Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills 6th Edition DIBELS

Dynamic Indicators of Basic
Early Literacy Skills 6th Edition
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring
Second Grade Student Materials
Edited By:
Roland H. Good III
Ruth A. Kaminski
Sheila Dill
University of Oregon
These are reusable student materials. Make one copy for each person
who is doing the progress monitoring testing. They can be laminated and
comb bound for reuse.
Good, R. H., & Kaminski, R. A. , & Dill, S. (2007). DIBELSOral Reading Fluency. In R. H. Good & R. A.
Kaminski (Eds.), Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (6th ed.). Eugene, OR: Institute for the
Development of Educational Achievement. Available: http://dibels.uoregon.edu/
Revised 06/11/07
Riding the Bus to School
I ride a big yellow bus to school. I stand on the corner of our
street with my friends and we wait for the bus. My friend’s
grandma waits with us. When it’s raining, she holds an umbrella
to keep us dry. Sometimes when it’s cold she brings us hot
I leave my house to walk to the bus stop after my parents go
to work. I watch the clock so I know when to leave. Sometimes
mom phones me from her office to remind me. Sometimes she
can’t call, so I have to be sure to watch the time.
Our bus driver puts his flashing yellow lights on and then
stops right next to us. When he has stopped he turns the red
lights on so all the cars will stop. He makes sure we are all
sitting down before he starts to go. He watches out for us very
My friends and I are the first ones to be picked up by the bus.
We like to sit right behind the bus driver and watch while he
picks up all the other kids. We know where everyone lives. By
the time we get to our school, the bus is almost full. Sometimes
the kids get noisy and the driver has to remind us to keep it
down. He says their noise makes it hard for him to concentrate
and drive safely. I am glad that our bus driver is so careful.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 1
Page 1
Six years ago my family grew from two people to four
people in one day. That was the day my sister and I were born.
That was the day Mom and Dad had to start buying two of
everything. My mom and dad say we were much more than
twice the work of one baby. They also said we gave back more
than twice as much love and fun.
We look just alike because we are identical twins, but we
don’t act just the same. My sister likes peas and beans and I hate
them. I like grape juice and she likes apple juice. She likes to
read. I would rather climb a tree than read a book.
Mom and Dad are the only ones who can tell us apart when
we dress the same. They know the secret. I have a mole on my
ear and my sister doesn’t. We look so much alike that we can
even fool Grandma and Grandpa.
It’s nice to be a twin sometimes. We always have someone
our own age who will share our secrets. Sometimes we don’t
want to share everything. Sometimes it is nice to have my mom
or my toys all to myself. Dad says we aren’t really that much
alike because no person is exactly like anyone else.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 2
Page 2
Open House at My School
We had open house at my school last week. My whole family
went: my mom, my grandma, and I. We sat together at my table
in my room. It was a tight squeeze for my mom and grandma,
but they made it. My class has second and third graders in it.
Some of my friends were there and their families came, too. My
best friend was there. His stepfather and mother sat with him at
his table. They took up the whole table because his little brother
came along. I waved at him.
My other friend and her big sister came, too. Their family
had two classes to visit at the same time because her brother goes
to my school, too. Her mom went to her brother’s room, and her
big sister came to her room.
I like my teacher a lot. Our room looked really nice. Our
teacher had been saving all of our best penmanship and
drawings. They were hung all over the walls. My grandmother
could tell right away which ones were mine. She used to be an
artist. She says I take after her.
My teacher told all the parents how important it is for them
to make sure we do our homework. He said anytime they have
questions about us they can talk to him. Afterwards he talked to
my mom and me. He said what a good job I was doing and my
mom gave me a big hug when we left.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 3
Page 3
Colors of the Rainbow
I decided my favorite color is the rainbow. It has all the
colors in it: red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. They are all my
favorite colors. How could I ever choose just one?
Red makes me feel like smiling. I love red cards and shiny
red apples. My favorite type of candy is a red gum drop. My
favorite flower is a red rose. I’m happy when I get to see a red
Blue makes me feel like taking a nap. My bed is fluffy blue
and white with clouds all over it. I love the blue sky and ocean.
Blue bubble gum is the best flavor of ice cream.
