ReliablePrecise Rapid
2-Pack & 3-Pack H2S, H2O, CO2
Analyzer Systems Datasheet
For natural gas
Key Features
•One technology, one supplier
•Complete gas quality analyzer in
one small package
•Includes sample conditioning
and regulation
•No complex fiber or fiber optics
•Simple installation and
The SpectraSensors H2S, H2O & CO2 2-Pack
and 3-Pack Gas Analyzer Systems retain the
analytical benefits and reliability known by
our existing customers. In addition, reduced
installation costs, support and complexity
are achieved via a single technology for gas
quality measurements.
Gas quality simplified The analyzer
system includes all required sample
conditioning and regulation. The sample
system is heated to keep all constituents in
vapor phase.
Training requirements are reduced and the
system enables fewer electrical runs, fewer
sample runs and less labor. Installation and
operational costs are dramatically reduced.
Sample probe options A variety of sample
probe products are available to compliment
the application. SpectraSensors offers
probes, probe regulators, and heated
regulators depending on the pressure in the
pipeline, the gas and ambient temperatures
and the hydrocarbon dew point.
•Fast and continuous
•Low maintenance, no light
source or probe replacements,
no tape and no carrier gas
•No field calibration
•Reliable in harsh environments
•CSA Class I, Div 2, FCC
•Transportation Pipeline and
Sales Gas
•Raw Gas / Gathering
•Underground Storage
•Gas Processing, Dehydration and
3-Pack Analyzer System with Heated Sample
Conditioning and Pressure Regulation
The lower enclosure shows the spectrometer
cells, the temperature controlled heater, and a
typical sample conditioning system.
Application Data
Target Components (2-Pack)
H2S and H2O or H2S and CO2 in Natural Gas
Target Components (3-Pack)
H2S and H2O and CO2 in Natural Gas
Measurement Performance
Refer to Application Notes (AN 10902 for H2S)
(AN 10101 for H2O) (AN 10303 for CO2)
Principle of Measurement
Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)
Environmental Temperature Range
-20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)
-10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F) - optional
Sample Inlet Pressure
1.5-4 barG (20-50 PSIG) to enclosure inlet
Cell Pressure Range
800-1200 mbar or 950-1700 mbar - optional
Electrical & Communications
120 or 240 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz, 314W max (3 total power connections)
- standard
18-24 VDC, 3.2A max (2 power connections + 200W AC heater power)
- optional
Max Current
3A max @ 120 VAC , 1.5A max @ 240 VAC Hz
Analog Communications
4 isolated 4-20mA Analog Output,
1200 ohms @ 24 VDC max (concentration only)
Serial Communications
Channel 1 (H2S) - RS232 (all parameters) and Ethernet
Channel 2 & 3 (H2O and/or CO2) - RS232 (all parameters) or Ethernet
Digital Outputs
Channel 1 (H2S) - concentration alarm, general fault, validation fail*, validation
1 active*, validation 2 active*
Channel 2 & 3 (H2O + CO2) - general fault and hi/low concentration alarm per
Modbus Gould RTU or Daniel RTU
LCD Display
Concentration, Cell Pressure, and Temperature & Diagnostics
Electronics & Sample System Enclosure
Built with NEMA 4X 304 or 316L Stainless Steel enclosure
Analyzer Dimensions
1300-1500 H x 600-920 W x 300-450 D mm
(51 H x 24-36 W x 17 D inches) with Sample System*
Shipping Weight (with crate)
204-227 kg (450-500 lbs)*
Sample Cell Construction
316L Polished Stainless Steel
Number of Sample Cells
2 or 3; Depends on Requirements
Analyzer with Sample Conditioning
CSA Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C & D, T3 with heater, IP66
Meets FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Sections 15.107 & 15.109
EN/IEC 61326-1
*Application dependent.
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Suite 100
Houston, TX 77043
Tel +1 713 300 2700
+1 800 619 2861
Fax +1 713 856 6623
10 mW MAX CW 800-3000 nm
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