2890 ST60A English only 180mm

Don’t get burnt by the iron’s steam
or hot water.
Steam or hot water can come out
of the soleplate when you're not
expecting it, such as when you
raise the iron from flat to upright.
So make sure no one's in the way.
Always check that the dual voltage
selector is in the correct position
before use.
Don’t get burnt when fitting the
slipper to a hot iron.
Don’t get burnt by the iron’s
Keep children away from the iron.
And make sure they can't grab the
cord and pull the iron down.
Never iron clothes being worn.
Never put the iron, cord or plug in
liquid - you could get an electric
Never use a damaged iron. Get it
checked or repaired: see 'service
and customer care'.
Never leave the iron on
● before filling with water or
emptying water out
● before cleaning
● straight after use
During ironing pauses, never leave the
iron flat - it could burn what's
underneath. Leave it upright.
Travel irons are not intended for
regular use.
This appliance is not intended for
use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Only use the appliance for its
intended domestic use. Kenwood
will not accept any liability if the
appliance is subject to improper
use, or failure to comply with these
before plugging in
Make sure your electricity supply is
the same as the one shown on the
base of your iron.
Your iron has a dual voltage
selector on the base of the iron.
Always check that you have
selected the correct voltage before
using the iron.
important - UK only
The wires in the cord are coloured
as follows:
Green and Yellow = Earth,
Blue = Neutral,
Brown = Live.
This iron complies with European
Economic Community Directive
before using for the first
1 Remove all packaging and any
stickers or labels, (including those
on the soleplate).
● Note, if used with a travel adaptor
please note any warnings given by
the adaptor supplier.
2 Test-iron an old cloth to make sure
the soleplate and water tank are
● Repeat step 2 after periods of
prolonged storage.
know your Kenwood
steam knob
water tank
water tank release lever
handle release button
folding handle
temperature control
button groove
steam vents
dual voltage selector
heat resistant slipper
temperature indicator light
cable tidy
using your iron
filling with water
1 Unplug.
2 Press the water tank release lever
and lift off the water tank .
3 Unclip the rubber bung and hold
out of the way.
4 Fill the tank with water, then refit
the rubber bung.
5 Clip the water tank back into
position on the iron.
● After ironing, unplug, remove the
water tank and empty out any
remaining water.
choosing the right
Follow the clothes label advice.
Match the dots on the label to the
dots on the temperature control. If
there's no label, here's a guide on
which temperature to choose:
cotton, linen
wool, silk
synthetics (eg acrylic, nylon,
polyester, viscose)
Start with clothes needing the
lowest temperature, then work
upwards. (This lowers the risk of
burning something because an iron
switched from 'hot' to 'cool' takes
time to cool down.)
For mixed fibres, eg cotton and
polyester, use the lowest suitable
If in doubt, start with a low
temperature on a part that won't
be seen (eg a shirt tail).
setting the temperature
1 Stand the iron upright.
2 Turn the temperature control to the
temperature you want .
● When the iron reaches the selected
temperature, the indicator light will
go out. (During ironing, the light will
go on and off as your iron
maintains the right temperature.)
steam ironing
1 Fill with water.
2 Turn the temperature control to
3 Plug in. When the temperature
light goes out press the steam
knob in short bursts. Release the
knob to stop the steam.
● If the steam knob is pressed
before the iron reaches the correct
temperature, water will leak from
the vents in the soleplate.
● Prolonged use of the steam knob
may also cause water to drip from
the vents in the soleplate. If this
occurs wait for the temperature
indicator light to go out before
dry ironing
1 Set the temperature control.
after ironing
1 Unplug and remove any adaptors.
2 Either stand the iron upright and let
it cool completely then fit the
slipper over the soleplate, or
stand the iron upright and let it
cool for 10 minutes. Place the
slipper on a firm surface, slide the
point of the soleplate into the
slipper and press down. Take care
not to get burnt.
Empty any water out.
Press the handle release button
and fold down the handle.
Loosely wrap the cord around the
Clip the cord together using the
cable tidy .
care and cleaning
Always unplug before cleaning.
Never use abrasives.
Never put anything other than
water into the water tank.
the outside
Don't scratch the soleplate by
ironing anything hard e.g. metal
Clean with a rough cloth soaked in
diluted vinegar.
Wipe with a damp cloth.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
Kenwood or an authorised
Kenwood repairer.
If you need help with:
● using your appliance or
● servicing or repairs (in or out of
call Kenwood Customer Care on
023 9239 2333. Have your
model number ready - it's on
the base of your appliance.
● spares and attachments
call 0870 2413653.
other countries
Contact the shop where you
bought your appliance.
guarantee - UK only
If your iron goes wrong within one
year from the date you bought it,
we will repair it (or replace it if
necessary) free of charge
you have not misused, neglected
or damaged it;
it is not second-hand;
it has not been used
you have not fitted a plug
incorrectly; and
you supply your receipt to show
when you bought it.
This guarantee does not affect
your statutory rights.
Kenwood Limited, New Lane, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2NH, UK
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