Make your coffee special
with the must-have Chocolates squares
Ring the changes
with Monbana speciality chocolates
Biscuits and specialities
perfect for summer
Monbana specialities assortments,
great ways to build customer loyalty
A chocolate square turns coffee into a moment of real
pleasure. A delightful little nibble during a chat, it is a symbol
of your friendly, attentive service.
Offer new products regularly to keep customers coming back, with a chocolate-coated
almond, crunchy cereal or other delicious delights. Irresistible temptation! Try our range of
flavours! Variety is the spice of life!
Crunchy or melt-in-mouth, light or rich, classic or modern: what a great way to surprise your
customers on summer days.
Customers expect new products. These Monbana assortments are the perfect quick and
simple solution to meet their needs.
200 chocolate squares assortment
Our premium range:
ring the changes with 10 different flavours
Dark cereals
Dark 70% cocoa 4g
Milk 33% cocoa
bold creations
Plain Almond
Milk praline
Dark nougat
Milk nougat
Milk caramel
Dark cocoa beans
Milk cappuccino
Milk cereals
to make
coffee-time special
Milk cereals
The « 1934 »
White lemon
Refined and elegant.
Ghanaian dark chocolate, 70% cocoa
Chocolate square dark 70% cocoa
Dark nougat
Amaretti Biscuit
• D ark 70% cocoa
2.5g and 4g
Praline Flake Nugget
Mini Cookie
Galet Breton
Dark orange
Petit Beurre
Dark 70% cocoa
Caramel Almond
The Orangette
Mini Cookie
More assortments available!
The Summer Biscuit Assortment
Candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate
Milk caramel
Economy Size
A world of chocolate
The flavour box - 200 pieces
a touch of originality
Sparkling Chocolate Squares
Coffee-producing countries
Pure Origins
surprising for celebrations with coffee or even
• D ark 70% cocoa
Ghana, Tanzania, Ecuador, Costa Rica
and Papua- New Guinea.
Palet Citron
Sparkling milk
Amaretti Biscuit
Mini Cookie
Galet Breton
Palet Citron
200 pieces Box
Themed collections for seasonal events.
Chocolate up your life!
Sparkling dark
Plain Almond
Speculoos Nugget
Find all our products at:
Chocolate powders to mix with milk
Chocolate powders to mix with water
Extend your hot drink menu with our wide range of chocolate powders.
Especially developed for vending machines. (Powders containing milk powder.)
Trésor de Chocolat,
This authentic hot chocolate embodies the spirit of Monbana:
Monbana’s signature product deliciously smooth, intense and creamy.
de Chocolat
de Chocolat
Cold drinks
Gourmet products especially developed to
attract customers between mealtimes.
Iced chocolate :
Feel like something fresh?
White Trésor
Chocolate powder
1kg box and
25g sachet
Chocolate powder
500g box
1 litre ready-to-drink
Tresor pack
Lacté 4HHHH
Organic Fairtrade
Gourmet hot chocolates
Welcome to the
Traditional hot chocolates
de Chocolat
1kg bag and 30g sachet
Chocolate powder
250g tin
Chocolate powder
1kg box
and 20g sachet
Organic Fairtrade
Chocolate powder
1kg box and 15g sachet
9 flavours
Vanilla • Speculoos • Tiramisu • Orange • Almond
Spice • Caramel • Hazelnut • Cappuccino
1kg bag
Iced Chocolate
800g box
feel like something gourmet?
hot chocolates
1kg bag
Lacté Cappuccino
1kg bag and 30g sachet
Chocolate powder
1kg box
and 25g sachet
world of
Chocolate up your life!
Lacté 4
Special Vending
e in F
Exclusive Monbana creamy milkshake recipes:
quick and easy to use!
Monbana chocolate machine
A delicious, creamy, frothy hot
chocolate with a simple press of a
button: Monbana’s hot chocolate
machine makes it possible! Known
for its performance and reliability,
it boosts efficiency and dispenses
a quality hot chocolate.
Find all our products and a wide range of cocktail ideas at:
850g box
1.1kg box
1kg box
1kg box
White chocolate
Cocktail base
800g box
1kg box
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