Saeco Minuto
Product dimensions and information
Product dimensions (L x D x H): 215 x 429 x 330 mm
Coffee bean capacity: 250 gr
Waste container capacity: 15 servings
Water tank capacity: 1.8 l
Maximum cup height: 152 mm
Product weight: 7.5 kg
First time use: Machine needs to be installed and primed.
Rinse and fill the water tank with fresh water up to the MAX level.
Pour the coffee beans into the coffee bean container.
Insert the plug and switch the power button to “I”. (back of the machine).
To turn on the machine, press the “ON/OFF ” button on the front.
The display will indicate you have to prime the circuit.
Place a container under the Classic Milk Frother.
Press the Espresso button to start the priming.
After this perform a manual rinse by dispensing hot water through the hot water spout and
brew a ground coffee without adding coffee.
Buttons and symbols:
Machine Settings:
• Grind settings:
The grinder can be set with the grinder
adjustment key.
Adjust while the machine is grinding. Press and
turn the knob one notch at a time.
1. Coarse grind: lighter taste, for dark roasted
coffee blends
2. Fine grind: bolder taste, for light roasted
coffee blends.
• Memo setting, cup volume:
Espresso and Coffee button can be
adjusted and set to your preference.
Place a cup under the dispensing spout.
Press and hold the espresso/coffee button until
the “MEMO” icon is displayed, then release it.
Press the espresso button when the desired
amount is reached.
• Aroma Setting:
Five strength choices are possible by
pressing the “Aroma" button.
extra mild aroma
mild aroma
medium aroma
strong aroma
extra strong aroma
pre-ground coffee
• Water hardness setting:
The water hardness can be measured with
the supplied tester strip.
Immerse the strip 1 sec. in water.
Check how many squares have changed to
red and consult the table.
The numbers on the strip correspond to the
water hardness adjustment settings.
To set the hardness on the machine; Press the
calc. clean button until the hardness setting
appears and select the number.
Water pressure in pump: 15 bar
Supported coffee types: Ground
coffee, Whole coffee beans
Classic milk frother
Cleaning and Maintenance:
• Empty drip tray:
Empty and clean the drip tray each time
the ‘drip tray full’ indicator pops up through the drip
tray cover. Machine needs to be switched ON.
• Empty Coffee ground container.
Always empty the container when the machine
is switched ON and when the empty symbol
• Descaling
Descale the machine when the Calc Clean
symbol appears. Start the descaling and follow the
instructions on the display. Only use the
Philips/Saeco decalcifier CA6700. It takes approx.
35 min. Finish the complete descale process till the
end without interruption.
• Brew group cleaning.
Clean the brew group weekly. Take it out
and wash it with fresh, lukewarm water.
Clean it monthly with the coffee oil remover
tablet CA6704.
Lubricate the brew group once a month or if
needed after cleaning. Use Saeco grease HD5061
• Cleaning coffee duct outlet (coffee funnel):
Clean the coffee duct outlet every time you clean
the brew group. Take out the brew group and
clean the coffee duct outlet with a spoon handle.
Location of the coffee duct outlet see picture 4.
Brew group:
How to remove:
Turn OFF the machine.
Raise the coffee dispensing spout and remove the drip tray.
Press the PUSH button and pull the brew group out.
How to insert, set in rest position:
Important! If the brew group does not stand in the rest position, it cannot be reinserted.
How to set the brew group in the rest position
1. The lever must be in contact with the brew group base. Push it down.
2. The two arrow heads on the side of the brew group will now match.
3. The locking hook on the side of the brew group needs to be in uppermost position. Push it
upwards until you hear a soft click.
Trouble shoot:
Only some coffee or no coffee is being dispensed (not first time use)/ The coffee is getting watery: This can have different causes; 1). The grinder is blocked; clean the coffee bean
container and coffee duct outlet. 2). Polluted/not well greased brew group; clean the brew group and make sure it is well greased. 3). Grind setting is set too fine; change the
grinder to a course setting. 4). Extra water filter not well placed (optional); Remove the extra water filter and try to make a coffee. If this works replace the filter. 5). Air in the
internal circuit; dispense some hot water. 6). Lime scale is causing a blockage; if the machine has not yet been descaled, descale the machine.
Error message (E01/E03/E04/E05/E14)
E01: Take out the brew group and unblock/clean the coffee duct outlet (coffee funnel). Clean and re-grease the brew group before placing it back.
E03/E04: Clean and re-grease the brew group. Make sure the brew group is in rest position before placing it back.
E05: 1). Try to prime the machine by dispensing some hot water. 2.) The steam wand is clogged with dirt, clean it with a pin. 3). When using an extra water filter, remove this filter
from the water tank and turn the machine OFF and back ON. 4). Take out and place back the water tank a few times.
E14: Switch OFF the machine and let it cool down for one hour.
There is water under the machine (machine is leaking): This can have different causes; 1. The drip tray is too full and overflowed during brewing or the descaling process. Always
check the ’drip tray full’ indicator before brewing a coffee and empty the drip tray before you start descaling. 2. Check if the water tank is leaking. 3. The brew group or the drains
may be blocked, clean the brew group and the inside of the machine.
