1.7L Kettle
Model Number JK-140
IM Version No: V1.1
AUS 1300 886 649
Issue Date: 27 November 2015
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
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MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
04 Warranty Details
05 General Safety Instructions
08 Product Overview
09 Getting Started
11 FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide
12 Other Useful Information
15 Repair and Refurbished Goods or Parts Notice
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
1.7L Kettle
Warranty Details
The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for
a period of 36 months from the date of purchase. Defects that occur within this
warranty period, under normal use and care, will be repaired, replaced or refunded
at our discretion, solely at our option with no charge for parts and labour. The
benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies
in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Competition and
Consumer Act 2010 and similar state and territory laws.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian
Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure
and to compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You
are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of
acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
General Safety Instructions
Read this manual thoroughly before first use, even if you are familiar with this type
of product. The safety precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock and injury when correctly adhered to. Keep the manual in a safe place for
future reference, along with the completed warranty card, purchase receipt and
carton. If applicable, pass these instructions on to the next owner of the appliance.
Always follow basic safety precautions and accident prevention measures when
using an electrical appliance, including the following:
Electrical safety and cord handling
Voltage: Before connecting the kettle to the power supply, make sure your
outlet voltage and circuit frequency correspond to the voltage indicated on
the appliance rating label and your outlet socket is properly earthed. If this is
not the case, do not use the kettle.
Separate circuit: Do not use any other appliance at the same time on the
same electrical circuit as it may overload the circuit and blow the fuse or
circuit breaker.
Water: To protect against fire and electric shock, do not immerse the cord,
plug, power base or the kettle itself in water or other liquid. Do not expose
the electrical connections to water.
Power cord: Do not kink, bend, squash, strain or damage the power cord
and protect it from sharp edges and heat. Do not let the cord hang over
the edge of a table or benchtop. Do not let it touch hot surfaces. The cord
should be run in such a way that there will be no risk of anyone pulling it
No extension cord: Do not use an extension cord with this kettle.
Damage: Do not pick up or operate the appliance if the power supply cord,
plug, power base or kettle housing is damaged, or after it malfunctions or
has been damaged in any manner.
WARNING: A damaged cord or plug must be replaced by the manufacturer
or a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. In case of damage, contact
the after sales support line for advice.
RCD: Unless your home is already fitted with a residual current device (safety
switch), we recommend installing a residual current device to lessen the risk
of scalding or other injury from hot water, which may be ejected if the heating
element ruptures. Contact a qualified electrician for advice.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
General Safety Instructions (Cont.)
Usage conditions and restrictions
Domestic use only: This appliance is intended for private domestic use only.
It is not intended for commercial or trade use.
Purpose: Do not use this kettle for anything other than its intended purpose,
and only use it as described in this manual. Do not use the kettle to boil
anything other than water. Any other use is not recommended and may
cause fire, electric shock or injury.
No outdoor use: Do not use this kettle outdoors.
Power base: Only use this kettle with the supplied power base. Do not use
the power base to power any appliance other than this kettle.
No timer: This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an
external timer or separate remote control system.
Boiling empty: Do not use the kettle without water in it to avoid damaging
the heat elements. Should you accidentally allow the kettle to operate
without water, the boil-dry protection will automatically switch it off. In such a
case, allow the kettle to cool before filling with cold water and reusing it.
Accessories: The use of accessory attachments not recommended in this
manual may result in fire, electric shock or personal injury, and will void your
Noncompliance: We assume no liability for any eventual damages caused
by improper use or inappropriate handling, or by any other noncompliance
with the instructions in this manual.
Usage restriction: This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.
Children: The kettle is not a toy. Do not let children play with it. Close
supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
Safe usage
Flat surface: When using the kettle, place it on a stable, secure, dry and level
surface, out of children's reach, to prevent damage or injury from the kettle
overturning. CAUTION: Do not operate the kettle on an inclined plane.
DO NOT operate the kettle under the following conditions:
* In a damp place or in areas with high humidity (such as in a bathroom)
* On or near a hot cooktop, in a heated oven, or near an open flame.
* On a metal tray.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
General Safety Instructions (Cont.)
Filling: Lift the kettle off the power base to fill it. Never fill the kettle while it
sits on its base or while it is switched on to avoid spillage on the connector. If
the power base unit becomes wet, unplug it before wiping it dry.
