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Surface Prep to Polishing - Machines & Tooling
Compact, Portable, High Performance, Space-Saving
Multi-Use “3-for-3" Machines ~ 3 Machines in 1
Advanced Diamond Tooling Technology For use on your own
Floor Machines or our Multi-Use “3-for-3" Machines –
• Grind Concrete, Remove Any Type of Coating or Sealer
• Completely Transform Damaged or Unfinished Concrete Surfaces –
• Rejuvenate Polished, Troweled or Smooth Surfaces –
• Obtain Incredible Gloss Shines on Any Type of Hard Surface
– VCT, Concrete, Stone, Etc. –
Using Less Labor, Water, Chemicals, Equipment & Diamond Tooling – And Maintain It ~ Using the Same Machines & Tooling!
Multi-Use “3-for-3" Machines
4-Part Life Cycle Floor Care Program
- “3-for-3" Machines used in the 4-Part Life Cycle Floor Care Program to Achieve & Maintain the Floor’s Shine & Durability Sweeper Vacuum
14" & 28" High Speed 600 RPM ECS Auto Scrubber
20" High Torque Grinder
21" Grinder / Burnisher
Every floor has a life cycle. Every floor needs a Maintenance Program including Polished Concrete, Stone, and Overlay Surfaces. Whether you use
your own floor machines or our Multi-Use “3-for-3" Machines, follow the 4-Part Life Cycle Floor Care Program to Completely Restore and then Maintain
the floor’s appearance. FACT: Any hard surface will quickly lose its shine, within one (1) month, if not Daily & Periodically Maintained! ~ Guaranteed!
Light Restoration
Daily Maintenance
Daily Maintenance
Light Restoration
Daily Maintenance
Full Restoration
Light Restoration
Daily Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance
Daily Maintenance. Performed on previously finished or polished floors, includes sweeping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing (optional).
Full Restoration. Involves stock removal on an unfinished or damaged floor to smooth the surface. Includes deep grinding, coatings removal,
sweeping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing.
Light Restoration. Removal of top layer or when Period Maintenance is unable to achieve acceptable results, includes light grinding, coatings
removal, sweeping, scrubbing, polishing, burnishing.
Periodic Maintenance. Performed when Daily Maintenance is unable to achieve acceptable results, includes sweeping, scrubbing, burnishing.
24" SmartVac
Sweeping is always recommended before you use an auto scrubber or before moving to the next grit when
dry grinding. To maximize the efficiency and effect of the next step, "you should always sweep." Once the floor if finished, Daily
Sweeping with the SmartVac® will extract loose sand and dirt particles from the surface - including carpets. Otherwise, the
abrasive action of foot and vehicle traffic will result in a rapidly wearing finish. Incredible Productivity - Jobs that took hours now
takes minutes - “Sweep as fast as you can walk” ~ Outperforms an upright or shop vacuum 10:1, sweeps 38,000 ft² per hr vs. an
upright at less than 3,000 ft² per hr (shop vacuum are at 1,500 ft² per hr. Automatically Brush Adjustment: Sweep over hard
floors to carpet - Smart technology automatically adjusts the floor brush. Large 9 Gallon Collection Yield + Electronic SelfCleaning Filter ~ A+ productivity for extracting fine layers of silica dust that still remain on the floor after dustless grinding plus
larger particles like dry mud and popcorn. Extremely Efficient: Extracts ultra fine debris from carpet fibers after an electric
upright vacuum is used. Extremely Quiet: 55dBA Noise Decibel ! A+ for use during working hours!
Model: 464E
Price: $2,400.00
Wt: 91 lb w/ battery installed.
Power: 12V, 45 Amp Hr Rechargeable Battery for (2.5 hrs of continuous run time.