Yellow makes me feel like jumping rope. I love the sun in
summer and the full moon in the fall. Our meadow is full of
yellow flowers that dance in the breeze. Applesauce is one of my
favorite treats, and it is kind of yellow. Fuzzy yellow ducklings
always make me laugh.
Green makes me feel like climbing a tree. I love playing in
the grass and the fields. Green gummy bears and pears are my
special snacks. My favorite place to go is a park filled with trees
and grass.
Purple makes me feel like eating grapes. I use my purple
crayon so much it is almost gone. My favorite backpack is
purple, too. Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite color is,
I tell them it is a rainbow.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 4
Page 4
The Wind Has a Job to Do
I learned that the wind is important for more than flying kites
or making our wind chime make music. Without the wind, our
world wouldn’t have any people, food, or animals. Wind moves
the heat from the sun all around the planet. Without the wind,
about half of the earth would be too hot for any living thing.
Most of the rest of the earth would be too cold. In fact, most of
our country would be under ice.
Wind is useful to all living things. It brings moisture up from
the oceans into the air. Then the wind blows the moisture
around. The moisture falls as rain, dew, or snow and ice.
Many plants and trees depend on the wind. The wind helps
them spread their seeds to new places. Wind also blows pollen
around so trees, grass, and grains can ripen. Without the wind,
farmers couldn’t grow corn or wheat. Bees help the wind spread
pollen. Their job is to fly from blossom to blossom with pollen
on their feet and wings.
You can see for yourself how the wind spreads seeds. The
next time you see a yellow dandelion that has turned into a white
puffball, blow it. Or, if you find a maple tree seed with wings
that looks like a helicopter, throw it. You’ll see all of the seeds
go flying and you will be helping the wind do its job.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 5
Page 5
Writing My Life Story
Today our teacher said we would each write a story. She said
if we wanted we could draw pictures to go with it. I decided to
write my life story. I started with the night I was born. I drew a
picture of me as a tiny baby. I wrote about what my first words
were and how I liked to play.
When I was little I was always making tall towers. My
grandfather said he thought I would build hotels when I grew up.
I drew a picture of me playing with my blocks.
I also liked to ride my scooter and swing on the swings in the
park. I drew pictures of me on my scooter and a picture of my
dad pushing me on the swing. The next picture is of me licking
an ice cream cone and getting it all over me. I still love chocolate
ice cream.
Then I wrote about my first day at school. I wrote about how
I cried and cried because I didn’t want my mother to leave me. I
made a drawing of me with a sad face. The last page is about my
last birthday party. I drew of picture of me blowing out the
candles on my birthday cake. There are six candles and I blew
them all out.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 6
Page 6
I’m a Good Babysitter
When I turned twelve years old I got to babysit for the first
time. My aunt asked my parents if I could babysit my cousin. My
aunt and uncle wanted to go to the movies. They said they would
pay me! My cousin is two and still wears diapers. She knows me
pretty well because my mother and my aunt are sisters. We
spend a lot of weekends together and we live in the same town.
My parents talked it over and said yes. My uncle picked me
up after supper and took me to their house. My cousin was
waiting at the door. She was ready for bed and wearing her
slippers. My aunt told me when to change her and put her in bed.
My aunt said we could both have graham crackers and apple
juice for a snack and that my cousin loved bedtime stories. She
gave me her cell phone number in case I had a problem. Mom
called me about three times while I was babysitting. She said it
was to make sure I was doing okay.
My cousin didn’t even cry when her mom and dad drove
away. I read her Goodnight, Moon and Pat the Bunny. I
washed her face and changed her. She didn’t even cry when I put
her in bed. Once my aunt called to see if everything was all right.
I just watched TV until they came home. I think babysitting is
fun and I hope my aunt asks me again.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 7
Page 7
Playing Shuffleboard With Grandpa
There is a shuffleboard court where my grandpa lives. Most
of the men there play shuffleboard. Grandpa likes to play and
sometimes he takes me with him. He says I can be his partner
anytime. Grandpa is a very good player and often wins.
Shuffleboard is played on a very smooth walk. Grandpa
waxes the walk before a game. Each player uses a long stick to
push disks down the walk. You try to get the disks into spaces
marked with numbers. You can get seven, eight, or ten points.
You can lose ten points if your disk lands in the wrong section.
