water cycle experiment 3
The aim of this experiment is to make a cloud.
Warning: this experiment requires boiling water. Always take care when
boiling and handling very hot water.
You will need:
Glass jar with lid
50ml boiled water from the kettle
Aerosol can (e.g. hairspray)
What to do:
Step 1. Boil the kettle and pour about 2cm of hot boiled water into the jar. Swirl the hot water in
the jar so that it heats up the sides of the jar.
Step 2. Turn the lid of the jar upside down and rest it on top of the jar. Add several ice cubes to the
lid and leave for several seconds.
Step 3. Take it lid off and quickly squirt in some hairspray (or whatever aerosol you’re using). Don’t
add in too much hairspray/aerosol - too much and your experiment won’t work! Put the lid - with
the ice resting in it - back on top of the jar.
Step 4. Watch the cloud form inside the jar. When it is fully formed, take the lid off and watch the
cloud escape.
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water cycle experiment 3
Post experiment questions
1. Describe what happened in this experiment.
2. Why do you think this happened?
3. How does this experiment help you to think about the water cycle, or parts of the water cycle?
4. What does this experiment have to do with the ocean? What parts of this experiment – if any –
are representative of the ocean?
5. How do you think this experiment could be improved?
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