14" & 28" High Speed 600 RPM Auto Scrubbers Incredible Versatility, Productivity and
Efficiency. Mechanical Cleaning at 600 RPM - Three (3) times faster than a traditional
scrubber! Mechanical Scrubbing reduces both chemical and water consumption by 80% 90% (dumps and refills are a thing of the past!). Use the Impregnated DiamaPads to
produces 3 times the gloss shine in half the time - Reducing labor time by 30% - 50% along
with burnishing frequencies. Attachments: Traditional pads and brushes, Micro Fiber Pads,
DiamaPad Concrete Grinding, Cleaning & Polishing System.
Model: CT15ECS (left)
Price: $3,000.00 Pad Drive
Widths: 14" Scrub / 18" Squeegee
Tanks: 4 Gal Sol., 5 Gal Recovery
Power: 24V, 33 Amp Hr, 1.0 Hr Run Time
Wt: 80 lbs. w/o battery
Model: CT70ECS (right)
Price: $7,700.00 Traction Drive
Widths: 28" [(2) 14" Pads] / 40" Squeegee
Tanks: 19 Gal Sol., 20 Gal Recovery Power: 24V, 145 Amp Hr, 1.8 Hr Run Time
Wt: 194 lbs. w/o battery
21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher Over 12 times the horsepower as comparable electric machines and 1500 revolutions
of pure burnishing speed. All-in-one versatile, portable, high performance Grinder / Burnisher for use in wide open areas
(11,000 ft² per hour) but portable enough for walking down basement stairs (two guy handling.) Powerful 18-HP Kawasaki
engine, HD gear box, and the best driver technology in the industry for smooth, uniform results. 21" wide operating path
improves polishing and grinding performance while the removable weight plates (5) allow the operator to set the machine’s
head pressure to the ideal setting for the job. Adjustable rear wheels counter balance the machine while the integral apron
with the appropriate DiamaPad grinds and burnishes to within 1/2” of a wall. Proprietary propane power system boasts
34% lower operating costs compared to any other propane powered floor machine. Other machines may look like ours but
none of them match it for fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. U.S.A. Made (parts & service readily available), quiet,
less vibration, truer and straighter running and with less effort (handles like an auto scrubber). Easily switch from one
application to the next with simple tool-free driver removal. Accepts a variety of diamonds to create an effective, efficient,
versatile system that will handle 95% of all flooring situations. Compact, All-in-One Machine - Perfect for professional
building contractors, facility maintenance and the beginner to the floor care profession. Adjustable 2-speed control
(1000-1500 rpm), 4 gal H20 tank for wet applications, attach a vacuum to the vacuum port on the dust shield for dry use.
Model: GPB-21HD
Price: $7,680.00
22-3/4" Width x 265 lbs., 355 lbs with weight plates (5), 6+ hours of operation per 20 lb. propane tank.
Diamond Tooling - For 21" Grinder / Burnisher
- Price per Each
Resin Polishing Pads, 3" x 9mm
Velcro Backing, Dry or Wet Use for Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo
• Beveled edges easily glide over joints or pads
• 9mm pad height works well with heavyweight floor machines
50 Grit
200 Grit
800 Grit
3000 X
400 Grit
Semi-Metal / Hybird Pads, 3" x 8mm
Velcro Backing, Dry or Wet Use for Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo
• Hybird Pads are a combination of resin and metal - designed to cut like a metal bond diamond but forgiving like a resin
• For use on smooth trowel surfaces • Rigid Pads with XL Life (50,000 - 65,000 sq. ft)
• A+ for scratch removal from metal tooling and helping in the transition from metal and resin pads
• They also work great as your first step in opening a floor in the polishing process
30 Grit
400 Grit
50 Grit
100 Grit
200 Grit
120 Grit
Metal Pads, 3" x 9mm
Bolt Hold, Dry or Wet Use for Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo
• Long Life, Aggressive Grinding • Medium Bond - XL Life (30,000 - 50,000 sq. ft.)