Do not overfill the kettle to avoid splattering and ejection of boiling water.
Make sure the water level is between the minimum and maximum levels.
Spout: Position the kettle so the spout is directed away from you.
Filter: Do not operate the kettle without the filter fitted. Never leave the filter
loose in the kettle, it must sit securely in place in front of the spout. Never
remove or refit the filter when the kettle contains hot water.
Before switching on: Before turning on the power, make sure the kettle is
located properly on the power base and the lid is securely closed, otherwise
it may not switch off.
Unattended: Do not leave the kettle unattended when the power is turned on.
CAUTION: Ensure the kettle is switched off before removing it from the base.
Do not move the appliance while it is switched on.
Disconnect: Always unplug the kettle from the outlet when it is not in use.
To disconnect, turn off the power at the outlet, then remove the plug from the
wall. Grip the plug when disconnecting, do not pull the cord.
Cleaning: Unplug the kettle and allow it to cool before cleaning and maintenance. Do not use abrasive or alkaline cleaning agents to clean this appliance.
Kettle surfaces: Do not touch any part of the kettle housing when it is in use.
The surfaces get hot. Only touch the handle. Do not put any part of your hand
or body near the kettle when it is turned on.
Water: After boiling, water can remain hot for a considerable time and can
present a scald hazard.
Residual heat: Take care when handling the kettle after use. The inside
surface which conceals the heating element is subject to residual heat.
Lid: Ensure that the lid is and remains closed while the water is boiling or
straight afterwards. Scalding may occur if the lid is removed while the water is
heating up. Be careful when opening the lid for refilling when the kettle is hot.
Steam: While water is boiling, or just after the water has finished boiling, avoid
contact with the steam from the spout.
Moving: Use extreme caution when moving the kettle containing hot water.
Pouring: Always take care when pouring hot water. Tilt the kettle slowly and
carefully without tipping it too fast.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Product Overview
Scope of delivery
A Cordless kettle
1 Spout with filter
2 Lid
3 Handle
4 Transparent water gauge
5 On/Off switch with indicator light
6 Power base and cord
ocumentation (not shown):
Instruction manual, Quick start guide, Warranty certificate
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Getting Started
Before first use
Packaging: This product has been packaged to protect it against
transportation damage. Unpack the appliance and keep the original packaging
carton and materials in a safe place. It will help prevent any damage if the
product needs to be transported in the future, and you can use it to store the
appliance when it is not in use. In the event the carton is to be disposed of,
please recycle all packaging materials where possible. Plastic wrapping can
be a suffocation hazard for babies and young children, so ensure all packaging
materials are out of their reach and disposed of safely.
Cord: Unwind the power supply cord to its full length and inspect the
cord and plug for damage. Inspect all other parts of the appliance for visual
damage. Do not use the appliance if anything appears to be damaged or
not working properly. In case of damage, contact our after sales support
centre using the details at the bottom of the page.
Documentation: Make sure you have read and understood all instructions and
warnings in this manual. Refer to the Product Overview, opposite, to familiarise
yourself with the product and identify all parts. Pay particular attention to the
safety instructions on the previous pages.
Preliminary use: Place the kettle on a stable, dry and level work surface, away
from the edge. Make sure the On/Off switch is in the Off ( 0 ) position (up).
Lift the kettle vertically off the power base, open the lid and fill with cold
water. Boil the water), then discard it. This is to ensure all oils, dust and other
residues left from the manufacturing process and transport are removed.
Repeat this procedure at least twice before drinking any water boiled in the
kettle. Your kettle is now ready for use.
Boil-dry protection
The kettle has an automatic shut-off feature that shuts down power to
the kettle if it is empty, preventing accidental operation without water.
Once this safety feature has been activated, unplug the kettle and let
it cool down for a few minutes before filling it with cold water.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Using the kettle
Filling: To fill the kettle, remove it from the power base, open the lid and
fill the kettle with the desired amount of cold tap water, then close the lid
Make sure to fill the kettle at least to the minimum (0.8L) but not beyond the
maximum (1.7L) level. Too little water will result in the kettle turning off before
the water has boiled (because of the boil-dry protection). Too much water will
result in boiling water spilling out of the spout when boiling. Take care that no
water spills onto the power base.
Also ensure that the anti-scale filter sits securely in place behind the spout.
Do not use the kettle without the filter securely in place.
