
In the plastics industry for
the heating of nozzles and
hotrunner tooling. Generally
applied where space is
Voltages: up to 250 V
Watt density: max. 15 W/cm2
Max. temperature on inner tube:
450°C with a brass-,
750°C with a NiCr-steel-inner sleeve
Heating of nozzles for the
plastics industry, heating
of liquids within tubes,
heating of metals with
circular cross section.
Available lengths: 20 –1500 mm
Diameter: 1; 1,5; 3; 4; 5 mm
Connection sleeve: Ø 3 x 15 mm
Sheath material: CrNi-steel AISI 321
Insulation: highly compacted
magnesium oxide.
Max. temperature: Fe-CuNi 600°C
Ni-CrNi 750°C
Dielectric strength: 500V
Insulation resistance: > 50 MΩ
Temperature measuring
in heaters, especially
injection nozzles for the
plastics industry.
Voltage: up to 480 V
Surface loading: abt. 5 W/cm2
Dielectric strength: 1250V
Temperature resistance: abt. 750°C max.
Section: 33 x 7 mm
Length: 200 - 600 mm
Connections: threaded tab M4
Heating of surfaces,
e.g. heating boilers,
heating frames,
heating of plates,
stamping dies and moulds,
antifreeze for liquid tanks
Nozzle heater
The heater consists of a low mass tubular
cartridge heater type RP or RPT coiled onto a
cylindrical sleeve with precise ID. It is
available with or without thermocouple.
Automotive industry,
Packaging machines,
heating small
machine parts
Lightly compacted cartridge heater
Metal-sheathed cartridge heater with outer
sheath of CrNi-steel. Compared with conventional cartridge heaters of the same dimensions and power, these have greater mechanical strength and a longer life.
Suitable for heating solid and fluid media.
Voltages available: up to 42 V
Diameters available: 2,8; 4,5; 5 mm
Surface loading: upto 30 W/cm2
Permissible temperature rise:
abt. 750°C max. at Ø 2,8 mm;
abt. 850°C max. at Ø 5 mm.
PTC-Heating elements
Heating elements in cartridge shape or
in special execution (e.g. type HPA)
equipped with self-regulating resistance
Flat heating element
Flat heating element with CrNi-steel sheath
and integrated tubular heater type RHK.
Flat tubular heater
Compacted, metal-sheathed heater with
flat oval cross section; one-, two- or
three- connections on one or both sides.
Sheathing: CrNi-steel.
Heat conductor: Chrome nickel wire
NiCr 8020 or other NiCr alloys.
Insulation material: pure magnesium oxide
Heating units without
metal casings
Ceramic heating unit without metal casing.
The heater wire is located in several
axially-parallel holes and is prevented from
coming out by locked ends.
The connections mounted on a plug-in head.
Plastics industry,
engineering industry,
shoe machine industry,
domestic appliances,
high vacuum applications,
laboratory equipment,
packaging industry
Immersion heaters are suitable for
connection to three-phase or singlephase alternating current.
Surface loading:
depending on material to be heated,
up to 25 W/cm2
Heat resistance: max. 850°C
Max. immersion length: 2200 mm
Heating of fluid or
gaseous substances
for example:
hot-water cooker,
oil heaters,
air heaters.
Max. sheat temperature
if made of CrNi-steel: 550°C
Possible diameters:
heater Ø 8.5: fins Ø 20 or Ø 28 mm
Distance between fins: 5 mm
Channel-air heaters for
air-conditioning and
drying apparatus.
Wattages: from 2 KW to 108 KW
from 250 x 250 x 180 mm
to 800 x 800 x 250 mm
Upon specification 400 or 480 V possible. Air conditioning
Three phase star connection or delta
and climatisation,
connection possible.
industrial dryers.
Operation voltages: up to 480 V
Surface loading: approx. 22 W/cm2
Max. temperature:
approx. 650°C at outer surface
Diameters available:
26 mm 32 mm; 45,9 mm
Plug pins, twisted ends, leads or cable
For heating gaseous
e.g., for welding plastic.
Voltage: up to 800 V
Temperature controller: 180°C max.
Range: from 1 Ω to 500 Ω
Dielectric strength: 4000 V
Connection box or leads, UL–approved
Frequency converters,
manufacturing industry,
electrical industry,
speed controllers
Retardation resistor
Highly compacted aluminium sheath resistors
with flat rectangular section can be supplied
with or without cooling fins. To be applied for
frequency controllers or similar applications.
The resistors can be assembled as a module
to achieve higher permanent wattages.
Protection to IP 24, IP 54 or IP 65 (with
connection box).