You have to be very careful about how you push the disks.
Grandpa taught me how to play shuffleboard when I was
five. He says the secret to playing well is to push the disk very
smoothly. If you push too fast, the disk goes much too far. If you
jerk the stick, it goes off the side of the court.
Last week there was a special family day at my grandpa’s
place. There were contests and games for people to play.
Grandpa said I could be his partner in shuffleboard. We got the
most points of any of the other teams and won a blue ribbon.
Grandpa says I’m the shuffleboard champ of all time.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 8
Page 8
I Want to Fly in Space
When I grow up I want to fly in space. I have my plan all
worked out. First I will go to college and then I am going to
learn how to fly planes. I will fly very fast planes that can go
faster than the speed of sound. When I can fly planes very well, I
will learn how to fly space ships.
I will get to wear a silvery space suit and live inside a space
ship. I will be inside the space ship when we blast into space.
When I am up in space, I will watch the sun and moon come up
every day. I will be so close to the stars that I can count them.
Maybe I will see other space ships and wave as they go by. I will
float around whenever I want. It will be just like flying.
I will get to put on my space suit and walk in space. When I
look down I will see the green and blue earth far below. I might
even be able to see where I live. I will be on TV to describe what
I see. The whole world will be watching and listening to me.
When we get to the moon, I will walk all across the surface.
It will be dusty and crunchy. I will pick up samples of moon
rocks to bring back. I want to drive all over the moon in a little
moon buggy. I will plant the flag on the moon. I might even see
some little green aliens running around. I can’t wait to fly in
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 9
Page 9
The New Bookstore
Grandma said, “I want to take you and your sister to the new
bookstore at the mall.” She picked us up from school and drove
us to the mall. The bookstore is huge. There are books on pets,
gardens, hobbies, and travel. There are rows of magazines and
papers. There are tapes, videos, greeting cards, and calendars.
The new bookstore is so big it even has a place to get
something to eat. We asked Grandma if we could have a snack.
She said that we could have cookies and juice. Grandma had
Grandma wanted to look at the cookbook section. She
showed us where she would be. Then she took us to the
children’s corner. It was perfect for us. There were pillows and
stuffed toys everywhere. The tables and chairs were all our size.
There were more books than I had ever seen in one place. It was
even bigger than the library. My sister started looking at picture
books. I found books about magic tricks.
Grandma found us and said she was almost ready to go. She
said because we were so good we could each pick out a book to
buy. My sister got When You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I got a
book about secret magic tricks.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Page 10
Progress Monitoring 10
We Celebrate Kwanzaa
One holiday celebrated by African Americans is Kwanzaa.
Kwanzaa means a gathering time like Thanksgiving. It means
not only the gathering of foods for the winter, but also the
gathering of family. It began in Africa many years ago. The
holiday reminds us of the way of life of the first African
In America, houses are decorated in black, red, and green for
Kwanzaa. Black stands for the color of the people. Red reminds
us of our struggle. Green is for Africa and hope. Seven candles
are on the table, one for each rule for how to live. An ear of corn
for each child in the family is on the table. Everyone wears
colorful African clothes.
The party lasts for seven days, from the day after Christmas
to New Years’ day. We do not eat during the day. Every night
we feast and light a new candle. For dinner we have chicken and
catfish. We add greens, black-eyed peas and corn bread. For
dessert we have sweet potato pie and carrot cake. After dinner
we play music and dance.
Kwanzaa is also a time for older family members to tell
stories. We remember those who have lived before us. On the
sixth night we give presents to each other. Kwanzaa is a very
special time for our family.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 11
Page 11
When Grandpa and I Garden
When I visit Grandpa he lets me help him in his garden.
Grandpa says I have a green thumb. I don’t know why he says
that because my hands always get dark brown from the dirt.
We made a space in his garden just for me to grow things.
We pulled up the weeds and made the dirt smooth and flat.
Grandpa showed me how to use a hoe. He let me pick seeds to
plant. I like to eat radishes and carrots so I wanted to plant those.
I have one row of each. Grandpa likes strawberries so he grows
those. He said I could eat some anytime I want.
Together we planted four rows of corn and two rows of
beans. Grandpa also planted potatoes and squash. The plants are
starting to come up now. At first they were so tiny I could hardly
see them. When the days warmed up, the plants shot up like
weeds. Now the strawberries are turning red.