• For use on hard troweled surfaces, broom finishes, damaged floors, epoxy or mastic coated
• How good are these Metal Pads? With the CGP-21HD they’ll remove 2" of concrete!
16 Grit
30 Grit
70 Grit
DiamaPad System - Concrete Grinding, Polishing, Coatings
Removal, Maintenance. For the DIY and Floor Professionals Completely transform a worn, damaged, rough finish or mastic covered
concrete floor using a standard low-speed rotary swing machine or an
automatic floor scrubber. No special pads, holders or drivers are use - simply
press a DiamaPad onto the machine's own velcro pad driver.
Installing Resin / Hybird 3mm
DiamaPads on a velcro pad
Unlike other systems, the DiamaPad System is not just a polish only system
nor does it require a major financial decision in diamond tooling (driver) just to driver.
see if the system will work for your situation.
DiamaPads consists of four (4) types of pads: Metal, Semi-Metal / Hybird Pads, Resin, and Impregnated. As you progress through the various
types of pads, and within each one using an increasingly finer diamond grit, the pores in the floor will begin to close. As you continue, before your
eyes you'll begin to see the floor transform from a once dull or damaged surface into a beautiful and shiny floor.
USING DIAMAPADS. Resin Pads, 3mm are used after the surface area has been totally cleaned and smooth.
Depending on the initial condition of the floor, the Metal pads may have to be used first. As you progress through a
series of Resin pads, increasing to the finer grits, the pores of the concrete are progressively closed to ultimately
result in a retail-like finish. The multi-step process provides the flexibility for the user to choose how many steps are
needed to achieve the desired surface finish. Use the coarse 50 grit and proceed as you would with your regular floor
cleaning routine. After a few passes of using the 50 grit, you progress to the next grit. By the time you reach the end
of the process, the floor will transforms into a beautiful, smooth and polished surface. The multi-step process
provides the flexibility for you to decide how many steps your surface needs. Depending on the type of floor and its
Resin & Hybird DiamaPads.
condition, as well as the machine's down pressure and speed, the number of passes you make with each grit will
depend on the level of gloss you wish to obtain.
Resin pads are designed to abrade the scratches left from a Semi-Metal or Hybird Pad. With the diamonds exposed on the surface of the resin pads,
they quickly sand away deep scratches by the diamonds that are suspended in a plastic matrix. The plastic matrix is what gives them their less
aggressive nature or polishing capability. While it is true that you can hone with a coarse resin pad, they are not really designed for this task (step) as
they will quickly wear under this circumstance (step).
Hybrid / Semi-Metal Pads - Metal Imbedded (30 - 200 Grit), 3mm These pad are significantly more aggressive & provide longer life than the Resin
pads. Depending on the initial condition of the floor, Hybrid Pads are generally used before Resin pads or after rough grinding with Metal pads. The
Hybrid pads actually start the polishing process as they begin to close the pores of the floor. Hybrid Pads offer all the benefits of a smooth Resin pads
but the advantages of longer life and the aggressiveness associated with Metal pads. After rough grinding with a Metal pad the scratch pattern
typically cannot be removed by a Resin pad. Hybrid pads solve the problem.
Metal DiamaPads are very aggressive and provide very fast stock removal of concrete or any type of coating,
sealer or mastic. Metal DiamaPads are used when the concrete surface is damaged, has a rough or broom finish,
or is coated. Their grinding performance is very smooth, fast, will deep grind concrete, removes any type of coating
(hard acrylic or mastic, without melting), and they provide a uniform, consistent finish. They perform like a diamond
cup wheel but are 1/3 the weight (less than 8 oz). Simply press the velcro backed Metal pad onto the floor
machine's velcro pad driver.
Impregnated DiamaPads. Once the floor’s shine has been completed,
you will use the same auto scrubber with the Impregnated DiamaPads to
daily clean the floor. Besides the advantage of microscopic diamonds
Metal DiamaPads installed on a
that are impregnated into the pads, DiamaPads are the only
velcro pad driver.
impregnated pads that also contain Ferron® - the only substance that
can scratch a diamond. Because of the truly unique structural properties of the Impregnated DiamaPads,
their cleaning and polishing results as well as their life are all substantially better than any other
impregnated pad that only contains diamond.
