Espresso machine descaler
Same as CA6700/00
1 descaling cycle
Prolong machine lifetime
Improves coffee taste
Remove scale and prolong
your machine lifetime
Decalcifying your espresso machine regularly is essential to make sure it keeps performing
at its best and it provides you with the best coffee taste at any time. This special espresso
machine descaler removes scale from your machine.
Sensational coffee quality
• Ensures the coffee temperature is right for enhanced taste
• Maintains the coffee taste over time
Reliable machine protection
• Only use Philips consumables
For a long lasting espresso appliance
• Perfect decalcification for a prolonged machine lifetime
• Philips approved descaling solution
• Protects your system against limescale build-up
Espresso machine descaler
Same as CA6700/00 1 descaling cycle, Prolong machine lifetime, Improves coffee taste
Coffee temperature is right
Philips approved descaling
Country of origin
• Made in: Germany
Technical specifications
• Includes: 1 bottle of 250 ml for one descaling cycle
Weight and dimensions
• Quantity: 250ml descaling solution
The decalcifier removes limescale residues in the
water cycle that would absorb heat from the boiler,
therefore lowering your coffee temperature.
Maintain the coffee taste
Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and
aroma from your Philips and Saeco espresso
Perfect decalcification
The exclusive formula of the Philips espresso
machine decalcifier ensures thorough decalcification
without harming the delicate parts inside your
Protected from limescale
Limescale is a natural part of water used for the
machine's operation. This special decalcifier protects
your appliance from the build-up of limescale which
affects performance and taste. It is highly effective,
safe and easy to use.
Philips Original
The Philips decalcifier cleans all the water circuits in
your espresso machine.
Only use Philips consumables to make sure your
machine runs smoothly for longer. Philips
consumables are the only recommended
consumables for Philips and Saeco machines.
Issue date 2017-11-08
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