Positioning: Before positioning the kettle on the power base, ensure that the
lid is securely closed and that the On/Off switch is in the Off position (up).
Carefully position the kettle on the power base so that any steam is directed
away from you, taking care not to spill any water onto the base.
Switching on: With dry hands, plug the power base into an appropriate wall
outlet and turn on power at the outlet.
Press the On/Off switch down. The indicator light in the power switch will light
up and the water will start heating up. Do not open the lid during use. The
kettle will automatically turn itself off when the water has boiled.
Pouring: Wait until the water has completely stopped bubbling before
pouring. Grip the handle and lift the kettle off the power base.
CAUTION: Take care when pouring the water to avoid scalding from boiling
water or hot steam. Do not open the lid while the water in the kettle is hot.
Stop heating: To stop the heating process any time during operation, push
the On/Off switch upwards to the Off position.
Re-boiling water: To re-boil the water, allow the kettle to cool for 15–20
seconds before pressing the On/Off switch down again.
After use: The kettle may be stored on the power base but make sure the
power supply is turned off when the kettle is not in use.
Take care when pouring the water to avoid scalding from boiling water or
hot steam. Do not open the lid while the water in the kettle is hot.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide
Problem / Question
Solution / Answer
The ON/OFF switch will
not stay down when I
want to boil water.
If you have just boiled water, wait for 15–20 seconds
to let the kettle cool. The On/Off switch should then
stay down when pressing it. Also ensure that the
switch is free of obstructions.
The kettle's power base
got damaged. Can I use
the kettle on a cooktop?
No, never place the kettle on a cooktop. Only use
it with the supplied power base. Contact our after
sales support centre if the base is damaged.
The filter came off. Can
I use the kettle without
The filter ensures impurities (such as mineral
deposits) do not end up in your beverage. You
should therefore only use the kettle with the filter
properly in place; see page 13 for instructions how to
remove and reinstall it.
Why is the specified
maximum fill mark at
1.7L when more water
fits inside?
Although the kettle holds more water, do not fill it
past the maximum marking as water needs space
for expansion when heating and boiling. Overfilling
the kettle will result in boiling water spilling out of the
spout when boiling.
My kettle does not
switch off automatically.
Can I still use it and
switch off manually?
No, if the kettle does not switch off automatically, the
temperature control may be faulty. Do not use the
kettle. Contact our after sales support centre for advice on examination and return or repair of the kettle.
Also make sure that the switch is free of obstructions;
the kettle will not turn off if the switch is constrained.
The kettle is getting
No, all kettles make a noise while heating up water.
noisier as the water is
The noise will increase as the water reaches boiling
heating. Does that mean point, but will abate afterwards.
something is wrong?
How often do I need to
descale my kettle?
AUS 1300 886 649
If you live in a hard water area, you may need to
descale the kettle every few months, or if obvious
scaling has taken place. In a soft water area
descaling may be required less frequently, or not
at all. If a whitish deposit has accumulated on the
bottom of the kettle or along the sides, or spots of
what looks like rust, scaling has taken place and
you need to descale the appliance – see page 12 for
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Other Useful Information
Cleaning and care
Switch the kettle off, unplug the power base from the wall socket and let
the kettle cool down completely before cleaning or descaling.
Never immerse the kettle, cord or power base in water. All connections
and sockets must be kept dry.
To prevent damage to the kettle, do not use scouring pads, steel wool,
solvents or harsh chemical or alkaline cleaning agents when cleaning, use
a soft cloth and a mild detergent only.
The outside of your kettle only requires occasional wiping with a damp cloth and
mild, non-abrasive household detergent, if necessary. Polish with a soft dry cloth.
Removal of mineral deposits (descaling)
From time to time, you may need to clean off any mineral deposits (limescale) left
by water inside your kettle to keep it operating efficiently. How often you have to
do this depends on the water hardness in your area and on how often you use
the kettle. If scaling is a problem in your area, it is important that you clean the
inside of the kettle regularly.
• To descale the kettle, use a commercially available descaling agent for
household products and follow the instructions on the packet.
• Alternatively, clean the inside of the kettle with an equal part solution of
household (white) vinegar and water:
Descaling with water and vinegar:
• Fill the kettle with 3 cups of white vinegar and the remainder with water.
• Let this mixture stand in the kettle overnight. Do not boil.
