Coffee Maker
Model #414.01
• Operating Instructions
• Warranty
1000W / 120Vac / 60 Hz
When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
1. Read all instructions before using the coffee maker.
2. Make sure that your outlet voltage corresponds to the voltage stated on the rating
label of the coffee maker.
3. To protect against fire, electric shock and injury to persons do not immerse cord,
plug, or appliance in water or other liquid.
4. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
5. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before
putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning the appliance.
6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance
malfunctions, or has been damaged in any manner. Return appliance to an
authorized service facility for examination, repair or adjustment.
7. The use of accessories not recommended by Capresso may result in fire,
electric shock or injury to persons.
Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
The carafe is designed for use with this appliance. It must never be used on a range top.
Do not clean carafe with cleansers, steel wool pads, or other abrasive material.
To disconnect, turn any control to "Off", remove plug from wall outlet. Always hold
the plug, never pull the cord.
13. Scalding may occur if the cover is opened or removed during the brewing cycles.
Be careful not to get burned by the steam.
14 Some parts of appliance are hot when operated, do not touch with hands. Use
handles or knobs only.
15. Never leave the empty carafe on the heating platform otherwise the carafe can crack.
16. Never use the appliance if the carafe shows any signs of cracks or carafe has a
loose or weakened handle. Only use the carafe with this appliance. Use carefully as
the carafe is very fragile.
17. Do not set a hot carafe on a hot or cold surface.
18. Do not operate the coffee maker without water.
19. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliances by a person responsible for their safety.
20. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
21. Do not use outdoors.
22. Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
Regarding your cord set:
A. A short power-supply cord is to be provided to reduce risks resulting from
becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.
B. Extension cords may be used if care is exercised in their use.
C. If an extension cord is used,
1) The marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as
great as the electrical rating of the appliance,
2) If the appliance is of the grounded type, the extension cord should be a
grounding type 3-wire cord, and
3) The longer cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the counter
top or table top where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over.
D. This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a
safety feature,this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a
qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
This appliance is for household use. Any servicing other than cleaning and user
maintenance should be performed by an authorized service representative.
• Do not immerse base in water or try to disassemble.
• To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not remove the base.
No user serviceable parts inside. Repair should be done by authorized service
personnel only.
• Never use warm or hot water to fill the water tank! Use cold water only!
• Keep your hands and the cord away from hot parts of the appliance during use.
• Never clean with scouring powders or hard implements.
Welcome and Thank You
Thank you for choosing the Capresso 12-Cup Coffee Maker.
Please read all operating instructions before using your Capresso Coffee
Maker. Understanding and complying with these directions is essential to
ensure that the machine is utilized without risk and to ensure safety during
operation and maintenance.
How To Contact Capresso Customer Service
Should you require further information or if particular problems occur that are
not covered in this manual, please
• CALL our toll free HELP LINE: 1-800-767-3554 Monday-Thursday 8:00AM to
9PM, Friday 8:00AM to 8PM and Saturday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time Zone.
Feel free to call at any time. If you are connected to our voicemail,
PLEASE DO NOT HANG UP. Leave your name, telephone number, time
to call back and the machine Model #414.01.
• FAX us at 1-201-767-9684 • E-MAIL us at contact@capresso.com
• VISIT our website at www.capresso.com
Fig. 1
C. GoldTone Filter
A. Water Tank Lid
D. Removable Filter
B. Showerhead
E. Water Tank
F. Control Panel
G. Housing
H. Carafe
I. Heating Platform
Fig. 2
Ordering Parts &
Please go to our website
www.capresso.com to
register your product and to
order any additional parts
and accessories.
Before First Use
After unpacking your coffee maker clean all the loose parts with warm water and
make yourself familiar with the different functions. After reading these instructions,
clean the internal parts of the machine by making two carafes using only water,
without any ground coffee inside the filter.
Setting the Clock
1. When you plug the coffee maker into the outlet the display will flash 12:00. All
indicator lights will be off.
2. Press the HOUR or MIN button to advance the time. Fig. 2).
3. Push and hold the HOUR button. The hours will advance. The display will
show AM and PM. When the correct hour is displayed release the button
and push and hold the MIN button to set the minutes.
Attention: You must change the clock when the time changes (Standard
Time, Daylight Savings Time).
Automatic Start Function
If you want the coffee maker to start brewing at a preset time automatically,
set the automatic start function as follows:
1. Press PROG button; the display and ON/OFF indicator light will start to
blink green. (Fig. 2).