Impregnated DiamaPads.
High Speed 600 RPM Auto Scrubbers + the Impregnated DiamaPads
An Incredible Combination! Utilizing the 600 RPM speed with the Impregnated DiamaPads
creates a gloss shine 3 times higher vs. using a traditional 180 rpm scrubber. Likewise, utilizing
speed instead of water and chemicals, both water and chemical consumption is reduced by 80%
- 90%. Additionally, water dumping and constant refills are a thing of the past.
And since you are cleaning and polishing the floor at the same time with the Impregnated
DiamaPads, labor cost is also significantly reduced by 30% - 50%!
DiamaPads - 4 Pad Types - Concrete Grinding, Coatings Removal, Polishing, Maintaining.
Resin / Hybird Polishing Pads, 3" x 3mm
3" x Grit Size
Resin / Hybird
4" x Grit Size
5" x Grit Size
30 x
50 X
50 x
50 x
100 x
100 x
100 x
200 x
200 x
200 x
Granite, Marble Velcro Back
400 x
400 x
Dry or Wet Use
800 x
800 x
1500 x
1500 x
3000 x
3000 x
Diamond Polishing
Pad - for Concrete,
Approximate Pad
• 2,000 - 5,000 Ft²
• 8,000 - 10,000 Ft²
7" x Grit Size
50 x
100 x
200 x
400 x
400 x
800 x
800 x
1500 x
1500 x
3000 x
3000 x
Metal DiamaPads - For Concrete Grinding & Coatings Removal
Velcro Back, Dry or Wet Use
Item No.
Size / Grit
Price Ea
3 Pk
Item No
Size / Grit
Price Ea
3 Pk
3" / 30
6", 20 Grit
3" / 50
6", 30 Grit
3" / 120
6", 60 Grit
Impregnated DiamaPads with Ferrone® - Price per Pad
Aggressive, 100X
Very Coarse, 200X
Coarse, 500X
Medium, 1000X
Fine, 1500X
Very Fine, 3000X
$39.00, #DPB-13
$39.00, #DPO-13
$39.00, #DPR-13
$32.00, #DPU-13
$32.00, #DPY-13
$32.00, #DPG-13
$45.00, #DPB-14
$45.00, #DPO-14
$45.00, #DPR-14
$39.00, #DPU-14
$39.00, #DPY-14
$39.00, #DPG-14
$51.00, #DPB-15
$51.00, #DPO-15
$51.00, #DPR-15
$44.00, #DPU-15
$44.00, #DPY-15
$44.00, #DPG-15
$52.00, #DPB-16
$52.00, #DPO-16
$52.00, #DPR-16
$46.00, #DPU-16
$46.00, #DPY-16
$46.00, #DPG-16
$55.00, #DPB-17
$55.00, #DPO-17
$55.00, #DPR-17
$46.00, #DPU-17
$46.00, #DPY-17
$46.00, #DPG-17
$63.00, #DPB-20
$63.00, #DPO-20
$63.00, #DPR-20
$56.00, #DPU-20
$56.00, #DPY-20
$56.00, #DPG-20
$63.00, #DPB-21
$63.00, #DPO-21
$63.00, #DPR-21
$56.00, #DPU-21
$56.00, #DPY-21
$56.00, #DPG-21
$89.00, #DPB-24
$89.00, #DPO-24
$89.00, #DPR-24
$83.00, #DPU-24
$83.00, #DPY-24
$83.00, #DPG-24
$104.00, #DPB-27
$104.00, #DPO-27
$104.00, #DPR-27
$90.00, #DPU-27
$90.00, #DPY-27
$90.00, #DPG-27