Product Specification TEMPSURE

Product Specification
The Bryant Tempsure commercial 5+1+1 day programmable
thermostat provides the following features and benefits:
• compatible with electric heat, gas heat, and heat pump
• common wire not required for operation with gas or electric heating systems
• Monday through Friday (schedule same for every day),
Saturday, and Sunday programmable schedule with
4 time periods per day
• easy programming
• large Thermoglow™ display
• heating and cooling operation indicator light
• zone temperature control to 1-degree accuracy
• auto-changeover
• four-hour setback override
• Neverlost™ non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
• energy-saving Smart Fan™ operation
• five-minute compressor time guard
• dual heating and cooling set points
• Celsius or Fahrenheit display
Exact Fit® locking cover (tamper-proof screws with keyed
display blanking feature
Title 24 compliance
accessory backplates
Bryant warranty
Bryant’s Tempsure commercial programmable thermostat is
a wall mounted, low-voltage thermostat that maintains room
temperature by controlling operation of an HVAC (Heating,
Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Separate heating
and cooling set points and auto-changeover capability allow
occupied and unoccupied programming for energy savings.
The thermostat can be set to accept several different configurations, including single stage heating and cooling,
2 stages of heating and cooling, heat pumps, gas or electric
heating, and hydronic systems.
All thermostats allow up to 3 occupied and 1 unoccupied
time/temperature settings to be programmed. The thermostat stores schedules for Monday through Friday (same
schedule for all 5 days), Saturday, and Sunday.
Batteries are not required. During power interruption, the
internal memory stores configuration and schedules for an
unlimited time. The clock will continue to run for at least
48 hours.
FLEXIBILITY FOR EVERY APPLICATION — The thermostat can be configured for use with several different configurations, including single-stage heating and cooling,
2 stages of heating and cooling, heat pumps, gas or electric
heating, and hydronic systems.
A 7-day clock with a 5+1+1 day schedule is provided with
3 occupied and 1 unoccupied time periods for scheduling of
heating and cooling set points. Occupied and unoccupied
schedules allow for energy savings by changing set points
during time periods when the zone is normally unoccupied.
Celsius or Fahrenheit display allows the user of the thermostat to choose the units of display.
Thermostat does not require a common wire for wiring to a
heating unit on most applications, allowing a greater flexibilty
of installation.
RELIABILITY FOR YEAR ROUND COMFORT — The thermostat has one-degree control accuracy to precisely control
the desired space to within 1 degree of the user set point.
The thermostat uses a solid-state, laser trimmed sensor.
Four-hour setback override returns the system to occupied
set points if heating or cooling is needed during unoccupied
hours. The override is adjustable in 30-minute increments
and returns the system to to Unoccupied mode when the
override expires.
Neverlost memory protection on the thermostat eliminates
the need to reconfigure the thermostat after power outages.
Thermostat comfort programming and configuration will
remain intact indefinitely. Clock and day of week settings will
be retained for 48 hours.
Energy saving Smart Fan is configurable for two modes of
operation: automatic or continuous. In automatic fan operation, the fan will only run when the system calls for heating or
cooling. In continuous fan operation, the fan will run continuously during occupied time periods and run only when the
system calls for heating or cooling during unoccupied time
A 5-minute compressor time guard protects the HVAC equipment by preventing compressor short cycling and limiting the
number of cycles per hour with an adjustable cycle limit.
Autochangeover with adjustable deadband enables the user
to choose separate heating and cooling set points (35 to
99 F). This feature changes the equipment’s mode of operation based on controlled area demand. To avoid short cycling
and protect equipment, an adjustable deadband can be configured to the user’s specifications (from 1° to 6 F) and in
cycles per hour (2 to 6).
The Bryant warranty ensures peace of mind well after
EASE OF PROGRAMMING — Thermoglow display is large
and easy to read. Backlit display allows programming in
poorly lit areas and can be configured for button activation or
continuous lighting.
Four time periods per day allow flexibility to create schedules
for every application. Start and stop times, along with
heating and cooling set points are easily entered into the
Form No. PDS TSTAT.10
SAFETY FEATURES FOR ADDED SECURITY AND PROTECTION — The Exact Fit® locking cover is virtually undetectable to provide greater security. The locking cover comes
with slotted screws or tamper-proof (keyed) screws.
Complies with FCC Part 15 rules. Thermostat does not
cause harmful interference and accepts all interference
Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and UL, Canada approval
for thermostats. These thermostats are considered low
voltage devices by UL and do not require UL approval. As an
added assurance to the quality of the thermostats, these
thermostats are UL listed.
Title 24 compliance meets specified requirements of
programming capability for all California commercial
Meets European Community (CE) standards. Thermostat
conforms to European (CE) requirements and is designed in
accordance with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards.
Recommended Wiring
22 AWG (36 ft max)
18 AWG (100 ft max)
Operating Temperature F (C)
41 to 104 (5 to 40)
Storage Temperature F (C)
–40 to 135 (–40 to 57)
Operating Relative Humidity
0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (in.)
3.13 x 3.13 x 1*
5 va at 24 vac, 60 Hz
AWG — American Wire Gage
*Width of thermostat with locking cover is 1.13-inches.
Copyright 1999 Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems
Printed in U.S.A.
CATALOG NO. 809-609