2. Set the delayed starting time by pressing HOUR and MIN button repetitively
until the desired time is displayed. Once you have reached the desired start
time press the PROG button again. The delayed start time is now set.
3. Press AUTO button so the green indicator light illuminates. You may check
the automatic start time by pushing the PROG button when the machine is
not actively set for the automatic start function. Press PROG again to leave
the programming mode.
Note: You may cancel the automatic start function by pressing the AUTO
button again until the indicator light turns off. If you want to change the
automatic start time, follow the steps above to reset. When the time is due
the green AUTO indicator light will change from green to red to show that
the machine has started brewing.
Using Your Coffee Maker
Coffee makers produce very hot water. If you follow the sequence as described
below you will avoid possible accidents which might cause severe injuries and burns.
1. Remove carafe from machine and fill carafe with desired amount of water.
Note: Water will be absorbed during brewing process. The brewed coffee will
be slightly less than markings on carafe.
2. Open the water tank lid (Fig. 1, A) and fill the water tank (Fig. 1, E) with water.
Caution: The water level should not exceed MAX level marked on the water
level indicator on the side of the machine. If you fill too much water into the
water tank the carafe may overflow with hot coffee.
3. Make sure the removable filter holder (Fig. 1, D) sits firmly in the filter holder
housing. Then place the GoldTone filter (Fig. 1, C) into the filter holder and
ensure it fits correctly.
Note: A size #4 paper filter can also be used instead of the GoldTone filter.
Do not use a filter paper inside a GoldTone filter.
Caution: If the filter holder is not engaged correctly into the housing, the drip
stop in the filter holder might not open during brewing. Hot water and grinds
could overflow and leak from the machine.
Caution: When you push against the drip stop from the bottom, and the
filter holder lifts up, re-insert the filter holder. Otherwise the drip stop will not
open during brewing. Hot water could overflow from the filter causing injuries.
Add medium coarse ground coffee into the GoldTone filter. Use approximately
1 level tablespoon of ground coffee per cup of coffee according to personal
taste. Then close the top lid. DO NOT exceed 14 level tablespoons of coffee
in the filter.
Make sure the carafe lid sits properly on the glass carafe. Insert the carafe
into the machine. The inner part of the lid will push the drip stop up to let
coffee brew through.
Press ON/OFF button, the corresponding indicator light will illuminate red. The
appliance will begin brewing.
Caution: Never open the water tank lid as long as coffee is brewing. Hot
water could spill out causing burns. Wait until the brewing noise stops before
lifting lid.
The brewing process can be interrupted by pressing the ON/OFF button at
any time during operation, and the red indicator light will turn off.
Note: You can remove the carafe from the platform during the brewing process
for approximately 30 seconds to pour a cup before brewing is finished.
Immediately after brewing is finished there could still be hot water in the
filter passing through the ground coffee. This can take 1 to 3 minutes to
pass through depending on how much coffee you used and how fine the
coffee was ground. Wait until all brewed coffee is in the carafe before serving.
When brewing is complete there will be 3 short beeps. The heating platform
will remain hot for 2 hours before automatically shutting off. The red ON/OFF
indicator light will remain on during this time. To turn machine off after brewing
press the ON/OFF button again until the indicator light turns off. For optimum
coffee taste, serve coffee just after brewing.
If you want to make another carafe of coffee immediately after the first pot,
make sure the machine is off and allow it to cool down for three minutes
before refilling the water tank.
Important: Make sure the carafe is empty before brewing.
Always turn the coffee maker off and unplug the power cord from the electrical
outlet when the coffee maker is not in use.
Important: Always use caution when opening the lid directly after brewing,
or when the heating platform is on. Hot steam can rise from inside the machine
and cause injury.
Strength Setting
When brewing small amounts of coffee (2 to 4 cups) or when wanting a more
flavorful cup, push the STRENGTH button so the corresponding indicator light
illuminates. Next press the ON button until it illuminates in red and the brewing
process begins. The brewing process will be slowed down to allow the coffee to
reach its full aroma. If you pushed the STRENGTH button by mistake, just push
it again until the indicator light is off.
Note: You may program the STRENGTH setting for a delayed brewing cycle by
following the above instructions for Automatic Start Function and then push the
STRENGTH button so the corresponding indicator light becomes illuminated.
If the power supply has been disrupted or machine was unplugged from the outlet
unintentionally during operation, the appliance will continue operation automatically
from the point when the disconnection occurred provided that the pause does
not exceed 15 seconds. In the event the paused time exceeds 15 seconds, the
display shows the default setting, the appliance must be reset and restarted.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Caution: Be sure to unplug the appliance and allow it to cool down before cleaning.