It’s a lot of work having a garden. We have to keep it
watered and pull the weeds. We have to watch out for bugs and
slugs. All the work is worth it when the strawberries are ready to
pick. We have strawberry short cake for dessert with fresh ripe
strawberries from the garden!
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 12
Page 12
Going to the Swimming Pool
On a hot summer day there’s nothing I like better than going
to the pool. Besides cooling off in the water, there are lots of
things to do. I can swim laps or have races with my friends. I can
do a cannonball when I jump in. I like to jump in with a big
splash when my friends are not looking so I get them all wet.
Sometimes I pretend I’m a giant whale, and sometimes we play
games like water tag.
There are water slides at the pool, too. One slide is very tall
and crooked. It tosses you out in the water when you get to the
bottom. The other slide is wide and you can go down it with
your friends.
I like the wave pool the best. My friends and I watch for the
big waves to come our way. We body surf on top of the wave
and let it move us across the pool. Sometimes my friend and I
get on a raft and wait for the wave to push us. Sometimes we just
float along when the waves come.
You can have a great time if you just remember the rules: no
running and no pushing anyone into the water. Mom has her own
rule. She says we should always remember to wear our
sunscreen to protect our skin.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 13
Page 13
I’m Adopted
My mother and father wanted me so much they adopted me.
They said there were already too many children without homes.
They wanted to make a family with a child who needed a home
so they started looking for a baby girl to adopt.
They said they didn’t care what she looked like or what
country she came from. All they cared about was that she was
healthy and that she needed a family to love her. They searched
for just the right little girl who needed a home. Finally, they
found her.
It just so happened that I was that little girl. My mother and
father found me when I was three months old. They said when
they saw me it was love at first sight. They could tell I loved
them, too, so they took me home and made me their little girl. I
don’t remember it ever being any different.
Last year we decided it would be nice to add a little brother
to our family. We looked and looked for a little boy who needed
a family. It took a long time for everything to be arranged, but
now I have a little brother. He isn’t big enough to play with yet,
but he likes to be held and walked. I think he likes me already.
We are a pretty special family.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 14
Page 14
Going to a Play
I went to the play “The Princess and the Pea” with my
friends. The play was performed at the King Theater. Our seats
were in the front row. When the play was about to begin, the
lights were turned down low. When the curtain opened and the
stage lights came on, we could see a castle in the clouds on the
stage. Then people walked out on the stage.
Sitting in the front row was fun. We could see everything
that was happening on the stage. All the actors were so close to
us we could see the makeup on their faces. Even the men and
boys wore makeup. We could watch some of the people behind
the curtain as they moved the lights or prepared to go on stage.
At the end of the first act, about halfway through the play,
the actors took a break. The lights came on and we got up from
our seats. We walked out to the lobby to have punch and
cookies. When the lights were turned down again we hurried
back to our seats. When the curtain opened for the second act,
we saw the woods and gardens around the castle.
Everyone clapped when the play was over. The actors came
out on stage and bowed. I took my program up to the stage so the
actors could sign it. They asked if we liked the play. We said we
liked it very much.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 15
Page 15
Going to the Movies at Home
I love going to the movies. My favorite place to go to a
movie is not at the theater, though. My family doesn’t like to go
to the theater. Mom says we have to plan ahead so we don’t miss
the first part of the movie. Dad says we have to hunt for a
parking place. My big brother says if we are late we have to take
the worst seats. My sister says it’s too noisy.
The favorite place for my family to see movies is at home.
We don’t have to find a parking place. We have the best seats in
the house, our big soft couch. We can even lie on the floor on
pillows if we want to. We don’t even have to wear shoes.
We can watch a movie anytime we want. Even our dog,
Boots, can watch the movies with us. Sometimes I can invite my
friend or my cousin over. The popcorn is free at home and we
can have all the seconds we want.
Sometimes Mom and Dad let me pick out the movie with
their help. We go to the video store and rent it for the night or the
weekend. On special nights Mom and Dad let me rent two
movies. Dad makes the popcorn and we all get comfortable in
the family room. I love going to the movies.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 16
Page 16
I Want to Be a Police Officer
I decided I wanted to be a police officer the day two officers
came to our school. They brought a police dog that is a member
of their team. They told us all about their jobs and how the police
dog works with them. They said the police spend more time
helping people than anything else. They go wherever there is a
problem and they try to help.