Voltages: up to 480 V
Sheath material: Cu and CrNi-steel
Diameters: 16; 8,5; 6,5; 5 mm
Max. lengths:
16 mm and 5 mm Ø, about 3000 mm
8,5 mm Ø, about 4000 mm
6,5 mm Ø, about 3800 mm
4 mm and 3 mm Ø, about 1500 mm
Electrical air heater
Channel heater with a housing of stainless steel or zinc-plated sheet metal with
flanges on both sides and mounted finned heaters type RHR.
Air- and gas heaters,
fluid heaters,
oil heaters, dryers,
tarmac layers
Finned tubular heating element
Finned tubular heating elements of the type
RHK, where the surface area is enlarged by
a strip in order to heat gases. At a high
power the surface temperature is small and
the heating element is short.
Voltage: up to 480 V
Max. temperature load
of sheath: 700°C max.
Cross sections:
13 x 5,5 mm, 17 x 6 mm, 22 x 6 mm.
Max. lengths: abt. 5000 mm
Immersion heaters
Electrical heating element manufactured
from tubular heaters that are bent to
a hairpin (U-shaped) and are brazed
or welded into a threaded nipple G 1 1/2
ISO 228.
Tubular heater
Sealed metal-sheathed tubular heater.
Can be supplied straight or bent.
Threaded stud connections at both ends.
Retardation resistor
Highly compacted tubular heaters assembled
with a protective housing made from zinc
plated sheet metal. This device is designed
to smooth performance peaks within an
electronic control system up to 10800 W.
Can be supplied with IP 20 as standard
or IP54 and IP 64 with a connection box.
Tensions: up to 800 V
Sheath temp. of tubular heater: max. 600°C
1 to 6 tubular heaters: 200x200x550 mm
constant power: max. 7200 Watt
7 to 9 tubular heaters: 625x270x270 mm
constant power: max. 10800 Watt
Dielectric strength: 1800 V
Frequency converters,
Connection: Connection box or leads,
electrical controls, lifts,
motor controls
Spiral heaters
Heater with exposed heating filament located
within ceramic plates or mica strips with a
sheat metal housing. For use only with upstream or downstream fan blowers.
Heating elements for refrigerators
Heating elements with CrNi-steel sheath.
Insulated by compacted MgO.
Insulated connection leads at one end
and steamproof seals.
Türk+Hillinger Elektrowärme GmbH
Dorotheenstr. 22
D-09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna
Tel. 0 37 22 -7189 0 Fax 718916
Heating and keeping
warm of all liquids,
also circulation,
e.g. heating of water,
bathroom heaters.
Operating voltages: up to 250 V
Surface loading: approx. 10 W/cm2
Max. temperature: approx. 600°C
Diameter: 9,6 ± 0.1 mm
Min. length:
165 mm of which 80 mm is heated.
Power: 65 to 250 W
Connections: copper leads with double
insulation if requested
For absorption
type refrigerators,
oil preheaters.
Operating voltages: up to 800 V
Different performance ratings
available. Stainless steel connection
sleeve with cable and CrNi-steel fixation
clamps for the connection to the rail.
For the heating of switch
points on railways and
Min. resistance: 0,05 Ω
Max. power: 4000 A during 30 msec.
Connection thread:
on demand M10 or M12
Resistor to prevent
the axial roller bearings
of railway vehicles from
current overload when
they are running on
electrified railways.
Voltage: up to 480 V
Wattage: 200 – 500 W
max. temp. of the housing: 65°C
Protection: IP 54
Dimensions: about 500x300x(100-200)
Heating of
railway wagons.
Electric heater
Heater assembly for air heating
with stainless steel housing.
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Föhrenstr. 20
D-78532 Tuttlingen
Tel. 0 74 61-70 14 0 Fax 7014 -10
Voltage: up to 480 V
Power: max. 6 kW
Dielectric strength: 1250 V
Water tube diameter: max. 20 mm
Connection: tab connector or
insulated leads
Safety resistor
Shock proof resistor with heavy steel
housing. Resistance strip embedded in
highly compacted MgO.
For tumbler dryers
and industrial hot-air
Electric heating units
for railway points
Complete, ready to use heating units for
railway points, consisting of flat heater
type RKF and water-tight connection box.
All accessories available for the assembly
on standard S 49, S 54 and UIC 60 rails.
Operating voltages: up to 440 V
Wattages up to max. 10 kW
Max. loading: approx. 9 W/cm2
Max. temperature: approx. 600°C
Outer dimensions:
360 x 50 x 90 mm
160 x 54 x 100 mm
235 x 50 x 85 mm
Water heater
Continuous water heater consisting of one
or more tubular heaters and a tube being
compacted in an aluminium profile. Can be
supplied in straight or bent execution. If
two heaters are used they can be wired
in parallel or in series. The heaters can be
equipped with a temperature limitor and/or
with a thermostat.
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