• Empty the solution from the kettle.
• Remove any stains remaining by rubbing with a damp cloth.
• Fill the kettle with fresh, clean water, let it boil and then discard the water.
• Repeat with clean, fresh water until all traces of vinegar are removed.
Descaling with water and lemon:
• Half-fill the kettle with tap water and add the juice of 1 lemon.
• Boil this mixture and let it stand for 15 minutes; repeat this process
two more times, then rinse the kettle well until all traces of lemon are
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Other Useful Information (Cont.)
Cleaning the filter
Clean the anti-scale filter regularly to ensure an easy flow of water.
Before removing or refitting the filter, make sure the power base is unplugged
and the kettle is switched off, empty and completely cool.
To remove the filter, squeeze together the two small taps at the side of the
filter and then gently push the filter up and out of its position inside the spout.
Under running water, rub the filter gently with
your fingers. Use a soft brush, if necessary, but
be careful not to use anything that could tear or
damage the filter when cleaning. Alternatively,
wash the filter safely in the cutlery rack/basket
of your dishwasher.
In hard water areas, descale the filter regularly
to avoid damaging the pouring performance of
your kettle. Soak the filter in a descaling solution
(see opposite), rub off any residues gently with
your fingers and then rinse the filter thoroughly.
Make sure to fit the filter back into the kettle before reuse.
When in storage or not in use, the power cord may be wound around the cord
storage underneath the power base. Before storing the appliance, make sure it is
dry and unplugged. Store it in the original carton, which will protect it from dust, in
a clean and dry place, out of children's reach.
Service, repair and spare parts
Do not attempt to repair, disassemble or modify the kettle or power base. The
unit contains no user-serviceable parts inside. If you have any problems with the
kettle, contact our after sales support centre for advice on repair or replacement.
Our after sales support centre stocks spare power bases, lids and filters for the
JK-140 1.7L Kettle. To purchase a part, call the centre on 1300 886 649 or email
us at info@tempo.org
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Other Useful Information (Cont.)
Technical specifications
Capacity: 1.7L
1850-2200W, 220–240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power base:
360° Rotational power base for cordless operation
Heating element:
Safety features:
Boil-dry & overheating protection
Automatic switch-off
Weight (approx.):
Dimensions (approx.): 245 (W) x 185 (D) x 255 (H - including base and lid)
Responsible disposal
At the end of its working life, do not throw this appliance out with your household
rubbish. Electrical and electronic products contain substances that can have
a detrimental effect on the environment and human health if disposed of
inappropriately. Observe any local regulations regarding the disposal of electrical
consumer goods and dispose of it appropriately for recycling. Contact your local
authorities for advice on recycling facilities in your area.
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
1.7L Kettle
Repair and Refurbished
Goods or Parts Notice
Unfortunately, from time to time, faulty products are manufactured which need to
be returned to the supplier for repair.
Please be aware that if your product is capable of retaining user-generated data
(such as files stored on a computer hard drive, telephone numbers stored on
a mobile telephone, songs stored on a portable media player, games saved on
a games console or files stored on a USB memory stick) during the process of
repair, some or all of your stored data may be lost. We recommend you save this
data elsewhere prior to sending the product for repair.
You should also be aware that rather than repairing goods, we may replace them with
refurbished goods of the same type or use refurbished parts in the repair process.
Please be assured though, refurbished parts or replacements are only used
where they meet ALDI’s stringent quality specifications.
If at any time you feel your repair is being handled unsatisfactorily, you may
escalate your complaint. Please telephone us on 1300 886 649 or write to us at:
Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN 70 106 100 252
PO BOX 6056 Frenchs Forest, Sydney, Australia NSW 2086
Telephone: 1300 886 649 (Aust) - Fax: (02) 9975 2688
Tempo Help Desk: 1300 886 649 (Aust)
(Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30am to 06:00pm EST)
Email: info@tempo.org
AUS 1300 886 649
MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016
Warranty returns
Should you for any reason need to return this product for
a warranty claim, make sure to include all accessories with
the product.
Product does not work?
If you encounter problems with this product, or if it fails to
perform to your expectations, make sure to contact our
After Sales Support Centre on 1300 886 649 before
returning it to the store for a refund.
For an electronic copy of this manual, go to www.kuchef.com.au and download a copy.
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MODEL: JK-140 PRODUCT CODE: 52823 03/2016