HD8603/31 Cafissimo Coffee capsule machine

Cafissimo Latte
Coffee capsule
The full automatic of coffee capsule machines
• Integrated milk carafe
• Black
Cappuccino, Espresso, Caffè Crema & Filter Coffee
Cafissimo Latte crafted by Saeco combines supreme Tchibo coffee with an easy-to-use
capsule machine designed in Italy. It is perfect for brewing delicious milk specialties and
your favorite types of coffee.
Hot foamy, cappuccino and milk
• One touch milk drinks thanks to the integrated milk carafe
• Firm hot milk froth thanks to Saeco's patented froth system
Complete coffee selection
• Supreme quality coffee thanks to Tchibo Cafissimo expertise
• Coffee variety at your fingertips
• Perfect amount of coffee with programmable automatic dosage
Easy and convenient to use
• Intuitive operation thanks to the color-coded user interface
• Fits your favourite cup with adjustable tray & spout
• Less maintenance thanks to large and removable water tank
Easy to clean and maintain
• Always cleaned milk carafe thanks to carafe rinsing process
• Automatic capsule ejection with integrated drawer
• Quick and easy descaling thanks to guided procedure
Coffee capsule machine
Integrated milk carafe Black
Milk drinks at just one touch
Coffee variety
your machine reliable and easy to use for
coffee enjoyment.
Fits your favourite cup
The 500ml milk carafe provides delicious
Cappuccino at your fingertips thanks to the
double chamber technology. It is beautifully
integrated into the overall design of the
machine and suitable to storage in the
refrigerator door, like a regular bottle or
carton of milk, so you always have fresh milk
ready. Now there's no need to constantly pour
milk from one container to another.
Firm hot milk froth
Saeco's patented frothing system uses state-ofthe-art technology for cutting-edge
performance, delivering a perfect, hot milk
speciality every time.
Supreme Quality Coffee
For five times the pleasure of Espresso, Caffè
Crema, Filter Coffee, Cappuccino and frothed
milk. Thanks to the combined patented high &
low pressure brewing system, which
automatically adjust for the most suitable
pressure for your coffee, the highest for
espresso, middle for caffè crema and low
pressure for filter coffee. Cafissimo machines
can brew strong Espressos and milder Caffè
Cremas as well as black Filter Coffees from just
one machine to enjoy your favorite coffee at
any moment of the day.
Save your favorite lenght
We have automatically set the recommended
amount for each beverage: 125ml for Caffè
Crema and Filter Coffee and 40ml for
Espresso. However you can always reprogramme the settings to suit your taste, so
your machine prepares coffee just the way you
like it.
Intuitive operation
The coffee experts of Tchibo Cafissimo only
use sealed aroma capsules. Tchibo offers a
wide choice of flavor profiles, with 8 aromatic
classics, from mild to strong and from elegant
to full-bodied. In addition you can also discover
four single-origin coffees from the best
growing regions of Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia
and India, which are from 100% sustainable
sources like all the coffee variety.
The drip tray can be set at three different
positions and the coffee spout lifts up and
down to best fit your favourite cup, from a
small Espresso cup to a tall Latte Macchiato
glass. Adjusting the brewing height to the ideal
setting also guarantees the best layer of crema
and dense milk froth, every time.
Less maintenance
The large, one-litre water tank allows you to
brew multiple drinks before refilling. You could
brew up to 7 consecutive Caffè Cremas for
example. When it is time to refill, the Alert
LED will light up. Even then, refilling and
cleaning couldn't be easier, thanks to the easily
removable, manageable water tank.
Always cleaned milk carafe
Thanks to the new carafe cleaning cycle the
frothing mechanism can be cleaned up at a
touch of a button.
Automatic capsule ejection
Your spent capsule is automatically ejected
into the integrated capsule container when you
lift the lever after brewing a cup of coffee. The
container can collect up to 10 used capsules.
The color of the backlighted beverage buttons
hints the right type of capsule needed for each
beverage. White for Espresso, Yellow for Caffè
Crema and Blue for Filter Coffee. This makes
Quick and easy descaling
The Alert LED turns orange when it is time to
descale. Once the descaling mode is activated,
the control panel will guide you through the
process of descaling your machine in about 25
Coffee capsule machine
Integrated milk carafe Black
• Power consumption brewing: 1850 W
General specifications
• Cups at the same time: 1
• Suitable for: Cafissimo coffee capsules
• Ease of use and comfort: Removable water tank,
Automatic stand-by
• Coffee drinks: Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafè Créme,
frothed milk, coffee
• Material boiler: Stainless steel (Inox)
• Material of main body: Stainless steel & plastic
• 40 months guarantee
• Colour: Black
Weight and dimensions
• Weight of product: 5.2 kg
• Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 200 x 410 x
290 mm
• Dimensions of packaging (WxDxH: 391 x 380 x
255 mm
Country of origin
• Made in: Romania
Technical specifications
Capacity milk carafe: 500 L
Capacity waste container: 10 servings
Max. cup height: 140 mm
Water boilers: 1
Cord length: 0.8 m
Capacity water tank: 1 L
Frequency: 50 Hz
Pump pressure: 15 bar
Voltage: 230 V
Issue date 2017-08-19
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