Cannot insert/remove the brew group:
Cannot insert: 1. Make sure the brew group is set in the rest position before placing it back. 2. If still not possible to insert; place back drip the tray including coffee ground
container, close service door, switch ON and back OFF the machine. Try again to insert the brew group.
Cannot remove: 1. Check if the machine is still in the descaling process, if yes then first finish the descaling. If not, place back the drip tray including coffee ground container, close
service door, switch ON and back OFF the machine. Try again to remove the brew group.
How come the drip tray fills up quite fast: It is normal for the drip tray to fill up quickly and does not concern a defect. During use, the internal circuits are rinsed with water that
automatically ends up in the drip tray.
The machine is not grinding the beans: 1. Clean the coffee duct outlet and brew group. 2. The grinder can be blocked. Take out all beans, place the suction tube of a vacuum
cleaner on top of the grinder to vacuum all loose particles. 3. Change the grind setting to a courser setting.
There is coffee powder under the brew group/in the interior: Because of the fineness of the ground coffee powder, some coffee powder residues in the interior and under the brew
group are normal. If there is a lot of coffee powder, the piston on the brew group is not well greased, clean and grease the brew group.
The coffee pucks are wet, and/or there is water in the coffee ground container: Consistency of the coffee pucks is related to the settings of the machine, and does not directly
point to a machine defect. Expect watery coffee pucks or some extra water in the coffee ground container: 1. During first time use as auto-dosing system is still adapting. 2. After
switching to a different blend of coffee beans or adjusting the grind settings, just brew some extra cups. 3. After changing machine settings as grind setting, coffee volume and
aroma setting. A coarser grind setting, higher coffee volume or lighter aroma setting will lead to a waterier coffee puck.
Cannot finish the descaling procedure, machine keeps rinsing: Take out the water reservoir, dry the outside of the tank and place it back. Continue finishing the rinsing cycle.
Power button does not work/ cannot switch machine ON; Make sure the power cord on the back of the machine is well inserted.
• Descale the machine when display shows the CALC CLEAN icon .
• The total process takes approx. 35 minutes.
• The complete process consists of 3 cycles; One descaling cycle with the specific decalcifier and two
rinsing cycles with fresh water.
• Before starting the descaling process: Remove the classic milk frother, empty the drip tray and remove
any extra placed water filter (example. INTENZA+) from the water tank.
Only use the
decalcifier CA6700
Display messages during descaling:
Start descaling:
During rinsing cycle:
During descaling cycle:
Descale the
Start descaling
The machine is in the
descaling cycle . It
dispenses the
descaling solution at
The machine is
ready to start the
rinsing cycle of the
descaling process.
The rinsing cycle is
completed and you
can exit the
descaling process.
Pour the
decalcifier into
the water tank
(entire bottle).
The descaling cycle is
finished and the water
tank is empty. Rinse
and fill the water tank
with fresh water.
The water tank is
empty during the
rinsing cycle. Refill
the tank and
continue with the
rinsing cycle.
After descaling the
machine will ask to
prime the circuit.
Compact description descaling process:
Start descaling:
1. Press the " Calc Clean" button until the CACL CLEAN symbol appears.
2. Press the “Espresso ” button to start the descaling . The descaler symbol appears on the display.
Descaling cycle:
3. Take out the water tank. Pour the entire bottle of Saeco descaling solution in the water tank.
4. Top up the water tank with fresh tap water to the MAX line. Place the water tank back into the machine.
5. Place a bowl underneath the steam/hot water wand and the dispensing spout.
6. Press the “Espresso ” button to start the descaling cycle. The machine will start dispensing the descaling solution at intervals. The bar on the display shows the progress. This
takes about 25 minutes. Note: The descaling cycle can be paused by pressing the “Espresso” button .To resume the cycle, press the “Espresso” button again.
7. When the mixture of descaling solution and water has been used up, the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display.
Rinsing cycles:
8. Clean the water tank thoroughly, fill it with fresh water to the MAX and place it back. The ‘start rinsing’ symbol appears on the display.
9. Place back the bowl. Press the “Espresso ” button and the machine starts the first rinsing cycle.
10. When the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display, repeat steps 8-9 to start the second rinsing cycle.
11. After finishing the second rinsing cycle, the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display. Fill the water tank with fresh water to the MAX and place it back.
12. The display shows the ”Calc Clean ready” symbol to indicate that the descaling process has been completed. Press the “Steam ” button to exit the descaling process.
Important note: If the ‘water tank empty’ symbol appears on the display instead of the ‘Calc Clean ready’ symbol, you did not fill the water tank up to MAX level. Refill
the water tank up to MAX level and perform another rinsing cycle. Repeat steps 8-9 until the ‘Calc Clean ready’ symbol appears. You may have to do this several times
before the ‘Calc Clean ready’ symbol appears.
13. Press the “Espresso” button to prime the circuit. The machine now carries out the warm-up and automatic rinse cycle.
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