To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plug or unit in water or
1. Clean all detachable parts after each use in hot, soapy water. Make sure the
drip-stop in the filter holder is free of any coffee particles; otherwise it might
not close properly when removing the carafe. Clean the GoldTone filter and
carafe after each use to ensure best tasting coffee every time.
2. Wipe the product’s exterior surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove stains.
Never use scouring agents or harsh abrasive cleaners.
3. Water droplets may buildup in the area above the filter and drip onto the
heating platform during brewing. To control the dripping, wipe off the area
with a clean, dry cloth after each use of the product.
4. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the heating platform. Never use abrasive
cleaner to clean the heating platform.
5. Dry all parts fully before placing back into the machine.
To keep your coffee maker operating efficiently, it is important to decalcify at
least every 2-4 months depending on local water hardness or when brewing 12
cups takes more than 15 minutes.
1. Before decalcifying, remove the GoldTone filter from the machine.
2. Dissolve 1 oz. (28 g) of Capresso Cleaning Solution (or other descaling agent)
with 32 oz. (1 L) of water and pour mixture into water tank.
3. Place the empty carafe with the lid closed underneath the filter holder.
4. Turn the machine on for 2 minutes.
5. Turn the machine off and let sit for 15 minutes.
6. Turn machine on again and let the remaining descaling solution pass through.
7. Turn the coffee maker off, remove the carafe, empty and rinse a few times
with fresh cold water.
8. Rinse the filter holder thoroughly with fresh water and replace.
9. Let the coffee maker cool down for a few minutes.
10. Fill the water tank with fresh cold water and brew through machine to fully rinse.
11. Turn off coffee maker and empty carafe.
12. Rinse by operating the appliance with fresh water 2-3 times after descaling.
Hints for Great Tasting Coffee
1. A clean coffee maker is essential for making great tasting coffee. Regularly
clean the coffee maker as specified in the "Cleaning & Maintenance" section.
Always use fresh, cold water in the coffee maker.
2. Store unused ground coffee in a cool, dry place. After opening a package of
ground coffee, reseal it tightly or place into an airtight container. DO NOT
store ground coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.
3. For optimum coffee taste, buy whole coffee beans and grind them just before
brewing. Keep unused whole beans in an airtight container in a cool dry place.
4. DO NOT reuse ground coffee since this will greatly reduce the coffee’s flavor.
Reheating coffee is not recommended as coffee is at its peak flavor immediately
after brewing.
5. Buildup of oils may occur more frequently if dark roasted coffees are used.
Clean coffee maker and filter more often when using oily beans.
What to do if...
...Coffee drips from the filter, when the carafe is removed.
• Ground coffee sits in the drip stop and does not allow the drip stop to close
properly. Immediately replace the carafe and wait until all the coffee has been
filtered in the carafe. Now remove carafe and remove the filter holder. Clean
filter holder under running water. Push the drip stop several times to remove
coffee particles. Over the sink, fill some water into the filter holder and check if
the drip stop closes properly.
...Ground coffee is flowing over the GoldTone Filter.
• Coffee is ground too finely. Use a coarser ground.
• Too much ground coffee was placed in filter. Use less ground coffee next time.
• Use a size #4 paper filter instead of the GoldTone Filter
This warranty covers your CAPRESSO machine, Model #414.01. The model # can be
found on the bottom of the coffee maker. This warranty is in effect for one year from
the date of the first consumer purchase. This warranty covers all defects in materials or
workmanship (parts and labor). EXCEPT BREAKAGE OF GLASS!
This warranty does not cover:
• Any machine not purchased from an Authorized Dealer. • Commercial use of machine.
• Damage caused by accident, abuse, negligence, misuse, improper operation or failure to
follow instructions contained in this manual. • Any service or alteration performed by an
unauthorized person, company or association. • Damage caused by neglecting and omitting
maintenance, cleaning and decalcifying. • Carafes (Glass or Thermal).
Other limitations and exclusions: Any implied warranties including fitness for use and
merchantability are limited in duration to the period of the express warranty set forth above
and no person is authorized to assume for JURA Inc. any other liability in connection with the
sale of the machine. JURA Inc. expressly disclaims liability for incidental and consequential
damages caused by the machine. The term "incidental damages" refers to the loss of the
original purchasers time, loss of the use of the machine or other costs relating to the care
and custody of the machine. The term "consequential damages" refers to the cost of repairing
or replacing other property which is damaged when this machine does not work properly.
The remedies provided under this warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all others. This
warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary
from state to state.
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