The police dog is an important part of the team. A trained
dog can find missing people after smelling their clothes. He can
help find people who are lost in the woods and he can lead
them out. The officer said that police dogs work hard but they
like to play when they can.
We were allowed to play with the police dog when he was at
our school. We played hide the ball. We tried to find the best
place in the playground to hide the ball. The police dog tried to
find the ball using only his nose. He gave us a big wag of his tail
when he found it.
When a police dog is working, he is very serious and doesn’t
play around. He listens carefully to the commands he is given
and he starts work right away. He doesn’t care about playing
because he knows he has a job to do. I want to be a police officer
when I grow up so I can help people, too. Maybe I’ll be able to
work with a police dog someday.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 17
Page 17
If I Had a Cat
If I had a cat, I’d name her Princess. I’d treat her just like a
princess. She would wear a gold ribbon with a big bow around
her neck. She’d sleep on a red velvet pillow. She’d eat out of a
fancy dish just like that white cat on TV.
My cat Princess would have green eyes. Her eyes would be
narrow slits most of the time. Her eyes would be as wide as
marbles whenever she looked at me. She would like me the very
best of all the people in the world.
I can’t have a cat because I have allergies. When I touch a cat
my nose starts itching. If I touch my face after touching a cat, my
eyes swell up. Sometimes I have trouble breathing. My mom has
to give me medicine when that happens. If I’m at school when I
have trouble breathing I have to go to the office and see the
Our neighbor has a cat named Gray Kitty. Gray Kitty likes
me. He always comes up and rubs my legs. Even if I don’t touch
him I might start itching. I feel bad that I have to run away from
Gray Kitty, because he likes me.
One day our neighbor surprised me. She gave me a cat of my
own! Not a real live cat, but a stuffed one. She has silky fur and
big green eyes and a gold ribbon with a big bow around her
neck. I named her Princess and I can hold her all I want.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 18
Page 18
Riding the Elevator
Today I got to go as high as a tall, tall mountain, but I wasn’t
outside and I didn’t climb a trail to get there. I was inside all the
time because I was riding in an elevator that went up almost a
mile high. I went with my mother to visit her friend. Her friend
works in a building that is 44 stories tall.
We took a taxi downtown to the building. We went inside
and looked for the elevator. When we got on, there were four
other people already on it. Everyone pushed a button for the
floor they wanted. My mother pressed the button for the 44th
The elevator started going up. The other people all got off by
the tenth floor and we were the only ones left. The elevator
moved so fast I had to hold on to the bar. My mom held my hand
and smiled at me.
“Isn’t this exciting?” she asked. I nodded but my tummy felt
funny. It felt like I needed to eat lunch. My ears felt funny also.
My mom said it was because we had gone up so high that the air
pressure was different. Finally the elevator slowed and stopped.
“We’re here,” said mom. While we were up so high we
visited the observation deck. There was quite a view. It felt like
we could see all the way to the next state. My mom’s friend says
when there is a storm it is really exciting to watch.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 19
Page 19
My Friend Is From Korea
It all started last year. Our class decided to find a pen pal
from another country. I chose a girl my age from Korea. I wrote
to her and she wrote back! We found out we like a lot of the
same things. We both like our family. I told her all about my
little brother and how he makes me laugh. She told me about her
big sister who takes her on the bus to the movies.
We sent each other our picture and described where we live.
As we wrote more and more letters I learned about her and she
learned about me. We both like to eat, and dessert is our favorite
part. The food we eat is very different, though. Even the desserts
are different. Her favorite is Korean pear. My favorite is
strawberry ice cream.
My parents took me to the Asian Festival so I could sample
different Korean foods. I liked most of them. I liked the soups
with noodles in them the best. My friend said she tried some
American foods. She liked pizza but didn’t like hot dogs.
We like to spend time learning about each other. My friend is
teaching me to count and to write my name. I am teaching her
the days of the week. I was surprised that her favorite song was
the same as my favorite song. I hope we are able to meet in
person someday.
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
Progress Monitoring 20
Page 20